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After seven years of relative silence, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE guitarist CLAUDIO ALCARA is preparing to release a new album from his  solo dark folk/acoustic project STROSZEK.

Titled “About All the Bad Days in the World”, the album is expected to hit the streets in late 2019 on Hypnotic Dirge Records, who describe the album thus:

STROSZEK is a project bringing forth various elements of neo-folk, goth rock, trip-hop and western music blending together seemingly irreconcilable sounds to craft something that is all about feeling and introspection. Contemplation, melancholy, and stories about life are at the forefront of the vibe in STROSZEK’s music. “About All The Bad Days In The World” is an evolution in STROSZEK’s sound, keeping the same aura, but also throwing in some new elements that may surprise old listeners.

 In the meantime, Alcara has given us a taste of what to expect from STROSZEK’s fourth full-length album with the release of a video for the track “The Beast Who Dreams of Man”.  Written by Luca Olivieri and directed by Sara Battolla, the video, which stars Lorenzo De Carlo, can be seen at

Whilst probably best known for his work as guitarist for FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, one of Italy’s longest-established Black Metal bands,  STROSZEK is a much more introspective vehicle in which Alcara also takes the lead on vocals, inviting the listener on an intimate journey through his life, replacing the distinctive heavy riffs with a much more haunting style, which a guitarist of his calibre is able to do with consummate ease.

Although Alcara may have not been active in the studio with STROSZEK for an extended period, he has been performing his acoustic live sets and making guest appearances regularly, including four editions of the TOWNES VAN ZAND Tribute Festival, and a couple of times at the Tera Salvaria Fest, which is held by torchlight in the Ladin forests.  He has opened twice for 40 WATT SUN during their Italian tour, as well as for HUGO RACE, MATT ELLIOT, MARK SULTAN and DAGGER MOTH, amongst others,  and has appeared with friends such as RICHARD LINDGREN and BOCEPHUS KING.

More information about STROSZEK can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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Black Magic PR

It’s not often that you get one signing announcement from two separate labels, but in this case it’s not so surprising since Dark Essence Records and Karisma Records are sister labels, and on this occasion are joining forces to release both old, and new material from BLACK MAGIC.

Kicking things off will be Dark Essence Records, who on April 12th will re-release BLACK MAGIC’s classic “Wizard’s Spell” EP, widely regarded as one of Norway’s finest underground metal releases of modern times, and long-unavailable.

Rooted in the speed/heavy metal traditions of the mid 1980’s, “Wizard’s Spell” was originally recorded during 2009/10, and released at the start of 2014. Rather than just being a retro- pastiche, “Wizard’s Spell” succeeds in sounding like a studio album that had actually recorded during the early eighties. Or, as one reviewer put it:

“For all intents and purposes this album could have been reissued from a 1981 release from a failing record company and no one would have questioned it. The band not only nails the sound but they create something so believable, I am hard pressed to find any flaws in it.”

In addition to the five-track “Wizard’s Spell”, the record will also include the demo “Reap of Evil”

Tracklisting as follows:

Wizard’s Spell
1. Black Magic
2. Rite of the Wizard
3. Voodoo Curse
4. Thunder
5. Death Militia

Reap Of Evil Demo
6. The Ritual
7. Night of Mayhem
8. Possessed
9. Embraced by the Occult

Black Magic Album Art PR

With the cover-art having been re-drawn from scratch by Linda K. Røed, “Wizard’s Spell” will be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition yellow/orange “Fire”  coloured vinyl, and can now be pre-ordered from the following:

All Formats:
CD & Vinyl:

BLACK MAGIC had already disbanded by the time “Wizard’s Spell” was originally released, but a new line-up soon emerged, playing more blues-based late 60s/early 70s rock, but still with a hint of the occult.

Their debut full-length album will be released on Karisma Records either late this year, or sometime next year. And the wait will definitely be worth it.

More information about BLACK MAGIC can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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Esoteric Logo PR

UK Experimental Doomsters ESOTERIC are set to begin recording their seventh full-length album on the 11th April at vocalist/guitarist Greg Chandler’s Priory Recording Studios in Birmingham.  The, as yet, un-named album will be the long-awaited follow up to 2011’s “Paragon of Dissonance”, and  is expected to be released on Season of Mist during 2019.

The band’s lineup of Gordon Bicknell on Guitar,  Mark Bodossian on Bass,  Greg Chandler on Guitar and Vocals,  Joe Fletcher on Drums, and  Jim Nolan on Guitar,  are anticipating completing the album in May.

Commenting on what fans can expect from the new ESOTERIC album, the band had this to say:

The new album, which will be 2CDs and 3LPs in length, sees a return to the heavier use of psychedelic effects and a greater variety of tempo, expanding on the sound developed since the band’s inception in 1992.

More information about ESOTERIC can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

A video of ESOTERIC performing the track “The Blood of the Eyes” live can be seen below and at

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Shining LogoPR

Sweden’s SHINING is set to hit the road for a 23-date tour during May and June 2019. Accompanying SHINING on what will be called the “Return of the Enemy” tour. will be Slovenian Black Metallers SRD, with no other bands or local supports being included on the tour.

Commenting on the tour the band had this to say:

SHINING are finally heading out for our first European tour in 3 years, and the first one in honour of our 10th album “Varg Utan Flock”, which, upon its release, once again proved that SHINING are the undisputed kings of pitch black, anti-humanitarian art.

Because of the band’s long history of never adjusting to the norm, SHINING have decided to refuse to have any local support acts on any of the dates, and,  instead of having some semi-interesting pay-to-play opening band, we will be bringing along Slovenian Black Metal band SRD, who are newly signed to Kvarforth’s own label THE SINISTER INITIATIVE.

To make things even more intriguing, SHINING are preparing a longer-than-usual show, and we promise you an event full of uncompromising darkness and perversion. Book your tickets today and join us in a celebration of the downfall of man!

All hail the Enemy! 

Routing for the Return of the Enemy  tour is as follows:

Wed 15: Helvete, Oberhausen, DE
Thur 16: Le Flow, Paris, FR
Fri 17: Le Ferrailleur, Nantes, FR
Sat 18: TBA
Mon 20: Connexion Live, Toulouse, FR
Tue 21: Caracol, Madrid, ES
Wed 22: Boveda, Barcelona, ES
Thu 23: Jas Rod, Marseille, FR
Fri 24: Pika Future Club, Verona, IT
Sat 25: Alchemica Music Club, Bologna, IT
Sun 26: Backstage, Munich, DE
Tue 28: Viper Room, Vienna, AT
Wed 29: Blue Hell, Budapest, HU
Thu 30: Zet Pe Te Club, Krakow, PL
Fri 31: U Bazyla, Poznan, PL
Sat 01: Hellraiser Club, Leipzig, DE
Sun 02: Club From Hell, Erfurt, DE
Tue 04: MS Connexion Comples, Mannheim, DE
Wed 05: Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen, DK
Thu 06:  Kronensaal, Hamburg, DE
Fri 07: Vera, Groninghen, NL
Sat 08: Helling, Utrecht, NL
Sun 09: Throne Fest, Kuurne, BE

Shining 2019 Euro Tour PR.png

Other dates so-far confirmed include and appearance in Sweden at Stockholm Slaughter in April, and one in the UK at Incineration Fest in May.  Other dates will be announced as and when confirmed.

More information about SHINING can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on the website at

The official video for the track “Tillsammans Är Vi Allt” from SHINING’s  “VII / Född Förlorare” album can be heard below and at

SHINING releases and merchandise, including exclusive limited edition items not available elsewhere, can be found at

Official SHINING videos can be found at

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Superlynx PRc

With the release date of the 15th March approaching, Dark Essence Records have revealed the title track from SUPERLYNX’s upcoming album “New Moon”.

“New Moon”  is described by the band as one of the slower and heavier songs on the album. It is about a new beginning and coming to it through an inner drive that is always there, but which is also connected to the bigger picture, to the cosmos,  and to the force of life, going back billions of years, and who knows how far into the future. There is some heavy existentialism going on here”.

Superlynx_New Moon_singelcover PR

You can hear the track, which is available to stream or download,  at

As well as below:

The Norwegian doom trio originally started life in 2013 as a duo, when drummer Ole Teigen and bassist/vocalist Pia Isaksen formed SUPERLYNX. It wasn’t until they heard guitarist Daniel Bakken at rehearsals that SUPERLYNX became the trio that it is today.  Together, they went on to create the band’s sophomore full-length album “New Moon”, which was recorded by the band themselves, with a little help from Ole Jørgen Moe who recorded SUPERLYNX’s debut album.

Mixed  by the band’s long-time sound engineer Amund Tømmerbakke, and mastered by Fridtjof Lindeman at Strype Audio, tracklisting for “New Moon” is as follows:

01.   Hex
02.   Breath
03.   Becoming the Sea
04.   New Moon
05.   Indian Summer
06.   These Children that come at us with Knives
07.   Scarecrow
08.   Cold Black Sea
09.   The Groove
10.   The Thickest Night

Superlynx AlbumArtPR

To be released in CD, Digital, and Limited Edition moon-coloured vinyl formats, “New Moon” is now available to pre-order from the following:

All formats and Merch:
CD & Vinyl formats and Merch :

Confirmed shows for SUPERLYNX for 2019 include the following:

09 Feb:  Lauritz, Tønsberg, Norway
15 Feb:  Bastard Bar, Tromso, Norway
16 Mar: Inside, Bergen, Norway (Album Release Concert)
19 Apr:  Inferno Metal Festival, Oslo, Norway
24 May: Arendal Rock Club, Arendal, Norway
27 July:  Riedfest Open Air, Thuringen, Germany

More information about SUPERLYNX can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The official  video for the track “Hex” from the album “New Moon” can be seen below and at


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Rhys Marsh PR 1 Nils Kristian Thompson Eikeland

With just over two weeks to go to  the 22nd February release of “October After All”,  the third full-length album from singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer RHYS MARSH, Karisma Records have today released a track from the album.

The track, “Golden Lullabies”, can be streamed or downloaded at the following:

Rhys Marsh Golden Lullabies Single PR

“October After All” once again sees  RHYS handling most of the instrumental  and vocal duties, but the album also features contributions from Anders Bjermeland, Tale Vang Ellefsen, Kåre Kolve, Roar Øien and Arve Henriksen, as well as vocals from the likes of, Silje Leirvik, Anders Bjermeland, Rohey Taalah, Ole Kristian Malmedal, Vilde Aakre Lie, Tale Vang Ellefsen, Arve Henriksen and Tim Bowness.

The end result is a beautiful, atmospheric, prog album that features both alternative rock and jazz elements and about which Rhys recently had this to say:

I try to approach every album from a different angle, to give it its own identity. When I was writing this album, I was very inspired by music from the mid- to late-seventies, especially songs that had string synthesizers in place of Mellotrons. And of course, the drum sounds from that era, which I absolutely love. These songs were all written after I got married and our son was born, so for the first time, on any album really, I let the songs be reflections of specific events.

“October After All” was produced by Rhys Marsh and recorded & mixed by Marsh at the Autumnsongs Recording Studio in Trondheim, with additional recording by Roar Øien at Tyrirot Studio, Tim Bowness at the Hidden Art Studios, and  Arve Henriksen at the Arve Music Studio.

Rhys Marsh PR5 Nils Kristian Thompson Eikeland
Tracklisting for “October After All” is as follows:

  1. River
  2. Long Way Back
  3. Golden Lullabies
  4. Ride The New Wave
  5. The Butterflies
  6. Let It Be Known!
  7. One Hundred Memories
  8. The Summer Days
  9. ‘22’
  10. (It Will Be) October After All

rhys marsh october albumart pr

“October After All” will be available in CD, Digital and Vinyl formats.  The CD and Vinyl formats will include a link to 12 downloadable bonus tracks and can now be pre-ordered from the following:


A video, by RHYS MARSH  for the track “Let It Be Known” from the album “October After All” can be seen at

More information about RHYS MARSH can be found on Facebook at or on the website at

Rhys Marsh PR3 Nils Kristian Thompson Eikeland

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Mist of Misery PR

With their new album “Unalterable” due out on Black Lion Records on the 12th April, Sweden’s MIST OF MISERY have unveiled a video for a track from the album.

The video, for the track “Halls of Emptiness” can be seen below and at

“Unalterable” will be the third full-length album from MIST OF MISERY, and promises to be the longest, and most in-depth work that the band has every created.  Split into two parts, with fourteen tracks, and a total running time of almost two hours, “Unalterable” was recording during 2017 and 2018 at the Forlorn Halls Studios and  in various private locations in Stockholm, Sweden.

Black Lion Records will release “Unalterable” in Double CD  and Digital formats, both of which are now available to pre-order from

All guitars on StormblÂst and  the clean parts on “Unalterable” were  performed by Erik Molnar.  With artwork by Alice Ruitenberg, booklet design by Marcos Cerutti, and Bandphotos by Nikita Smirnov,  tracklisting on “Unalterable” is as follows:

Part 1
1. A Window Into Nothingness
2. Halls Of Emptiness
3. Heir To Misfortune
4. A Forest Of Disenchantments
5. Red Snow ( Coldworld Cover)
6. Desolation
7. Bleak Autumn pt II
Part 2
8. A Hollow Promise
9. Embracing Ruin
10. Stormblåst (Dimmu Borgir Cover)
11. The Dying Light
12. Within Dark Dreams
13. Unalterable
14. Eternal Bereavement

Mist of Misery Albumart PR

Of “Unalterable”, the band had this to say:

The actual conception of “Unalterable” goes a long way back, with the title track having already been written in 2014. However, back then, we had no idea that we would be using it  as the  title track for our third-full length album. The rest of the songs were composed during 2017 and 2018 and the album was recorded during the same period

This album differs a bit from our earlier releases, both in production and in the composition of the songs. They are longer, darker, and more atmospheric than on any of our previous releases, and with its running time of almost two hours, it is the by far the longest work we’ve ever recorded .

The title “Unalterable” refers to the path of life, unalterable despite all efforts to alter its course, forcing us to dwell in this miserable existence until life’s end.

MIST OF MISERY’s next live appearance will be at Copperfield’s in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 30th March.

More information about MIST OF MISERY can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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