TROLL was formed in 1992 as a project that was to include front man and guitarist Nagash (KOVENANT, ex DIMMU BORGIR) together with some like-minded musicians.   But in reality TROLL became more or less a solo project for Nagash, and it was not until 2007 that a permanent, stable line up was established.

In the intervening years TROLL laid the groundwork for what was to become one of the foremost Norwegian Black Metal bands, starting with the release of the 1995 debut EP” TROLL STORM OVER NIDINGJUV “.  The surprising thing about this release was not so much the fact that Nagash wrote all the music and lyrics, and performed all the vocals and played all the instruments, but that he was only 14 years old when he did so.  The EP was released on the famous Norwegian underground label Head Not Found (now VME).

1996 saw the release of TROLL’s first full length album “DREP DE KRISTNE”, also on VME.  This album is acknowledged as one of the Black Metal Classics, and at the time of its release created controversy in the press, and problems for Nagash with the courts because of its blasphemous themes.

Following the release of “DREP DE KRISTNE” whilst Nagash concentrated on his work with his other band, THE KOVENANT, and with DIMMU BORGIR, TROLL was put on the back burner until 2000.  Two albums were released in quick succession, again on VME –” THE LAST PREDATOR” in 2000 and ”UNIVERSAL” in 2001. Both albums, which had a more industrial/experimental, and some would say bizarre, slant, featured former member SM Twice on vocals, and included session members from bands like MAYHEM, THE KOVENANT, STREET LEGAL/DA VINCI .

A period of hibernation followed the release of ”UNIVERSAL”, lasting until 2007 when bassist Vold (BLODSPOR) was able to persuade Nagash, and another old friend Ygg (WHIP) to restart the project.  The new TROLL line-up of Nagash on vocals and guitars, Vold on bass, and Ygg on drums was completed in 2008 with the arrival of Exilis on keyboards and Tlaloc (MAKT, KRIGSMARK) on guitars.

With a line up of skilled and dedicated musicians that brought with them a fresh enthusiasm, TROLL entered the Abyss studios in Sweden to begin recording the new album.  Moreover, the band was now ready, and more than willing, to perform live, something that had never happened before.  With a series of warm up gigs under their belts, TROLL hit the main stage at Norway’s Inferno Festival in April of 2009, showcasing tracks from the new album, which was to be titled ”Neo Satanic Supremacy”.

With Napalm Records snapping up the album, ”Neo-Satanic Supremacy” hit the streets world-wide at the start of 2010, and TROLL was back with a vengeance and a return to the symphonic, provocative and chilling sound that had marked the band’s earlier work.   Or, as one reviewer put it ”Infernal blast beats, chilling guitar riffs, cold atmospheric keyboard melodies and demonic vocals are helping to shape the sound to create a total bleak feeling that can only come from the depths of hell.

Where to from here?  Onwards of course!  With the release of the album behind them and a new promo video on the way the band can now concentrate on more live appearances and more touring.

Band Contact and Management:
ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.con/trollofficial

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