Posted: May 31, 2012 in NEWS UPDATE, TROLLFEST

Time to unveil the new promo photos and you must be wondering why there are two of us missing.  Well, we’ve had to bid a fond farewell to two of our members whose personal and work commitments meant that they could no longer dedicate the amount of time needed for a band that’s as active as TrollfesT.  So please join us in wishing PsychoTroll and St Beinhard lots of luck for the future.  We have lots of musicians waiting to fill in on stage for us, some of whom you know and love, some of whom you don’t know yet, but you’re bound to love them once you do.

And don’t worry everyone, as you can see from the photo we’ve been celebrating the next phase in TrollfesT’s career.  All of us are having the time of our lives not only because we get to play the music we want.  Not only because we get to work with the fantastic people at our label NoiseArt,  our Booking Agency Rock the Nation and our Manager Patricia Thomas.  Not only because we get to travel round and share the stage with some fantastic bands.  But also because we get to meet all of you (well some of you anyway), and you are the best fans that any band could have.

So put our party photo up on your screens, blow up a few balloons, put on your party hats and pretend you’re sitting round the table with us making a mess of your beards with the cream cakes and getting happily drunk on the beer (naked hairy legs optional).

Skäll everyone to a bigger, brighter, and better future with Trollfest.

Love, kisses, hugs and other manly things from

Mr. Seidel
Drekka Dag

And remember, as Drekka Dag is saying below “TrollfesT wants YOU” – or Trollmannen will break your window.

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  1. Lovely new photos!! Cheers in your new live! If TrollfesT wants us, I prefer to Mr. Seidel break my window. XXX for all!! 😉

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