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Another new band that is packed to the brim with experienced musicians from the Norwegian music scene has found its way onto Is It Jazz? Records,  the Bergen-based offshoot of Karisma Records that is developing a reputation for nurturing some of the latest and best arrivals on the Jazz scene, as well as attracting some very  well-established artists.

The band in question is THE VERGE, a four-piece unit that started life whilst its members were studying at the Jazz Academy in Trondheim.

Comprised of  Emil Storløkken Åse (PHOENIX, EMIL STORLØKKEN ÅSE SOLO) on Guitars , Aksel Rønning (COSMIC SWING ORCHESTRA, AKSEL RØNNING TRIO) on Saxophone and Flute, Alf Høines (CARAMEL 11, LEON RØSTEN TRIO)on Electric Bass,  and Ingvald Vassbø (KANAAN, JUNO) on Drums, THE VERGE’s lineup is very definitely not short of creativity and enthusiasm.

Together they have  created an intense and energetic debut album that draws its inspiration from extreme improvisational rock and dreamy noise/dronescapes, and offers more than a nod in the direction of free form jazz.  It is an album that promises to be vibrant and multifaceted, one where the ability of the individual musicians to interact with one another is front and centre.

More information about the album, including release dates, will be revealed shortly, and in the meantime Ingvald expressed THE VERGE’s delight at joining Is It Jazz? Records.

Myself, Emil, Alf and Akse are really looking forward to releasing our debut album on Is It Jazz? Records. I´ve been a long time fan of Karisma Records and it´s an honour and a privilege to be on the same label as so many other great artists that we admire and draw inspiration from.

More information about THE VERGE can be found on Facebook at

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