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You can try and define LETHE and their music, but the probability that you will fall wide of the mark is pretty much guaranteed, because this duo don’t care about genre expectations or boundaries.  What they do care about, deeply, is that there should be no rules, no expectations and no compromises.

Formed at the end of 2012 by Tor-Helge Skei (MANES, MANII etc.) and Anna Murphy (CELLAR DARLING, ex-ELUVEITIE), LETHE is a “home” for Anna and Tor-Helge’s musical and artistic experiments,  which have developed into something personal and unique, and quite “different”. 

Both lyrically and conceptually LETHE is, according to the band:

Like a journey through the ‘back alleys of the human mind/psyche’, through dreams and nightmares, paranoia, mental breakdown, inner darkness.. No religion, fantasy, or pretend play.. Real life, real experiences, real horror.

In an attempt to categorise LETHE’s heady brew of metal / triphop / electronic / pop / experimental sounds,  terms such as “genre-bending”, “style-bastardization”, “eclectic”, and even “just plain weird”  have been bandied around. But none of these can encompass what the duo, along with a long list of external contributors, have produced on  their first two full-length albums:  2014’s “When Dreams Become Nightmares” and 2017’s “The First Corpse on the Moon”. 

What LETHE’s third full-length album will produce will become clear later this year when it is set to be released on Dark Essence Records.  Delayed due to the pandemic, the band are currently mixing,  mastering and putting the finishing touches on the album,  and all anyone will say about it is that fans should  “Expect the unexpected”

More information about LETHE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on their website at

A video for the LETHE’s 2020 single “Gamma”  can be seen below and at

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Jordsjo PR1

Whilst Karisma Records can boast a roster that includes a variety of Metal and Progressive genres, it was a first for the label when they signed JORDSJØ, a band that cites Swedish Forest Prog amongst its influences – the other influences being German Synth Music, Acid Folk, Electronic and Northern Norwegian nature!

Formed in the autumn of 2014 by multi-instrumentalist Håkon Oftung (TUSMORKE, BLACK MAGIC ) JORDSJØ started out purely as a “hobby project”, until the addition of further members, turned Oftung’s hobby, into a fully fledged studio and live band.

JORDSJØ’s debut live appearance took place in the summer of 2015, and the band’s first releases were “old school” with “Jordsjø I” and “Jordsjø II” seeing the light of day in Cassette format in 2015 and 2016 respectively.  These were followed by “Songs from the Northern Wasteland”, a split cassette with BREIDABLIK.   All three cassettes were later released as a double LP and eventually in digital format.

Karisma Records is expected to release JORDSJØ’s next full-length album, “Jord”, and this will be followed by what the band calls “a kind of Intermezzo” titled “Nattfiolen” which will explore more deeply the mysticism that surrounds the forest.

With appearances already confirmed for the Karlsøyfestivalen and Proggens Grøde in 2017, and the Close to the Rain Bergen Prog Festival in 2018, JORDSJØ’s charismatic, folk-inspired  Symphonic Rock is set to stand out amongst the legions of Prog Rock bands.

Jordsjo PR2

More information about  JORDSJØ can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Past releases from JORDSJØ can be heard at

A video for the track ” Hulderheimen”  from JORDSJØ’s 2015 release can be seen below and at

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