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3rd Attempt PR1

Leaving a long-established, and very successful, band in order to scratch the creative itch and get out of a rut is always a gamble, but it’s a gamble that veteran musicians and former CARPATHIAN FOREST guitarists Tchort (GREEN CARNATION) and BloodPervertor (OPUS FORGOTTEN) had no qualms in taking, and, with the second album from the 3RD ATTEMPT, they have proved that they were right to do so.

Titled “Egocidal Path”, and set for release on Dark Essence Records on the 1st December, the 3RD ATTEMPT’s sophomore offering not only builds on the foundation laid by its predecessor, it also leaves it far behind.  There’s still Thrash, there’s still Black’n’Roll, and there’s no doubting the presence of that Black Metal vibe.  But there’s a whole lot more besides, because “Egocidal Path” exudes the confidence that comes from a band whose members have gelled and know that they have succeeded in creating something loud, energetic and brash, intermingled with subtle touches that surprise. It has a variety that keeps it fresh and interesting, and showcases  the undoubted skills and experience of each and every one of its members.

Talking about the album, Tchort had this to say:

“With “Egocidal Path” we take a huge leap towards the true sound and identity of the 3RD ATTEMPT. While our debut album “Born in Thorns” represented the CARPATHIAN FOREST era of our song writing, “Egocidal Path” is a newly written album that is more aggressive, tighter and in-your-face.  It also showcases the fantastic drumming skills of Tybalt (FORTID, DEN SAAKALDTE) and the vocal range and creativity of Ødemark, allowing the listener to slip into his personal universe of wrath, ego, human spite and the glory of self-destruction.

“Let us accompany you on the path to Hell!”

With artwork by the Brazilian artist Rafael Tavares, “Egocidal Path” will be available in CD, Digital and LP formats.  Tracklisting as follows:

  1. Blood, Dope and Black N Roll
  2. Into the Light
  3. Reflections about Knives
  4. Egocide
  5. I’ll do it now
  6. The Diciples
  7. Black Metal Alchemist
  8. The Oath

3rd Attempt Albumart PR

Fans will also be able to see much more of the  3RD ATTEMPT live on stage as the band has just signed an exclusive UK and European booking deal with the UK’s Eradication Booking Agency.

More information about the band  can be found on their  official Facebook page at or on the band’s website at

The official lyric video for the track “Sons of Winter” from the 3rd ATTEMPT’s debut full-length album “Born in Thorns” can be seen below and at

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Selvans New LogoPR

First released in Digital and Digipak CD formats on Avantgarde Music in 2015, SELVANS’ “Clangores Plenilunio” MCD is now available for the first time as a Limited Edition 12″ Picture LP via  Vendetta Records.

Selvan Pic DiscPR1

Following the demise of DRAUGR , SELVANS was formed by frontman Haruspex, with the idea of bringing back to life  the mysticism and the folklore that the different ethnic  inhabitants of  Italy left behind them over the ages.  Something that the band has been able to do very successfully,  not only through their music and lyrics, both in the studio and  live on stage, but also aesthetically.

Sadly, SELVANS’ first drummer, Jonny, was killed in a motorbike accident shortly after finishing recording the drums and part of the vocals for “Clangores Plenilunio”.  The vocals and lyrics were completed by Haruspex, and the MCD was released as a tribute to Jonny.

With artwork conceived by Haruspex and actualized by Eba Art , and with the addition of the previously unpublished lyrics for the tracks “Lupecale” and “Clangores Plenilunio”, track listing on the Picture LP is as follows:

  1. Lupercale
  2. Clangores Plenilunio
  3. Prologue
  4. … In the Woods (In The Woods cover)
  5. Epilogue

Selvans Pic DiscPR2

“Clangores Plenilunio” is limited to 300 copies and is available from Vendetta Records at the following:
Bandcamp: or Webshop:

More information about SELVANS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on their website at

A special video,  which was made as a tribute to Jonny,  for the track “Lupercale” from “Clangores Plenilunio”,  can be seen below and at

A video of SELVANS live at Menuo Juodaragis can be seen below and at


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Devar PR

To celebrate the release of their sophomore full-length album “Mausoleum”, Norwegian Metallers DEVAR are streaming the album in its entirety. It can be heard below,

and at the following:


Formed in 2002 by Devar, it was originally intended that the band should be a solo project, but,  recognising the limitations that this imposed on his vision,  the frontman decided to put together a full lineup that today consists of Devar on vocals, Obdsaija on  Drums and Percussion, Aadland on  Guitars and Ottoegil on Bass and  Keys.   It is with this lineup that DEVAR has developed and grown into a much more reflective band, with a stronger focus on the more varied and progressive aspects of their music.

Devar PR1 ronny_a_sangolt

“Mausoleum” itself  is the perfect demonstration of DEVAR’s unconventional approach to music, drawing its influences not only from the Extreme and Black Metal genres, but also from Avant-garde Metal and 70’s Prog.  Matched with a lyrical concept that takes listeners on a journey down the paths of fear, insanity, darkness and death in order to explore the decline of man, the resultant sound is one that is both original and unique.

Recorded by Bjørnar E. Nilsen (VULTURE INDUSTRIES, TAAKE, HELHEIM) at the Conclave & Earshot Studios in  Bergen,  along with Devar at the Alternate End Studios, and Ottoegil at Internasjonalt Farvann, “Mausoleum” is mixed and mastered by Herbrand Larsen (ENSLAVED) at the Conclave & Earshot Studios.

“Mausoleum”  hits the streets on  the 29th September on Gymnocal  Industries in Digipak CD, Gatefold DLP and Digital formats. Artwork is by Tom Korsvold, photography is by Ronny A. Sangolt and tracklisting is as follows:

1. Mausoleum
2. House of Bones
3. Dead End Moon
4. Shadow Straggler
5. Cold black Rain
6. Narcissa Oriane
7. Ashes
8. Dead Wounds

Devar AlbumArt PR

More information about DEVAR can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

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Nestled within the looming embrace of seven mountains,  the rugged, rain-swept coastline of Bjoergvin has spawned many extreme bands and musicians over the years, but none quite as iconic as TAAKE and its formidable founder Hoest, who is now back with a seventh full-length album.  Titled “Kong Vinter”  (King Winter), the album is set for release on Dark Essence Records on the 24th November in Digipak CD, Digital and Vinyl formats, with the Vinyl available in black, transparent and white versions. All are double 180 gram LPs in gatefold cover. Transparent and white are limited to 1000 each.

Over the years Hoest has steered his creation with unerring accuracy through the mire of Black Metal.  He has avoided the pitfalls of either stagnation or over-experimentation, and remained true to the spirit of the traditional Black Metal genre, whilst at the same time breathing fresh life into it.

True to form Hoest has spent three years working on “Kong Vinter”,  ensuring that the album is imbued with the unique Taake sound, whilst at the same time taking it even further.  It  is deceptively familiar to the ear, yet it is unpredictable as it winds its way sinuously through a soundscape that only a mother could love.  A soundscape underscored by a nasty groove, that at times can seem devilishly playful.

The result is an album that is both progressive and straight forward, with a touch of the devil’s own music – rock’n’roll , making it unmistakably Taake.  It is, in fact, an illustration as to why,  for over two decades,  Hoest has succeeded in remaining relevant and at the forefront of the genre.

“Kong Vinter”, on which Hoest plays all the instruments himself,  was recorded and produced by Bjornar Nilsen (VULTURE INDUSTRIES) at his Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen.  With a running time of 55 minutes, photography by Christopher Zibell and  artwork by Tom Korsvold of Coverart,  track listing is as follows:

  1. Sverdets Vei
  2. Inntrenger
  3. Huset i Havet
  4. Havet i Huset
  5. Jernhaand
  6. Maanebrent
  7. Fra Bjoergegrend mot Glemselen
  8. On Top (De Press cover, bonus track on the vinyl edition)

Taake Kong Vinter ArtworkPR

“Kong Vinter” is now available to pre-order from the following:
EU Webshop:
US Webshop

More information about TAAKE can be found on the band’s official on Facebook page at  or on thei website at
The official video for the track “Nordbundet” from the TAAKE album “Noregs Vaapen” can be seen below and at

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Nattverd Logo PR

It should always be the case that an album stands, or falls, on the quality of its music alone, but rarely does that happen because so many other aspects fall under consideration, not least the musicians who form the band, and their past history in terms of style, releases and their presence in other bands.  But NATTVERD comes to us with a clean sheet.  The only things anyone knows about the band is that it is a three piece consisting of Atyr of guitars and bass, Ormr on Vocals and session drummer Serpentor, that they hail from Norway, and that they play Black Metal.  And that, according to NATTVERD, is all you really need to know, because the music will tell you the rest.

But what is it exactly about NATTVERD that has earned them a recording contract before  they have barely left the starting line, and sets them  apart from the plethora of other Black Metal bands who are all vying for a label deal?  Well, they play Black Metal in the traditional way, without any attempts to add any touches from any other genres or tag themselves onto the latest trends in sub-genres.   But  the Black Metal they play is played with a confidence that belies the newness of the band and must surely point to some very experienced musicians.

Nor are they are they a one-trick pony. Far from it.  NATTVERD’s music ranges from the downright cold and nasty, filled with fury and hate,  to the melodic and atmospheric, and at times is even tinged with melancholy.  NATTVERD provide evil-aplenty to satisfy the most discerning Black Metal fan, and more than enough variations and emotions to keep their sound fresh and interesting.

Having inked a deal with the German label Darker Than Black Records, NATTVERD are set to release their debut full-length album “Vi Vet gud Er En Løgner” (We Know God is a Liar) on the 30th September in CD and Digital formats.  With artwork by Misanthropic Art, tracklisting for “Vi Vet gud Er En Løgner” is as follows:

1. Der Tronen Blender, Vender Vi Oss Mot Mørket
2. Nattverd
3. Du Gudfryktige Orm
4. Stille Stom Stein…
5. Lucifers Blod
6. Sjelen I Brann
7. Vi Vet gud Er Ne Løgner
8. Hill Satan

Nattverd AlbumArt PR

Two tracks from “Vi Vet gud Er En Løgner” can be heard below and at where the digital version of the album is also available to pre-order, whilst the CD version is available from

More information about NATTVERD can be found on the band’s Facebook page at


Ragnarok Latin AmericaPR

Having spent the last year or so using session bass players for their live appearances, Norwegian Black Metal veterans RAGNAROK have today announced that and bassist Rammr (JORDSKIPSTYRANN and ELVARHØI) has joined the band on a full-time, permanent basis.

Rammr PR

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“Originally it was our intention to use a session bassist going forward,” explains founder and frontman Jontho Panthera, one of Norway’s most iconic Black Metal drummers, who recently switched roles to become the band’s vocalist.  “However,  during the shows he did with us, Rammr’s dedication to his craft, and to RAGNAROK itself, became very evident to everyone.  He fits in perfectly with the rest of the band, which includes Bolverk on guitars and drummer Daniel Minge (DAUDEN), not only on stage,  but also on a personal level.

Ragnarok PR1

“Most importantly he understands our ideology, and what RAGNAROK expects of its members, and after yet another incredible performance from him at Kaltenbach Open Air recently I thought it was right to make him a full member of the horde!”

RAGNAROK are set to hit the road in September, for a thirteen-date tour of Latin America, where the band has a considerable following.  Routing for RAGNAROK’s Psychopathology Latin American Tour is as follows, and includes links to the specific Facebook events where fans will be able to get all the necessary details:

06 Recife – Brasil
08 River Rock – Indaial – Brasil
09 Guaru Metal Fest – Guarulhos – Brazil
12 Buenos Aires – Argentina
13 Rancagua – Chile
14 Santiago – Chile
15 Cali – Colombia w/ Ancient
16 Bogotá – Colombia w/ Ancient
17 Panamá city – Panamá
20 San José – Costa Rica
22 Guadalajara – México
23 Monterrey – México
24 México City – México

A Promo Video for the tour can be seen below and at–NcQ

More information about RAGNAROK can be found on the band’s Facebook page at  or on their  website at

A  video for the track ” Dominance and Submission” from  RAGNAROK’s full-length album “Psychopathology” can be seen below and at

The entire album can be heard below on BandCamp at

Eleven tracks spanning over two decades of RAGNAROK’s career can be heard at

Ragnarok Latin AmericaPR2

Official Spotify Playlist:
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Following on from the recent announcement by SKITLIV and former MAYHEM frontman Maniac that after thirty years he would be resurrecting Damage Inc,  the date of September the 1st has been set for the re-launch of what was one the original Fanzines.

Created and published by Maniac in 1985, Damage Inc. had to be put to one side after only two issues, due to the rapidly burgeoning Norwegian Black Metal scene, and the subsequent demands placed on the vocalist by his role in MAYHEM and the  various other musical projects he was working on at the time.   Recently, however, the iconic frontman has found the time to return to what has always been one of his primary interests – writing: and this has led him back to “Damage Inc.” a project that has always remained close to his heart.

Eschewing the idea that zines nowadays have to either be “online”, or appear as glossy publications that sacrifice content in order to appeal to advertisers, Maniac has remained resolute in his vision that Damage Inc.  will lose none of its “Old School” attributes, and will remain true to the rough and ready Fanzine concept of cut and paste and, according to him, will be much more rough than the first two issues,  and contain “just darkness and good music”.

The comeback issue of “Damage Inc.” will follow on from the first two issues and will effectively be issue three.  In keeping with his decision to ensure that the fanzine stays true to its original concept, it will only be available in selected shops in Oslo, Finland and Japan, or directly from Maniac himself from the 1st September  via email at (pre-orders will not be taken).


However, since the original issues of “Damage Inc.” have now become  much-sought after,  and virtually impossible-to-find,  collector’s items,  Maniac has teamed up with The Cult Never Dies, the UK-based publishing company,  to create the book  “Ultra Damaged: Damage Inc.  Zine Anthology 1985/2017”.   The 118 page Anthology will be printed in large format (A4) on high quality paper with a 350gsm card cover.  All copies will be signed by Maniac.

As well as containing the two original issues from 1986 and 1987, “Ultra Damaged…” will also contain the new 2017 comeback issue, which includes interviews with TEITANBLOOD, CLANDESTINE BLAZE, DÖRAID, BIRTH RITUAL and DARKTHRONE, amongst others, as well as a long and exclusive interview with Maniac himself.

The “Ultra Damaged: Damage Inc.  Zine Anthology 1985/2017” is now available to pre-order from

Maniac Mag PR

Musically too Maniac has not been entirely inactive, just more low key,  having collaborated both live and in the studio with artists like Niklas Kvarforth and SHINING,  and Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND),  as well as having taken up his former mantle of frontman for a couple of MAYHEM performances.  Most recently he has recorded guest vocals on the upcoming album from Norway’s WITCHFACE.

More information about SKILTIV can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Whilst going through his archives Maniac found what he calls a  “piece of X-ray adultery”,   which had been made at around the time of the release of SKITLIV’s “Skandinavisk Misantropi”,   and never made public.  Filmed by renowned sculptor and SUCHTHAUS bassist Spacebrain, the video for the title track from “Skandinavisk Misantropi” can now be seen on YouTube at

“Skandinavisk Misantropi” can be heard below and on bandcamp at 

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