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Arabs in Aspic PR2

The title track from “Madness and Magic”, the upcoming album from Prog Rockers ARABS IN ASPIC,  is the song that Karisma Records have chosen to release as a single today.   Drawing their inspiration for both the title and subject matter from EDGAR BROUGHTON, the band had this to say about the track:

“Madness and Magic” is a description of how helpless one becomes when suffering from serious illness. Putting one’s life in the hands of others is frightening, especially when so heavily medicated that the boundary between reality and fiction is blurred. It gets particularly bad when it turns out the expertise is unable to relate to the human aspect of the situation. The song was written after a meeting with Doctor Death, who clearly was affected by working with people on their last journey.

The single, “Madness and Magic” can be streamed or downloaded at

Based in Trondheim, Norway, ARABS IN ASPIC is a band with a lineup that has both the skill and musical knowledge to perform a variety of styles, ranging from classic rock to funk, pop, prog, heavy rock, bossanova and  a capella, all rooted in what is known as the “Golden Era” of rock.

Jostein Smeby on Guitars + vocals, Stig Jørgensen on Organs + vocals, Erik Paulsen on Bass + vocals, Eskil Nyhus on Drums + cymbals and Alessandro G. Elide on Percussion + gongs,  are an ensemble who create a distinctive sound that is best described as a sweet mixture of loud, heavy guitars and drums, 12 string acoustics, funky bass and percussion, screaming Hammond organs, soft Rhodes, Mellotrons and 70’s Synths, topped with plentiful vocal harmonies.


Arabs in Aspic PR3

“Madness and Magic” will be the seventh full-length album from the Prog Rockers, and recently the band let fans know more about what went into making it, and the subject matter:

“Madness and Magic”  is the first Arabs in Aspic album written for two drummers, with more acoustic guitar parts than previous albums. All the music was written and arranged in our studio and carefully put together like a puzzle with 50,000 pieces, to take the listener on a journey through life’s “Madness and Magic”, both musically and lyrically.

The lyrics for “Madness and Magic” reflect on how easily both children and adults are affected in the digital age, but also how helpless we are when we have to put our lives in the hands of specialists. Many ideas came up after a brief meeting with Doctor Death. The message of “Madness and Magic” is up to the listener to decide. For you are capable of thinking for yourself, right?

Arabs in Aspic PR1

With ethereal artwork by Julia Proszowska, tracklisting for the “Madness and Magic” is as follows:

  1. I Vow to Thee, My Screen
  2. Lullaby for Modern Kids, Part 1
  3. Lullaby for Modern Kids, Part 2
  4. High-Tech Parent
  5. Madness and Magic
  6. Heaven in Your Eye

Arabs in Aspic ArtworkPR
“Madness and Magic” will be released on the 12th June and will be available in CD,  black vinyl and Limited Edition Green and Yellow Splatter vinyl, and Digital formats, and is now available to pre-order at:


More information about  ARABS IN ASPIC can be found  on the band’s  Facebook page at  or on their website at

A video of Arabs in Aspic live can be seen below and at

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Airbag 2020 PR4

Karisma Records have given fans of AIRBAG another insight into the Prog Rockers long-awaited new album “A Day at the Beach” with the release of the single “Sunsets”, about which the band says:

Sunsets was written during the early stages of making the new album. We spent a lot of time trying different arrangements and just jamming together, which was something we hadn’t done for a while. We brought in Kristian Hultgren from Wobbler on bass and Ole Michael Bjørndal from Oak on guitar and they both contributed to the arrangements. As with the first single, Machines and Men, Sunsets has that contrast between hard edge rock and electronic elements, which is something we’ve tried to achieve throughout this album. The lyrics deal with the destructive forces of our lives and our society, perhaps underlining the overall theme of the album.

“Sunsets” can be streamed or downloaded at

“A Day at the Beach” is the fifth full-length from the band that has been hailed as one of the most important bands to emerge from the Norwegian Prog scene since its formation in the mid 2000’s, and whose lineup today includes AIRBAG’s two original founding members Asle Tostrup on vocals and Bjørn Riis on guitars, with Henrik Bergan Fossum on drums.

Airbag 2020 PR1

AIRBAG have always been able to blend diverse musical styles and sounds, something they combine with a strong narrative experience, and, for “A Day at the Beach, the trio’s signature guitar driven progressive rock has been enhanced by ethereal soundscapes, resulting in  a stunning selection of songs that reveal  a now-mature band building on its already impressive legacy.

With six new songs recorded during the  autumn and winter of 2019-20, and inspired  by the resurgence of 1980’s electronica, new wave and movie scores, “A Day at the Beach” will be AIRBAG’s first as a trio and the band recently had this to say about the album:

The album is the result of a strong collaboration between all three of us. Having lost two original members since our last album, we were forced to rethink how we write and create new music, but it also allowed us to venture into something new that turned out to be very inspiring.

Lyrically, “A Day at the Beach” is very much a story of us and them, told by a husband, father and brother leaving his family behind into an unknown future. It’s the contrast between the desperate individual struggling to survive and people in power observing at a safe distance.

A Day at the Beach” is mixed by long-time collaborator Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes. Jacob Holm-Lupo has mastered the album, and Asle Tostrup and Bjørn Riis handled the production side.   With  cover design, as always, by vocalist Tostrup.   Track listing for “A Day at the Beach” is as follows:

1. Machines and Men
2. A Day at the Beach (Part 1)
3. Into the Unknown
4. Sunsets
5. A Day at the Beach (Part 2)
6. Megalomaniac

Airbag A day at the beach Albumart PR

“A Day at the Beach” will hit the streets on the 19th June, and will be available in CD, Digital and both black and coloured vinyls,  and is now available to pre-order from:


More information about AIRBAG can be found on the band’s website at  or on Facebook at

A video of AIRBAG performing in Quebec in 2019 can be seen below and at

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Taake Kampfar Tour PR

TAAKE and KAMPFAR have today announced that they will be joining forces to undertake a co-headlining European tour during March and April of 2020.

Titled the Northern Alliance 2020 Tour, the two iconic Norwegian bands will be supported by France’s NECROWRETCH and will play a total of 18 dates throughout 11 countries.

Routing for the Northern Alliance 2020 Tour is as follows:

19.03     Kwadrat                               Krakow                 PL

20.03     Nova Chmelnice                 Prague                  CZ

21.03     Hellraiser                            Leipzig                  DE

22.03     Viper Room                        Vienna                  AT

23.03     Dürer Kert                          Budapest             HU

24.03     Orto Bar                              Ljubljana            SI

25.03     Legend                                Milano                 IT

26.03     Alchemica Music Club    Bologna                IT

27.03     Hall of Fame                     Zürich                  CH

28.03     Gebr de Nobel                  Leiden                  NL

29.03     L’Entrepot                         Arlon                    BE

30.03     Backstage                          Paris                     FR

31.03     Zappa                                Antwerpen          BE

01.04     Live Music Hall               Mörlenbach       DE

02.04     Willemeen                       Arnhem               NL

03.04     Resonanzwerk                  Oberhausen       DE

04.04     Zwischenbau                     Rostock               DE

05.04     Pralnia                                  Wroclaw           PL

For more information about the bands, please see the following:




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Norwegian black metallers RAGNAROK have today unveiled  a new video for a track from their upcoming ninth studio album, “Non Debellicata”, which is due out on November 15th  on Agonia Records

The video, for the track “Chapel Of Shadows” features footage from the band’s 2019 performance at Norway’s Inferno Festival and can be seen below and  at

For over two decades the seasoned veterans have been giving fans their uncompromising take on Norwegian Black Metal, both in the studio and on stage, and, for with their latest album, RAGNAROK’s  entire lineup of founder and frontman Jontho, guitarist Bolverk,  bassist Rammr and drummer Malignant, have had a significant input.

Ragnarok PR2019

Recorded in Sweden’s Endarker Studio, with MARDUK’s Devo at the helm, and with artwork by Nestor Avalos and photos by Arash Taheri, “Non Debellicata” will be available in Jewel Case CD, Limited Edition Digipack CD (with bonus track), Digital, and both Red and Black Vinyl editions and is now available to pre-order from

Ragnarok Non Debillicata formats PR

Tracklisting for “Non Debellicata” is as follows:

01 Non Debellicata
02 Chapel of Shadows
03 Sanctimoneous
04 Bestial Emptiness
05 Nemesis
06 The Great Destroyer
07 Gerasene Demoniac
08 The Gospel of Judas Iscariot
09  Jonestown Lullaby
10  Asphyxiation

Ragnarok Non Debillicata coverart PR

The band recently had this to say about their ninth full-length album:

Our new album, “Non Debellicata”, is the result of an extensive process in which all the members of the band participated creatively, both musically and lyrically.  We put a lot of work into this album to make it as extreme and violent as we possibly could, pushing the borders of our musicianship and song writing skills.  Originally we started out with 20 songs, out of which we rehearsed 16 and whittled it down to 13 for recording.   We eventually chose 10 for inclusion on the album, because we wanted to ensure the highest possible quality of every song.  

As for the title itself:

 “Non Debellicata” refers to a phrase used as the motto for our home town Saropsborg in the olden days.  It is taken froma  letter Jarl Alv Erlingsson sent to the Scottish Government in 1286.  Aside from being a nobleman and the Jarl (Earl) of Sarpsborg, Alv was also an infamous pirate who was in the habit of robbing Danish and German merchant ships.

The Scottish government had confiscated a number of Norwegian ships and Jarl Alv wrote them a letter, in which he said that maybe they were under the impression that Norway was weak after being at war for several years.  But assured them that they would learn that the Norwegian people were not weakened by the war and would never be defeated.

NON DEBELLICATA. The people of Norway would never give up – and neither will RAGNAROK!

To celebrate the album’s release, RAGNAROK are set to support US Death Metallers IMMOLATION on a 21-date European tour.  Accompanying them on the tour will be Austria’s MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY and Italy’s EMBRYO.

Titled The Last Atonement, the tour routing is as follows:

07.11. (GER) Munster / Sputnikhalle
08.11. (HOL) Amersfoort / Flour033
09.11. (HOL) Tilburg / de Nieuwe Vorst
10.11. (HOL) Enschede / Metropool
13.11. (ITA) Milan / Slaughter Club
14.11. (ITA) Rome / Traffic
15.11. (ITA) San Dova di Piave / Revolver
16.11. (CH) Sion / Le Port Franc
17.11. (GER) Trier / Mergener Hof
18.11. (FR) Niort / Camji
19.11. (FR) Paris / Backstage
21.11. (UK) Manchester / Rebellion
22.11. (UK) London / The Dome
23.11. (HOL) Rotterdam / Baroeg
24.11. (BEL) Namur / Belvedere
26.11. (GER) Munich / Backstage
27.11. (CZ) Praga / Nova Chmelnice
28.11. (POL) Bielsko Biała / Rudeboy
29.11. (POL) Łódź / Magnetofon
30.11. (GER) Berlin / Lido
01.12. (POL) Poznań / U Bazyla

Addutionally, RAGNAROK will perform two release shows in their native Norway.

The first will take place on the 2nd November  at Glenghuset in their hometown of Sarpsborg during which they will also be celebrating the band’s 25th Anniversary.
Details at

The second will be on the 20th December at Blå in Oslo.
Details at

Ragnarok tour PR

More information about RAGNAROK can be found on the band’s Facebook page at  or on their  website at

RAGNAROK’s previously revealed the track “The Great Destroyer” from “Non Debellicata”, the video of which can be seen below and at

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Elvarhøi Logo PR

Hot on the heels of the first track reveal, and with two weeks before the release of their debut full-length album “Dansen låter fra graven åter”,  Norwegian Folk Metallers ELVARHØI are giving fans a chance to hear a second track from the album.

When compared to the band’s first single “Vertshuset Dovregubben”, the new track “Kjenningsvisa” finds ELVARHØI in a completely different mood.  Gone are the heavy atmosphere and bardic story-telling undertones, to be replaced with something entirely fresher, and more upbeat.  As the band explains:

While our first single was one of the earliest songs written for the album, filled with dense atmosphere and long deliberation, our second single is as fresh as we can make it.  We began working on it just a few months before we entered the studio and it represents that moment when the study door opens, letting in a breeze that scatters all the notes and papers, leaving only the finished product.  It is a call to action with a spring in your step and  your eyes on the horizon.  It is escapism in its proper sense – as in a man being released from prison.

Kjenningsvisa” can be streamed or downloaded at

As well as on YouTube below and at

The eclectic backgrounds of its members, who draw their experience from Folk Metal and Extreme Metal, as well as traditional Norwegian and Celtic folk music, have enabled ELVARHØI to create a sound that is reminiscent of the golden age of Folk Rock, whilst, at the same time, being quite distinct and  very much fitting into the genre of modern Folk Metal. 

“Dansen låter fra graven åter” is an album that joyfully takes elements from both Norwegian Folk Music and 70’s Rock and Prog, and adds them to a framework of Heavy Metal, so that it ranges from triumphant metal anthems, to soft and lush “folk singer-esque” ballads that explore a magical world of Faerie and Adventure.

“Dansen låter fra graven åter”, which means ‘The dance continues from beyond the grave’,  was mixed by Markus Skroch at the Kalthallen Studio and mastered by Magnus «Devo» Andersson (MARDUK) at his Endarker Studio.  With artwork by Even Mehl Amundsen and photos by Marcus Eriksson, tracklisting for «Dansen låter fra graven åter» is as follows:

  1. Bruremarsj
  2. Hva er en konge?
  3. Kjenningsvisa
  4. Det grå riket
  5. Vertshuset Dovregubben
  6. Trolljuvshallingen
  7. Tilbake til intet
  8. Kalde netter

Elvarhøi AlbumArt PR

“Dansen låter fra graven åter” will be released by ELVARHØI’s own label Ramljod Records, in both Jewel Case CD format complete with a 24-page booklet, and digital format. It is now available to pre-order from

ELVARHØI’s lineup of Christopher Rakkestad (RAGNAROK, JORDSKIPSTYRANN) on Bass & Vocals, Magnus Wandås on the Hardanger Fiddle, Sean Murphy on Flutes, Carl Engstrøm (ASTAROTH, DØDSFALL, KVALVAAG, SARPEDON, TROLL, MOLOCH, to name but a few) on Drums, and Martin Langebraaten (SARPEDON, RAVEN WING, FROSTHEIM, SOLMUND) on Guitars,  will be debuting the new album live in Oslo on the 19th October at the Rock In. Details at

Elvarhøi Band Photo PR

To celebrate the impeding release ELVARHØI recently debuted a video for the track Titled “Vertshuset Dovregubben”, which is in the form of a fascinating screen capture of the work of artist Even Mehl Amundsen, taking the viewer through the process he underwent to create the beautifully detailed cover art for “Dansen låter fra graven åter”.

The video can be seen below and on YouTube at

More information about ELVARHØI can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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