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Ljungblut 05 by Tom LundPR

Photo by Tom Lund

With their sixth full-length album “Villa Carlotta 5959” set to hit the streets on Karisma Records on the 2nd November, Norwegian Alternative Rockers LJUNGBLUT have released a second single from the album.   The track “235” can be streamed or downloaded at

Commenting on the track, and its rather unusual name of “235”, LJUNGBLUT founder Kim Ljung had this to say:

Why 235? A Manchester casino goes by this name. Lorry (ZEROMANCER band member and LJUNGBLUT sound engineer) and I were  there some years ago.  Lorry was doing well with the chips up until the point where I convinced him to head for the Roulette wheel. All on red. Broke in no time. Inspiration.

 Sindre (bass) wrote this one. He sent me a demo and asked me if it had the the right feel to make it a LJUNGBLUT track. Of course it had. I loved it instantly! Its stomping beat and the blend of both laid back and feisty guitars, triggered off a wave of words and ideas for vocals.

 His way of thinking about music is different to mine. Which is great and refreshing. Same goes for Dan (guitars) who has also written several songs on the upcoming album “Villa Carlotta 5959”. The guys have really cracked the code on how to compose songs in real Blut-fashion. I believe “235” was the very last song on the album that we rehearsed together, and made ready for live-recording, with  some twists regarding notes, and re-arranging.  Plus lifting the track up one key, meant that I had to push it vocally a bit more. It definitely suited the lyrics and the energy of “235”.

 For the mix, Alex (SEIGMEN/ZEROMANCER bandmember and LJUNGBLUT co-producer/mixer) and I decided to keep the room alive. We pushed up all faders for mono and stereo-room to get the live-feel even more present in the track. 

 The lyrics are quite easy. It has obsessive-compulsive disorder written all over it. I think everyone in the band can relate to these words to a certain extent!

Ljungblut 235 artworkPR

Formed in 2005 by Kim Ljung  as a vehicle for material he didn’t think would be suitable for  either SEIGMEN or ZEROMANCER , bands for whom he is both the bassist and main songwriter, LJUNGBLUT eventually expanded from a solo project, which saw the release of three albums, into a fully fledged band.  Dan Heide (ZEROMANCER, RED7) on guitars, Ted Skogmann (APOPTYGMA BERZERK) on drums , Joakim Brendsrød on keys and Sindre Pedersen on bass, joined Ljung, on keys and vocals, and, as a quintet, the band released two independent albums with Norwegian lyrics.

Presse Ljungblut 6 av Tom LundPR

Photo by Tom Lund

“Villa Carlotta 5959” is, in fact, the last in the trilogy of the Norwegian language albums and in it Ljung creates smorgasbord filled with fascinating subjects ranging from the historical and factual, such as the tracks “Hasselblad”, which is about the 12 Hasselblad cameras left behind on the surface of the Moon, and “Superga”, which refers to the province of Turin, Italy, best known for  its Cathedral and the plane crash that killed the Torino football team in 1949, to the personal ,  with tracks like “Min Krig” (My war) and “Aldri helt stille” (Never completely quiet), which address the subject of Ljung’s chronic migraines.

Encompassing a wide range of tempos and dynamics,  “Villa Carlotta 5959” presents the listeners with a cohesive sound and a melancholy mood, swathing Ljung’s characteristic vocals in vintage synths and instruments .    Recorded live in the studio and mixed by Alex Møklebust (SEIGMEN / ZEROMANCER) and Terje Johannesen, guest artists on “Villa Carlotta 5959” include Ljunggren (A-HA, ZEROMANCER), Ginge Anvik (SUBGUD, soundtrack composer) and  Terje Johannesen.

“Villa Carlotta 5959” will be released in CD, Digital and Vinyl formats, as well as a Limited Edition Turquoise LP.  Artwork is by Hanne-Christine Flåten,  and track listing is as follows:

  1. Hasselblad
  2. Oktober
  3. Til Warszawa
  4. 235
  5. Superga
  6. Diamant
  7. Himmelen som vet
  8. Ohnesorg
  9. Aldri helt stille
  10. Min Krig

Ljungblut Villa Carlotta Albumart PR

“Villa Carlotta 5959” is now available to pre-order from:

Bandcamp (all versions) :
Webshop (CD and LPs):

To  celebrate the release of “Villa Carlotta 5959” LJUNGBLUT will play the following dates in Norway:

09 Nov:  Papirhuset, Tønsberg
10 Nov:  Papirhuset, Tønsberg
12 Nov:  Kulturkirken Jacob, Oslo

Ljungblut LivePR

More information about LJUNGBLUT can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video for the title track from LJUNGBLUT’s 2016 album “Ikke alle netter er like sorte”  can be seen below and at

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Hyperion Band PR

Swedish Black Metallers HYPERION will take time out of the studio, where they are busy recording the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut album ” Seraphical Euphony”,  in order to join BATUSHKA as main support on two dates on the Polish Black Metal legends upcoming tour.

As well as the two shows with BATUSHKA, HYPERION will also appear in Sweden in what will be their final shows of 2018, so that they can concentrate fully on the new album,  which will be released on Black Lion Records once completed. Upcoming shows as follows:

19 Oct: Klubs Melnā Piektdiena, Riga, Latvia (with Batushka)
Info at:

20 Oct: Rockclub Tapper Tallinn, Estonia (with Batushka)
Info at:

30 Nov: Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, Sweden
Info at:

01 Dec: Copperfields, Stockholm, Sweden
Info at:

Hyperion Tour PR

Fans are advised that 80% of the tickets for theTallinn shows are already sold out, and anyone wishing to attend should get their tickets in advance and not rely on tickets being available at the door in order not to be disappointed

More information about HYPERION can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on the website at

Fan-filmed footage of HYPERION performing the track “Blood of the Ancients” live in Berlin can be seen below and at

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Oak PR1

When a band’s members all come from backgrounds as diverse as classical piano, electronica, prog and hard-rock, and if they manage to pull it all together in a consummate fashion to create a unique sound, you would be safe to guess that the band was Norway’s OAK.   And, with their latest full-length album “False Memory Archive” due out on Karisma Records on the 19th October,  the Pop/Rockers have released the title track as a single, about which they have this to say:

If you are somewhat loose with everyone’s  conception of what ‘Pop’ actually is, then  the track “False Memory Archive” is the album’s pop leitmotif,  which still unmistakably sounds like OAK.  It also happens to be the album’s title track and, as such, it serves as a kind of introduction to the theme of the whole album.  It is a song that appears  light and happy in its expression, but all the while it still contains its fair share of darkness

The track “False Memory Archive” is available from, or can be heard at

Oak-falsememoryarchive single PR.png

Or you can hear it below

Since starting out as a folk-rock duo, and releasing their 2013 debut album “Lighthouse”, OAK’s lineup of Øystein Sootholtet (Bass, guitars, banjo, keys & programming), Simen Valldal Johannessen (vocals, piano, keys & lyrics), Sigbjørn Reiakvam (drums, percussion, programming & keys), Ole Michael Bjørndal (guitars) and Stephan Hvinden (guitars), have made considerable strides as both musicians and songwriters as their sophomore album demonstrates.

There is still a nod in the direction of the debut full-length, but “False Memory Archive” is both darker and groovier , whilst retaining that successful amalgam of sound that is neither wholly progressive pop, nor wholly progressive rock,  but which is absolutely trademark OAK  and is comprised of catchy elements and stunning vocal harmonies, which create that unique duality that defines them as a band.

Oak PR2

“False Memory Archive” was recorded in Oslo at the Ljugekroken Studio and the Tøyen Church, and was  mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren and OAK at the Fascination Studios.  With front cover artwork by  Lisa Love and design by Deformat, and featuring a guest appearance on guitars by Bjorn RIIS, tracklisting for “False Memory Archive” is as follows:

  1. We, The Drowned
  2. Claire De Lune
  3. False Memory Archuve
  4. Lost Causes (Bjorn Riis guesting on guitar)
  5. Intermezzo
  6. The Lights
  7. These Are The Stars We’re Aiming For
  8. Transparent Eyes
  9. Psalm 51

Oak AlbumArt PR

“False Memory Archive” will be released in CD, Digital and Crystal Clear Vinyl formats, and is now available to pre-order at:


Oak PR3

More information about OAK can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on their website at

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Avast PR2 Katharina Ueland

Norwegian Blackgazers AVAST, whose debut full-length album “Mother Culture” is set to hit the streets on Dark Essence Records on the 26th October, have released a second single from the album, as well as an accompanying video by Ivar Vasstveit, about which the band has this to say:

“An Earnest Desire” is a tale about human ambition and how our desire to achieve great accomplishments often ends in catastrophe. The video emphasizes that ambition, and also shows how small and helpless we may appear in our interaction with nature and all of its forces.

The video, for the track “An Earnest Desire”,  can be seen below and at

Whilst the single itself can be heard at, and purchased from, the following:

Hailing from Stavanger, Norway, AVAST consists of Hans Olaf Myrvang (AGENDA) on bass and vocals, Trond Salte (AGENDA) and  Ørjan Lund (NAG) on guitars, and Stian Steensnæs (LIK) on drums.  Together  they fuse  the aesthetics of black metal with the atmospherics of post-rock, in order to create a soundscape that is both breathtaking and mesmerizing,  and whose lyrical themes are not centred around the usual black metal topics, but tend more towards a philosophical and poetical take on social and environmental issues.

With artwork by Ole Nymoen, the track-listing for Mother Culture is as follows:

  1. Mother Culture
  2. The Myth
  3. Birth of Man
  4. The World Belongs to Man
  5. An Earnest Desire
  6. Man Belongs to the World

Avast AlbumArt PR

AVAST have been confirmed to appear at next year’s Inferno Festival , and other upcoming live dates for include:

12 Oct: Tunghørt 2018, Folken, Stavanger, Norway
24 Nov: Vaterland, Oslo, Norway

“Mother Culture” will be released in CD, Digital and limited edition white vinyl formats, and is now available to pre-order from:

Dark Essence Records:
US Webshop:

More information about AVAST can be found on their Facebook page at

Avast PR1 Katharina Ueland

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Slegest PR 2018

“Introvert”, the third studio album from Norway’s SLEGEST,  is brimming over with the kind of tasty riffs and catchy hooks that reach out of the speakers and grab the attention  of classic heavy rock fans.  Combine that with the essence of Black Metal, and you get the unmistakable, genre-straddling, trademark SLEGEST sound.

With its release scheduled for the 16th November on Dark Essence Records, a second track from the album has been revealed.  Titled ” Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg”,  frontman and founder Ese describes the song as:

A soaring track of heavy rock with a grand finale. Perfect for driving. Lyrically it deals with intoxication, not as perfect for driving but very good for music and overall feeling in body and soul. For me the 80’s vibe is strong on this one, and it has nods to old Rush and even Åge Aleksandersen himself.

” Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg” can be heard below and also on YouTube at and Bandcamp at 


With cover artwork by Anders Røkkum,  the bass and vocals for “Introvert”  were recorded in Systrond and engineered by Ese.  Drums and guitars were recorded at the  Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen with  Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen engineering the drums,  whilst the guitars were engineered by Herbrand Larsen, who also mixed the album.  Iver Sandøy handled the mastering.

Tracklisting is as follows:
1 Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg
2 Undergangens Tankesmed
3 Maler Lys I Mørketid
4 Da Brenne I Glåsi
5 I Den Sanne Flamme
6 Dødskyss
7 Leitar
8 Den Onde Sirkel

Slegest Albumart PR

SLEGEST will be hitting the road with label-mates TAAKE for part of their upcoming tour in October, whilst in December they will be supporting VREID and KALMAH on an eleven-date tour.   In between those two European treks, the band has also found time to fit in some Norwegian dates during November supporting EINHERJER.

Routings for all three tours as follows:

With Taake
13.10: Night Fest Metal IX, Arlon, BE
14.10: Hall of Fame, Wetzikon, CH
15.10: Backstage, Munich, DE
16.10: Rock Klub Nová Chmelnice, Prague, CZ
17.10: A38, Budapest, HU
18.10: Orto Bar, Ljubljana, SL
19.10: Legend Club, Milan, IT
20.10: Viper Room, Vienna, AT

With Einherjer in Norway
09.11: Folken, Stavanger
10.11: Flytten, Haugesund
16.11: Hulen, Bergen
17.11: John Dee, Oslo

With Vreid & Kalmah
05.12: Neushoorn,  Leeuwarden, NL
06.12: Willemeen, Arnhem, NL
07.12: The Dome, London
08.12: Tba
09.12: Ferrailleur,  Nantes, FR
10.12: Backstage,  Paris, FR
11.12: Gare De Lion, Wil, CH
12.12: Backstage,  Munich, DE
13.12:Rock Klub Tartaros,  Banska Bystrica, SK
14.12: Durer 041,  Budapest , HU
15.12: Club Seilerstrasse, Zwickau, DE

“Introvert” will be available in CD, Digital and Vinyl formats and is now available to pre-order from:

US Webstore:

More information about SLEGEST can be found on the band’s official Facebook page at on Instagram at and on Spotify at

The official video for “I Fortida Sitt Lys” from SLEGEST’s 2016 album “Vidsyn”  can be seen below and at

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Madder Mortem New PR

“Liberator” is the declaration of intent from “Marrow” – it’s our call to arms. It’s a reminder to not make yourself smaller to appease others, but to sink your teeth into life and bite off way more than you can chew. Never let them drag you back into line!”

 That’s what Norway’s MADDER MORTEM has to say about the track “Liberator” from their newly released album “Marrow”, and, fittingly, they have chosen to turn the track into a fascinatingly weird new video, once again calling upon the services of Costin Chioreanu to breathe visual life into their “call to arms”.

As the band explains:

After seeing Costin Chioreanu’s gorgeous artwork in the animated video for “Far From Home”, we really wanted to see what his take would be on a filmed video. Costin somehow managed to poke a hole in his incredibly busy schedule, and the video was shot in our home town of Nord-Odal over three hectic days. We wanted something different and unexpected and strange, and we love the surrealist feel of this video.

The video for “Liberator” can be seen below and at

“Marrow” is MADDER MORTEM’s seventh full-length album, and one in which the band pursue a heavier, doomier, but at the same time, catchier, path, with Agnete M. Kirkevaag’s powerful vocals leading the way through eleven tracks that range freely over a variety of genres and soundscapes; from delicate ballads to powerful metal, via folk/prog and a touch of the avant-garde.

Produced by BP M. Kirkevaag, and mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Maid, and with artwork by the legendary artist Thore Hansen, “Marrow” hit the streets on the 21 September on Dark Essence Records in Digipak CD, Digital, and Limited Edition Green Vinyl Gatefold LP formats.

Madder Mortem Marrow PR

More information about MADDER MORTEM can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

MADDER MORTEM’s recently debuted “Far From Home”, another track from “Marrow”,  in the form of a video by the noted Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu, which can be seen below and at

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Dark Italian Metallers SELVANS have released details of their second full-length album.  Titled “Faunalia”, the album is set for release on Avantgarde Music on the 2nd November, and will be available in Digital and A5 CD formats, as well as a double gatefold vinyl and a limited edition wooden box.   At the same time it will also be released on cassette by Folkvangr Records.

Sub-titled  “A Dark Italian Opus”, “Faunalia” is the work of SELVANS mastermind Haruspex, in which he explores elements of history, myth and Italian folklore.  It is an album that features tones that are dramatic, and at times even horrific, drawing from a variety of influences that range from Italian dark-progressive, to symphonic in the cinematic style of ENNIO MORRICONE, to neo-folk.

For the recording of “Faunalia”, SELVANS’ Haruspex and Fulguriator have, for the first time,  been joined in the studio by the band’s live members HK on drums and Acheron on guitars, as well as by a number of guests including Agghiastru (INCHIUVATU), Mercy and Gianluca Virdis (IANVA),  and Tumulash (FIDES INVERSA).

Recorded in various studios throughout Italy,  “Faunalia” was produced by Haruspex, and was mixed and mastered by Haruspex and Acheron at the Atrocity Exhibition Studio.  With artwork by Haruspex and Ghoul, tracklisting for “Faunalia” is as follows:

I.  Ad Malum Finem
II. Notturno Peregrinar
III. Anna Perenna
IV. Magna Mater Maior Mons
V. Phersu
VI. Requiem Aprutii

Selvans Faunalia Albumart GoldPR

More information about SELVANS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on their website at

selvans 1 s (1)

Selvans Faunalia PR.png


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