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Dark Essence Records have inked a deal with Folk Prog Rockers, LUMSK, a band that describes itself as:

A seven headed “troll” that combines traditional or traditional-inspired elements from Norwegian folklore and poetry with progressive rock and metal.

Formed in 1999 In Trondheim, Norway, LUMSK set out to explore the concept of regional folk traditions, as did many European heavy metal bands towards the end of the 20th Century.  So great, in fact, was that interest, and its ensuing popularity amongst fans,  that, by the first decade of the new Millennium, it had burgeoned into a significant sub-genre all of its own. 

You could, in fact, go as far as to say that LUMSK was probably one of the first bands that had been “built for folk” from the ground up,  with heavy guitars, keyboard and organs, violins, session horns and female vocals.

LUMSK’s debut album “Åsmund Frægdegjævar” appeared  in 2003 and was based on the saga of Åsmund Frægdegjævar, who traveled from Ireland to save the princess from trolls.  A year later In 2004 LUMSK  began  a collaboration with the author Birger Sivertsen, an expert on Norwegian folklore and sagas, which led to the release of 2005’s album “Troll” whose were lyrics based on Nordic mythology.   The band’s third album, 2007’s “Det Vilde Kor”,  this time featured  lyrics by Norwegian author, and holder of a Nobel Prize in Literature,  Knut Hamsun.

The band’s fourth full-length album has been a while in the making, with LUMSK entering the studio as early as 2010 to begin work on “Fremmede Toner”, a collection of poems by Norwegian  author Andre Bjerke. After a series of setbacks and delays,  which has served to make the album even more anticipated than before, work on “Fremmede Toner” is well underway, and is scheduled for release on Dark Essence Records in 2022, on a date as yet to be confirmed.

Which brings us to today, and today’s lineup, which, following a myriad of comings and goings over the years since LUMSK’s inception, is comprised of Mari Klingen  on Vocals, Siv Lena Laugtug Sæther on Violin, Eystein Garberg on Guitar, Roar Grindheim on  Guitar, Espen Warankov Godø on Keyboards, Espen Hammer on Bass, and Vidar Berg on drums.

More information about LUMSK can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video for the track “Trolltind” from LUMSK’s 2005 album “Troll” can be seen below and at

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Tusmorke Terje_Skår 2019PR2

Karisma Records have today released a second single from “Leker for barn, ritualer for voksne”, the upcoming album from Norwegian Prog Folk Rockers TUSMØRKE.

The single, for the track “Sjubidubidu Sju”, which,  according to TUSMØRKE is “A funky number about the number seven, centred around an old dance (and character in the story) called Per Sjuspring”, can be streamed or downloaded at

tusmorke Sjubidubidu sju ArtworkPR

“Leker for barn, ritualer for voksne”, which translated means “Games for children, rituals for adults” is based on two musicals for children, “The Bridge to the Other Side” and “The Root of All Evil”, and consists partly of  Tusmørke’s take on traditional Norwegian children’s songs,  and partly on new material by the  band.

Noted for its eccentricity, and not shy about trying new and unusual things, TUSMØRKE is quite happy to admit about “Leker for barn, ritualer for voksne” that  “Not everyone who took part in the plays completely understood what they were doing. Neither did everyone in the audience.  But here it is, in all its gory glory as the collegium of dashing adventurers and explorers of the unknown reaches of history, known to the unwashed masses under the pseudonym TUSMØRKE, have yet again brought fresh fever from the stars”.

“Leker for barn, ritualer for voksne” is set for release on the 29th November, and will be available in CD, Digital, Black Vinyl and Limited Edition White Vinyl formats, all of which include a 16 page lyric booklet, which, according to the band, “May, or may not, explain the plot”.

With artwork by Thore Hansen, track listing for “Leker for barn, ritualer for voksne” is as follows:

  1. Bro bro brille                         9. Velkommen til Hades
  2. Per Sjuspring                        10. Kharons vise
  3. Kjerringa med staven         11. På den ytterste nakne øya
  4. Ta den ring                            12. Jeg gikk meg over sjø og land
  5. Tornerose                              13. Den tolvte Baal
  6. Bjørnen sover                       14. Gamlas seierssang
  7. På Torneroses slot               15. Eventyret er ute
  8. Sjubidubidu Sju                   16. Du og jeg og vi to

Tusmorke Leker Albumart PR

TUSMØRKE’s lineup consists of Benediktator on Bass, vocals, Glockenspiel and percussion, Krizla on Flute, vocals, electronics and percussion,  The Phenomenon Marxo Solinas on Minimoog Model D, Korg CX3, William de Blaise on harpsichord, Steinway & Sons Grand Piano, Hohner Clavinet D6, Mellotron M400, Hammond C3, Wurlitzer 200 and Solina String Ensemble, and HlewagastiR on Drums and percussion.  With its members drawn  from bands like WOBBLER, JORDSJØ and ALWANZATAR, it is easy to understand why TUSMØRKE can  make use of such a staggering  variety of instruments.

Tusmorke Terje Skår 2019PR

“Leker for barn, ritualer for voksne” is now available to pre-order from:


More information about TUSMØRKE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The official video for the track “Tøyens hemmelighet” from TUSMØRKE’s album  “Osloborgerlig Tusmørke: Vardøger og utburder vol. 1” can be seen below and at

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