The following statement in both Italian and English was issued today by DRAUGR’s management  Patricia Thomas, following the death  of drummer JONNY MORELLI:

“It is with a very heavy heart that I have to make the kind of announcement that every band manager hopes they will never have to make:

Jonny Morelli, drummer and founder member of Italian Pagan Metallers DRAUGR, lost his life at age 30 following a road accident in his home town of Pescara last night.

Jonny was not just a very talented musician who, in addition to his work with DRAUGR, which ended after ten years with the dissolution of the band in 2013, had, over the years, worked as a drummer both in the studio and on stage for many Italian bands, both metal and non-metal.  He was also a tattoo artist and writer.

Over the past year Jonny, along with three other former members of DRAUGR, was working on a new musical project, due to launch in 2014, that would see him take care of vocals and lyrics, as well as the drums.   An official statement regarding the project will follow soon.

My  personal condolences go to Jonny’s family, friends, and musicians who have played with him over the years.  And of course to all the fans who have followed his work, both as a musician, tattoo artist and writer.

RIP Jonny”

Comunicato bilingue della manager dei DRAUGR, Patricia Thomas riguardo la morte del batterista JONNY MORELLI:

“Con un peso al cuore, pubblico oggi un annuncio che ogni manager spererebbe di non dover mai fare.

Jonny Morelli, batterista e membro fondatore dei Draugr, ha perso la vita a 30 anni in seguito ad un incidente stradale avvenuto ieri sera a Pescara.

Musicista, tattoo artist e writer, oltre alla sua attività con i Draugr, terminata nel 2013 con lo scioglimento della band, comparì negli anni su lavori in studio e come batterista live di numerosi gruppi italiani, metal e non.

Nell’ultimo anno Jonny, insieme ad altri tre ex membri dei Draugr, era al lavoro su un nuovo progetto musicale, in uscita nel 2014, che lo avrebbe visto occuparsi delle voci e dei testi, oltre che delle parti di batteria. Presto seguirà uno statement ufficiale.

Le mie condoglianze personali vanno alla famiglia di Jonny, agli amici e ai musicisti che hanno suonato con lui nel corso degli anni e, naturalmente, a tutti i fans che lo hanno seguito nella la sua opera, sia come musicista, sia come tattoo artist, sia come writer.

RIP Jonny”


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UK Atmospheric Post-Black Metallers FEN have announced that work on what will be their fourth full-length album has begun and is progressing well.  As things stand, the band anticipates that it will be ready for release towards October/November of this year.  The as yet untitled album will be a follow up to 2013′s critically acclaimed “Dustwalker”, and will once again be released on Aural Music’s Code666 label.

Commenting on what fans should expect from the new album, FEN’s frontman, The Watcher, had this to say:  ‘Our new work will be darker and more intense.  Invoking a spectrum of atmospheres from the unknowable coldness of distant stars to the blood and earth that thrums beneath our feet. This record takes the approach we started on ‘Dustwalker’ and builds on it further, whilst simultaneously acknowledging the more obscure-sounding roots of our debut.  Bleaker, harder, yet at the same time more ambient, this record moves us further away from the accepted tropes of what ‘post’ black metal should sound like in 2014.’

Named after one of the more desolate and haunting regions of England, FEN, whose sound has been variously described as post-black metal, shoegaze and progressive, was formed in 2006 by The Watcher  on guitars and vocals and Grungyn on bass and vocals,  with the three-piece’s lineup being completed by Derwydd on drums.  It is the very fact that the band has been so difficult to pigeon hole into one genre or another, due in large part to its musicians desire and insistence on maintaining the freedom to create and develop their own sound without having to conform to any strictures, that has gained FEN a wide fan base.

FEN are set to make an exclusive Canadian appearance in July this year, when they head to Montreal for the Quinze Anees Sepulcrales Festival which takes place at the Théâtre Plaza over two days on the 11th and 12th July, and celebrates the Fifteenth Anniversary  of Sepulchral Prods.  FEN will headline Friday’s event.  Other shows so far confirmed this year include headlining slots  at The Lomax in Liverpool on the 28th June and at the Colchester Arts Centre on the 7th August, and appearances at the ArcTangent Festival in Bristol on the 30th August and the Black Arts Ceremony at CCO in Villeurbanne, France on the 4th October

More information about Fen can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Fan-filmed footage of FEN performing in Moscow can be seen below and at



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With a critically acclaimed Digital EP released by the band  last year as a taster of things to come, Karisma Records has set a release date of September 2014 for SEVEN IMPALE’s debut full-length album “City Of The Sun”.  Recorded and produced by Iver Sandøy (ENSLAVED, KRAKOW, etc.) at the Solslottet and Duper Studio,  “City Of The Sun” consists of five musically complex tracks, each distinctly different one from the other, and transcending several genres with their range and variety, but whose roots clearly lie within Classic Progressive Rock.

Formed in Bergen, Norway in 2010, SEVEN IMPALE’s relatively young lineup consists of  Stian Økland on vocals and guitars, Fredrik Mekki Widerøe on drums, Benjamin Mekki Widerøe on sax, Tormod Fosso on bass, Erlend Vottvik Olsen on guitar and Håkon Vinje on keyboards.   What sets the band apart from many of the new arrivals on the scene is the sheer diversity of musical disciplines that the members bring with them.  From classical orchestra to big band, metal to jazz and rock to electronic, SEVEN IMPALE have fused all their experience and influences and created a sound that is uniquely theirs.  Their appearance over the past year at festivals as diverse as the Oslo Jazz Festival and Inferno Festival, and the positive reaction of such different audiences,  is a tribute to how successful their sound is.

Utilising elements normally found in the Metal genre “City Of The Sun” shows just how unafraid SEVEN IMPALE  are to explore much harder soundscapes than one would normally expect from  Progressive Rock, whilst the use of the saxophone, enables the band to showcase jazz elements in their music. There is no doubt at all that SEVEN IMPALE challenge the standard genre boundaries, in much the same way that Norwegian SHINING and JAGA JAZZIST have done before.

Track listing for “City Of The Sun” as follows:

1. Oh, My Gravity!
2. Windshears
3. Eschaton Horo
4. Extraction
5. God Left Us for a Black-Dressed Woman

More information about SEVEN IMPALE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The whole of SEVEN IMPALE’s 2013 EP “Beginning/Relieve” can be heard  on the player at the top of the page and at

Tracks from Karisma Records releases, can be heard below and at


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Danish Black Metallers BLODARV have released a video teaser for their upcoming Limited Edition “Flamekeeper” 7″ vinyl EP, which will be released on Self Mutilation Services in two versions.  The diehard version, which will be strictly limited to 50 copies, comes in a special  Ceremonial Box  whose contents include some unique items handcrafted by founder and frontman Hugin himself during a specially held ceremony on the Island of Bornholm, whilst the regular EP will be limited to 500 copies, and will include a lyric sheet.   The “Flamekeeper” video teaser can be seen below and on the band’s YouTube channel at


“Flamekeeper ” was originally slated to be released in the spring of this year, but has now been put back to around July.  “We never specified an exact release date, and we’re glad we didn’t, because it has given Self Mutilation Services time to source the ideal box for the diehard edition”, comments Hugin.  “We really wanted this to be something special given that it’s 20 years  since the “Misanthropia/Misanthropia” demo was first  released back in 1994 and which marked the first step planted on a journey that with time would become what BLODARV has become today. Not to mention that this will be our first BLODARV vinyl release in ten years.  We really wanted to avoid anything flimsy in cardboard and we are excited to say that the label has managed to find a strong wooden box which will be specially engraved and which will be a collectors piece that fans can enjoy for a lifetime, and something that we can be proud to put our name to. “Included in the diehard “Flamekeeper Ceremonial Box” set are the following:

  1. A carved wooden box for storing the EP and all the objects that are included.
  2. The “Flamekeeper”  7″EP in black vinyl with cover
  3. 23cm embroidered Back Patch
  4. 9 x 9 cm sticker
  5. Photo sheet
  6. Lyric sheet
  7. Necklace crafted by Hugin out of goat bones from the island of Bornholm and hand numbered on the back
  8. A Black candle from the ceremony that was held during the crafting of the necklaces
  9. Black jewellery bag for the necklace
  10. Two-sided print guitar pick with “Flamekeeper” on one side and the BLODARV Logo on the reverse

In an age where everything is mass produced by machines, it is unusual to find a band that goes to all the trouble of hand-crafting certain items, but Hugin has his reasons.  “The new tracks on “Flamekeeper” are a salute to the power of the ancient flame – the fire that feeds us and the fire that eats us.  It is about putting demons into art, protecting the old, and once again leading the listener into the dark demon-filled universe of BLODARV. But above all it is about creating great Black Metal and at the same time not just giving the fans music, but also giving them something unique and personal, much in the same way as it used to be in the early years of the Black Metal Underground. We have a strong connection to our fans and followers, that’s why I crafted fifty amulets out of the goat bones during a ceremony instead of one, and why I chose to put one in each of the limited box sets for the most diehard fans”.  A teaser video of Hugin carving the necklaces can be seen below and at


Advance orders for both editions of “Flamekeeper” are currently being taken at

As well as “Flamekeeper”, 2014 will all so see BLODARV releasing a new full-length album, the first to feature the band’s new drummer Fjorgynn.  BLODARV’s next live appearance will be at the Open Grave Metal Festival in Aalen, Denmark on the 6th June.   More information about BLODARV can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Fifteen tracks spanning BLODARV’s career can be heard on the band’s SoundCloud player at or embedded using the following code:

“Korset Paa Baalet” one of the videos from the “A Doorway Between Worlds” Chapter 2 DVD, can be seen below and at


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EUDAIMONY, the band formed by former DARK FORTRESS frontman Matthias Jell and Marcus E. Norman (NAGLFAR, BEWITCHED, HAVAYOTH, ANCIENT WISDOM) have announced a lineup change that sees the arrival of two new members.  Schwadorf of EMPYRIUM and THE VISION BLEAK joins on guitars, synthesizers and programming , whilst BLOODLINE’s Patrik Hellström joins on bass.  Aside from Jell on vocals and Norman on guitars, synthesizer and programming, EUDAIMONY’s lineup also includes Jörg Heemann (former SECRETS OF THE MOON) on drums and Peter Honsalek (former NACHTREICH) on viola and piano.  The arrival of Schwadorf and Hellström turns the former four-piece into a formidable six-piece.

Commenting on the decision to augment EUDAIMONY’s  lineup Jell stated: “Half a year has passed since the release of our debut full-length album “Futile”, and so far the feedback we have received on it has been overwhelming, so much so, in fact, that it has increased our belief in the project a hundredfold. Both Hellström and Schwadorf have shown a great deal of enthusiasm for what EUDAIMONY is about and what we want to achieve, and this, together with their considerable skills and their long-time experience on the music scene makes them the perfect fit for the band.   We are convinced that  the addition of  Schwadorf and Hellström as permanent, full-time members of EUDAIMONY will push our creative output to new levels”.

Schwadorf had this to say about joining EUDAIMONY: “Being a big fan of their music, I am particularly happy to become a part of EUDAIMONY, and to be able to share my musical creativity with the rest of the guys, and not just my production and mixing duties as I did on “Futile”.  I’m very much looking forward to contributing my ideas on guitar, and anything else that’s called for come to that!”

Work has already begun on the band’s second full-length album, and both new members will be fully involved in the whole process.  It is expected that the album will be ready for release in 2015, and no decision as yet has been taken as to which label will release it.

More information about EUDAIMONY can be found on the band’s Facebook page at






























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Karisma Records announced today that they have inked a deal with AIRBAG guitarist BJØRN RIIS for the release of his debut solo album.  The album, which will be titled “Lullabies in a Car Crash”,  will feature AIRBAG’s  Henrik Fossum on drums, whilst the band’s vocalist Asle Tostrup will provide programming. Long-time Airbag collaborator, Vegard Sleipnes, is set to co-produce the album together with RIIS.   “Lullabies in a Car Crash” is expected to appear on Karisma Records in the Autumn of this year.

Commenting on his solo venture, BJØRN RIIS had this to say: “I’m excited, it has been an interesting journey doing everything by myself. This is not a huge departure from the AIRBAG sound or format, but it is a chance for me to explore different directions and musical ground that might not have fit the band. It’s a personal album and I think some of the stuff is my best work to date.”

More information about BJØRN RIIS can be found on the guitarist’s Facebook page at

A video teaser for “Lullabies in a Car Crash” can be seen below and at


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With an eleven date tour coming up later this month that will take in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary,  Greece and Slovenia, VULTURE INDUSTRIES, DORDEDUH and BLUTMOND are offering their fans the opportunity to order special personalised tickets for most of the shows, direct from the bands themselves, at no extra cost.   The tickets, which have been specially designed by the Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu, will feature the name of the purchaser and the details of the event, and will be signed by all the members of VULTURE INDUSTRIES, DORDEDUH and BLUTMOND.

“We know that many fans keep their tickets to add to their memorabilia collections, so all three bands thought it would be a nice idea to make the tickets a bit more personal and a bit more special,” commented VULTURE INDUSTRIES’ frontman Bjornar E. Nilsen.  ” VULTURE INDUSTRIES and BLUTMOND have been tasked with the sale of the special tickets through our own webshops, and anyone wanting a personalised ticket can order direct from us.  Purchasers  will be sent an email confirmation which they need to bring with them to the venue and use to claim their tickets, which will be waiting for them at the door.  We obviously have a limited number to sell, so if one band sells out, you can order from the other if they have any left”.

Normal tickets will also be available from the usual local retailers, but the personalised tickets can be bought only from the following:



Routing for the “Branches” tour as follows:

21 May:  Modra Vopice,  Prague (CZ)
22 May: Melodka,  Brno (CZ)
23May: Tirish Pub , Banska Bystraica (SK)
24 May: Blue Hell, Budapest (HUN)
25 May: Daos Club,  Timisoara (RO)
26 May: Flying Circus,  Cluj (RO)
27 May: Fabrica Club, Bucharest (RO)
28 May: 8 Ball Club,  Sofia (BUL)
29 May: Eightball Club,  Thessaloniki (GR)
30 May: Dom Omladine, Belgrade (RS)
31 May: MC Pekarna, Maribor (SLO)

With a career spanning 10 years and with over 100 shows under their belts, the live performances of Norwegian avant-gardists VULTURE INDUSTRIES  are  well known both for their technical skill and the eccentric and somewhat manic antics of frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen, whose on-stage weirdness has garnered a multitude of fans for the band over the years.  VULTURE INDUSTRIES released their third full-length album, “The Tower” on Season of Mist at the end of last year and have collaborated extensively the HAPPY GORILLA DANCE COMPANY  in the “Turning Golem” project which is part concert rooted in the heavier segment of experimental/progressive metal and part theatre performance.  The band’s  video for “Lost Among Liars”, made together with CHOIREANU, recently featured at this year’s Kort and Kortkino Film Festival, Sandnes, Norway.  More information about VULTURE INDUSTRIES can be found at

After 15 years of musical dedication and innovation in NEGURA BUNGET, the founding members and principal song writers Hupogrammos and Sol Faur founded DORDEDUH in 2009. Following the path started with NEGURA BUNGET, DORDEDUH is taking the musical experience further by creating a fusion between a visionary approach of black metal, unusual traditional soundscapes and experimental progressive music. The musical vision is completed by a strong conceptual background that can be revealed by the band’s name itself that combines the word ‘Dor’, which means a yearning for something or a deeply felt the lack of something, together with the term for spirit ‘Duh’. More information about DORDEDUH can be found at

Since its formation in 2004 BLUTMOND has never been a band that has been happy to limit itself to a formulaic nod in the direction of a particular genre.  Starting out as a Black Metal band and releasing their first full length album “Endzeit” in 2006, BLUTMOND quickly developed a reputation for their insane and provocative live shows, which, whilst raising their profile throughout Europe, also led them to realise that the time had come to create something that was more emotional and honest.   With Code666/Aural Music picking up their sophomore full-length album, “Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days” appeared in 2010, followed at the end of 2012 by “The Revolution is Dead!”, once again on Code666. These two albums demonstrated that BLUTMOND was obviously forging ahead down a more avant-garde path, but one that definitely has a distinctive edge to it.  More information about BLUTMOND can be found at

Tracks  from VULTURE INDUSTRIES can be heard below and at


The official video for the track “Lost Among Liars” from VULTURE INDUSTRIES “The Tower” can be seen below and at


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The official video for DORDEDUH  performing the track “Flacararrii” live can be seen below and at


Tracks from BLUTMOND can be heard below and on the band’s SoundCloud page at


A video of BLUTMOND performing “You Vs. The Modern Lifestyle Obsession” live can be seen below and at




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