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Major Parkinson PR

Having snapped up the Norwegian cult prog rockers MAJOR PARKINSON, Karisma Records have announced today that the title track from the upcoming album Blackbox is available as a single. The single will be available on all digital platforms and can be heard below and on Spotify at


The album Blackbox will be the fourth studio album from the outlandish prog phenomenon that is MAJOR PARKINSON.  Set for release on the 27th of October of this year, and available on Degaton Records in Norway and Karisma Records in the rest of the world, the band spent the better part of two years creating Blackbox. Recorded partly in the legendary Duper Studio, and partly in MAJOR PARKINSON’s own dungeon – Degaton Studio, Blackbox is an uncompromising work, somewhere at the crossroads between progressive rock, cinematic pop, heavy industry and icy Arctic electronics.

With Linn Frøkedal (MISTY COAST, LOW FREQUENCY IN STEREO) contributing her haunting vocals on no less than four tracks, she is joined by a a plethora of guest musicians who have all added their unique talents to further elevate the Blackbox experience.  In the able hands of sound maestro Yngve Leidulv Sætre, Blackbox is an album filled with frenetic horn sections, angelic strings, rusty hammers, paper planes and rocket ships.

According to MAJOR PARKINSON, Blackbox is an unparalleled journey through cinematic, progressive soundscapes and otherworldly melodies which have been forged in stainless dark matter and filled to the brim with musical excess.  It is a treasure chest pulled patiently from the ocean floor, through shoals of curious starfish. It’s a night ride through a snowy and moonlit mountain pass, under the pale flicker of oddly shaped constellations!

With artwork by Martin Kvamme, the album will be available as digipak, black vinyl, gold vinyl and in digital formats. The tracklisting on Blackbox is as follows:

  1. Lover, Lower Me Down!
  2. Night Hitcher
  3. Before the Helmets
  4. Isabel – A Report to an Academy
  5. Scenes from Edison’s Black Maria
  6. Madeleine Crumbles
  7. Baseball
  8. Strawberry Suicide
  9. Blackbox

Major Parkinson ArtworkPR

Blackbox is now available to pre-order from

More information about MAJOR PARKINSON, whose lineup comprises Jon Ivar Kollbotn, Eivind Gammersvik, Lars C Bjørknes, Sondre Veland, Sondre Skollevoll, Øysten Bech-Eriksen and Claudia Cox, can be found on the band’s Facebook page at   and on their website at

A video for the song Pretty Eyes, Pretty Eyes by MAJOR PARKINSON can be seen below and at

whilst a video of the band performing live at Ricks in Bergen can be seen below and at

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MagicPie PR2

Having released “King For A Day”, the fourth full-length album from MAGIC PIE, Karisma Records are now set to release the first three albums from the Norwegian Prog Rockers, who have become a household name amongst Prog fans worldwide with their blend of Classic Prog and  70’s Hard Rock.  Fronted by guitar supremo Kim Stenberg, MAGIC PIE are known for their epic, high-octane melodic Prog Rock which includes touches of heaviness, superb vocal harmonies and the kind of terrific musicianship that sets them aside from the usual run of the mill bands.

The three albums, which have previously only been available as CDs, will be released in both Digital and Double Gatefold Vinyl formats on the 31st March.  Details of the albums as follows:


“Motions of Desire”,  MAGIC PIE’s first release, is now considered one of the classic debut albums, and  has been hailed by some as one of the 25 best Prog albums of all time.  It was Sea of Tranquility’s album of the year in 2005.

Tracklisting on “Motions of Desire”
1 – Change
2 – Motions of Desire
3 – Full Circle Poetry
4 – Without Knowing Why
5 – Illusion and reality Part 1
6 – Illusion and reality Part 3
7 – Illusion and reality Part 4
8 – Dream Vision


Next up we have “Circus of Life” which once again garnered much praise, and consolidated MAGIC PIE’s  growing reputation amongst the cognoscenti of the Prog scene.

Tracklisting on “Circus of Life”:
1 – Part I: Welcome
2 – Part II: Freakshow
3 – Part III: What if…
4 – Part IV: Trick of the mind
5 – Part V: The clown
6 – Pointless Masquerade
7 – Watching The Waters


MAGIC PIE’s third album “The Suffering Joy” more than lived up to the expectations generated by the band’s previous releases.  Not only was “The Suffering Joy” voted the Best of the Year by the readers of Sea of Tranqulity, making MAGIC PIE the first ever three-time winner of the best CD of the year award, it also beat legendary artists such as YES, URIAH HEEP and STEVE HACKET (GENESIS) to the number one spot in

Tracklisting on “The Suffering Joy”:
1 – A Life’s Work, Part 1 (Questions Unanswered)
2 – A Life’s Work, Part 2 (Overture)
3 – A Life’s Work, Part 3 (A Brand New Day)
4 – A Life’s Work, Part 4 (The Suffering Joy)
5 – Headlines
6 – Endless Ocean
7 – Slightly Mad
8 – Tired
9 – In Memoriam

“Motions of Desire”, “Circus of Life” and “The Suffering Joy” are now available to pre-order from or

2017 live appearances for MAGIC PIE so far confirmed:
25 Mar, Gamla, Oslo, NO
13 May, Parkteatret, Moss, NO
2-3 June, Garage, Bergen, NO
3-4 Nov, Høvleriet, Haugesund, NO
03 Dec, The Bedford, London, UK


More information about MAGIC PIE can be found on the band’s website at  or on their Facebook page at

The video for the track “Trick of the Trade” from MAGIC PIE’s 2015 album “King For A Day” can be seen at

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Shaman Elephant low (3)

Karisma Records has today released details of the debut full-length album from Psychedelic Rockers SHAMAN ELEPHANT.  Titled “Crystals” and recorded at the Solslottet and Duper Studio with producer Iver Sandøy, the six-track album is due for release on the 9th December.

With a lineup that comprises Eirik Sejersted Vognstølen on vocals and guitar, Jard Hole (LINT) on drums, Ole-Andreas Sæbø Jensen on  bass, and Jonas Særsten (ex-TIEBREAKER) on keyboards, SHAMAN ELEPHANT is a band that exudes energy, both in the studio and on stage.  With its heavy riffs, flowing melodies and improvisation, the band’s music fits easily into the Psychedelic Rock genre, but also includes elements of Jazz and Prog Rock.

SHAMAN ELEPHANT ‘s only release to date is “More”, a three-track EP which was released digitally in 2015, so what can the band’s fans expect  from the first full-length album?  According to the band’s intriguing description,  “Crystals” is “A psychedelic flying carpet ride taking you across a diverse musical landscape. Let the Shaman Spell fly you through waterfalls of melting melodies and fields of mastodontic riffs – open your third eye and prepare for the crystallized illusions”

Artwork for “Crystals” is by Kåre Thomsen.  Tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Crystals
  2. Shaman in the Woods
  3. I.A.B.
  4. Tusko
  5. The Jazz
  6. Stoned Conceptions

Layout 1

A very short “teaser” video for “Crystals” can be seen below and at

SHAMAN ELEPHANT’s next live appearance will be at the Vill Vill Vestival in Bergen Norway, on the 16th September.

More information about SHAMAN ELEPHANT can be found on the band’s Facebook page at and on SoundCloud at

SHAMAN ELEPHANT’s “More” EP can be heard below


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Seven Impale PR

With a date of the  16th September set for the release on Karisma Records of “Contrapasso”, the second full-length album from Norwegian Prog Rockers SEVEN IMPALE, a track from the album is now streaming to give fans a taste of what they can expect.  The track, “Languor” can be heard at the following:

Rock Hard:

Having earned themselves seventh place in the best albums of the year poll with their  2014 debut full-length “City of the Sun”, SEVEN IMPALE are eager to show fans how far this group of musicians have developed since then, commenting:

“Finally the day (or at least one of the days) we have waited for!  We are very happy to present the track “languor” from “Contrapasso”. We feel that song captures the essence of the album with darker lyrics, heavier guitars, bigger drums, more everything! Still we are sure we are the same band that you heard on “City of the Sun”, but now a couple of years older and more mature. We are very excited and hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do!”

The nine-track album was recorded at the Solslottet Studio with producer Iver Sandøy, known for his  work with bands like ENSLAVED and KRAKOW.  Artwork for “Contrapasso” is by the Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu.  Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Lemma
2. Heresy
3. Inertia
4. Languor
5. Ascension
6. Convulsion
7. Helix
8. Serpentstone
9. Phoenix

Seven Impale AlbumArt PR

SEVEN IMPALE’s lineup of Stian Økland on vocals and guitars, Fredrik Mekki Widerøe on drums, Benjamin Mekki Widerøe on sax, Tormod Fosso on bass, Erlend Vottvik Olsen on guitar and Håkon Vinje on keyboards seamlessly combine their various musical disciplines, from classical orchestra to big band, metal to jazz, and rock to electronic, to give their sound an original approach that eschews genre boundaries.    “Contrapasso” builds on SEVEN IMPALE’s early sound, and demonstrates how much more confident and mature these young musicians have become, whilst the youthful  enthusiasm that permeates all they do, is still very evident.

A release party for “Contrapasso” will take place on the 7th October at Kvarteret in Bergen.

“Contrapasso” is available to pre-order now in both CD and vinyl editions from  or As well as from  the Karisma Records US Webstore at

More information about SEVEN IMPALE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

SEVEN IMPALE’s “City of the Sun” can be heard below and at


Tracks from Karisma Records releases, can be heard below and at


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Airbag PR1

Norwegian Prog Rockers AIRBAG have released a second video teaser for their upcoming album “Disconnected”, which is set for release on Karisma Records on the 10th June.   The teaser can be seen below and on the band’s YouTube channel at


With its lush soundscapes underlined by soaring guitars and soulful vocals “Disconnected”  further expands the blending of musical styles and sounds that make AIRBAG a unique listening experience.  The album itself is a reflection on the theme of alienation between the individual and society and  each of the six compositions depicts the state of feeling on ‘the outside’ and out of touch with oneself and those around us.

For the production of “Disconnected, Airbag has once again teamed up with long-time collaborator and engineer Vegard Sleipnes. The album is produced by Asle Tostrup and Bjørn Riis, and, as always, the artwork is  designed by vocalist Tostrup.

1.     Killer
2.     Broken
3.     Slave
4.     Sleepwalker
5.     Disconnected
6.     Returned

Airbag Disconnected PR1

Formed in 2004 AIRBAG’s lineup consists of Bjørn Riis (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, bass, co-producer), Asle Tostrup (vocals, keyboards, programming, producer, graphic design), Henrik Fossum (drums), Jørgen Hagen (programming, keyboards) and Anders Hovdan (bass).  The band’s music is best described as scenic, epic rock, and with three hugely successful album releases, “Identity” (2009),  “All Right Removed” (2011) and “The Greatest Show on Earth” (2013), AIRBAG has gained a solid following and reputation among both fans and the press.

AIRBAG will be performing a release show at the John Dee in Oslo, Norway, on the 10th June.  Tickets available from

More information about AIRBAG can be found on the band’s website at  or on Facebook at

The first video teaser from “Disconnected” can be seen below and at 


Three tracks from AIRBAG can be heard below and at


A video of AIRBAG playing “All Rights Removed” live in Oslo when the band supported Marillion on the Scandinavian leg of their world tour can be seen below and at 


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Norway’s sister labels Dark Essence Records and Karisma Records have expanded their North American operations with new distribution deals which sees  the label’s catalogues distributed physically by Sony RED, whist The Orchard will handle all the digital distribution.

In addition, to meet the ever-growing demand from fans,  the two Bergen-based labels have joined forces with AISA ( )  to open their own new North American webshops.  “We have always been aware that the cost of postage from Europe in general, and Scandinavian countries in particular, is very high, and, with both labels having grown so rapidly over the past few  years, and demand from North American fans increasing daily, we thought it was time to offer those  fans a fairer  deal”, commented the label’s Bjornar Erevik Nilsen (VULTURE INDUSTRIES).   “We are very excited to work with AISA on our new North America set up. For us this is a unique opportunity to get into this market on terms that are tailor made for our catalogue, size and profile. The new setup offers us a much higher level of control and market insight than before, and we expect sales and exposure to increase significantly. So far our experience with AISA have been very positive and we are happy to further pursue the cooperation.”

With  output differing  greatly one from the other, Dark Essence and Karimsa Records are not just used to working with established,  internationally recognised bands.  They have both also garnered a reputation for being able to sniff out some of the best new local and international bands and help them to grow and develop.  As Nilsen  went on to explain “We do not see ourselves as just businessmen whose job happens  to be running labels, as if often the case these days.  Everyone working directly with us is heavily involved in music, either as musicians, managers or huge fans,  so for us it’s a matter of pride to discover and nurture the talent that is out there.  The expansion into North America will help us to support our artists with merchandise that is printed in the USA itself, thereby helping to reduce costs whilst touring, which, as everyone knows,  is massively expensive undertaking for bands.  We have also appointed a local label manager, and we have a good network of people over there, who will be able to help our artists further”.

Dark Essence Records is well known in the fields Black Metal and the more Extreme Metal  genres and their roster contains some very high profile bands, some of whom have been around for well over two decades, as well as some of the most exciting relatively new musicians to have appeared on the scene. The label’s roster includes TAAKE, HELHEIM, HADES ALMIGHTY, AETERNUS, COR SCORPII, SARKOM, SLEGEST, THE 3rd ATTEMPT, ALFAHANNE,  SULPHUR, GALAR, KRAKOW, MOMENTUM, ORKAN, LUCIFER’S CHILD,  MISTUR, HAIL SPIRIT NOIR, RATTENFÄNGER, THE BATALLION.  The new Dark Essence Records North American webshop will be celebrating its opening  by making some rare test pressings available for purchase.  The webshop can be found at


Karisma Records, on the other hand,  concentrates on the more Rock-oriented and Progressive side of the musical spectrum and the label’s roster contains much-respected veterans such as  AIRBAG, VIRUS, MAGIC PIE, D’ACCORD, BJORN RIIS, BRIMSTONE and NORDAGUST,  and fast rising bands such as TIEBREAKER, OSSICLES, SEVEN IMPALE, RENDEZVOUS POINT,  FATAL FUSION.  To celebrate the launch of the Karisma Records North American webshop, the label will also be making some rare test pressings available for purchase.  The Karisma Records North American webshop can be found at

Karisma Records LogoPR

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Fast becoming one of the go-to labels for the Progressive side of music, Karisma Records has today added another string to their bow by signing Norwegian Prog Rockers RENDEZVOUS POINT.  The band will kick off their collaboration with Karisma Records with the release of a single titled “Wasteland”, together with a music video,  towards the latter part of May, to be followed by their debut full-length album in August.

Hailing from the southern part of the country,  RENDEZVOUS POINT’s musicians met when they were all studying music at the University of Agder.  Winning the title of the most promising band in Southern Norway in 2012, RENDEZVOUS POINT went on to perform at a concert with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra.    The band  produces  music that is heavy and complex,  with epic arrangements, and glorious melodies sung by Gjermund Hansen, who many will recognise through his appearance on the Norwegian edition of The Voice.

Although relatively new as a band, RENDEZVOUS POINT consists of musicians that have a wide-ranging experience in projects that cover a variety of musical genres.  As well as Hansen, the lineup consists of Petter Hallaråker on guitar (ICS VORTEX, SOLEFALD), Nicolai Tangen Svennæs on keyboard (EMILIE NICOLAS), Gunn-Hilde Erstad on bass and Baard Kolstad on drums.  As well as being a member of  bands such as LEPROUS, BORKNAGAR, ICS VORTEX, ABBATH, GOD SEED, drummer Kolstad won the  Roland V-Drums World Championship in California in 2012.

RENDEZVOUS POINT are set to embark on a 29-date European tour in the Autumn with LEPROUS and SPHERE in support of the new album release.  Routing for the tour as follows:

25/09: Garage, Bergen (NO)
26/09: TBA
02/10: Forbraendingen, Copenhagen (DK)
03/10: Euroblast Festival, Cologne (DE)
04/10: Progpower Europe, Baarlo  (NL)
05/10: Le Divan Du Monde , Paris (FR)
06/10: Le Ferrailleur, Nantes  (FR)
08/10: RCA Club,  Lisbon  (PT)
09/10: Caracol, Madrid (ES)
10/10: Garaje , Murcia (ES)
11/10: Apolo 2, Barcelona (ES)
12/10: Ninkasi Kao, Lyon (FR)
13/10: Garage, London  (UK)
14/10: Ruby Lounge , Manchester  (UK)
15/10: The Fleece, Bristol (UK)
16/10: Jan Hertog, Maasmechelen  (BE)
17/10: Substage , Karlsruhe (DE)
18/10: Backstage Club, Munich (DE)
19/10: Legend Club, Milan (IT)
20/10: Kiff, Aarau  (CH)
22/10: Rockstadt , Brasov  (RO)
23/10: TBA
24/10: Majestic Club, Bratislava (SK)
25/10: Nova Chmelnice, Prague (CZ)
26/10: Progresja , Warsaw  (PL)
27/10: Rockcafe , Riga (LV)
28/10: Nosturi , Helsinki (FI)
30/10: Bryggarsalen , Stockholm  (SE)
31/10: John Dee, Oslo (NO)

More information about RENDEZVOUS POINT can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Tracks from all of Karisma Records releases can be heard below and at

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