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Ragnarok PR1

Following on from their successful joint tour in October of last year, Norwegian veterans RAGNAROK have once again teamed up with Slovenia’s CVINGER for part two of the “Psychopathology” Tour, which this time ranges further  East through Europe to bring fans a Black Metal package that also includes France’s INFINITYUM and Ireland’s AETERNUM VALE .  Routing for the “Psychopathology” Tour, named after RAGNAROK’s eight full-length album which was released on Agonia Records last year, is as follows:

19.05: Skullcrusher, Dresden (DE)
20.05: Red & Black,  Chorzow (PL)
21.05: Hydrozagadka ,  Warsaw (PL)
23.05: Blue Hell,  Budapest (HU)
24.05: Majestic Music Club,  Bratislava (SK)
25.05: Nova Chmelnice, Prague (CZ)
26.05: From Hell, Erfurt (DE)
27.05: Backstage,  Munich (DE)
28.05: Blackland,  Berlin (DE)

Ragnarok European Tour 2017

There is currently an open spot for an opening band on the tour, and anyone interested is welcome to contact or for more information.

With well over two decades on the Black Metal scene, RAGNAROK has undergone its fair share of lineup changes, with the one constant being Jontho,  the band’s founder, and one of Norway’s most recognisable and iconic drummers.   So it was with some surprise when Jontho traded in his drumsticks for a mic and took over as the band’s vocalist.  A change that has been greeted with much support and approval from RAGNAROK’s army of fans.  Aside from Jontho on vocals, the band’s lineup includes long-standing guitarist Bolverk (IMAGES AT TWILIGHT) and drummer Daniel Minge (DAUDEN), with session bassists Viti (IMAGES AT TWILIGHT, HINSIDIG) and Rammr (JORDSKIPSTYRANN), who will be joining the band for this tour, alternating duties.

More information about RAGNAROK can be found on the band’s Facebook page at  or on their  website at


A  video for the track ” Dominance and Submission” from  RAGNAROK’s full-length album “Psychopathology” can be seen below and at

The entire album can be heard below and on BandCamp at

Eleven tracks spanning over two decades of RAGNAROK’s career can be heard below and at

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Norwegian Black Metallers SARKOM, whose fourth full-length album “Anti-Cosmic Art”  was released on Dark Essence Records at the end of last year, have today revealed a video of a track from the album.  Produced and directed by Andreas Luggen Martinussen , Edited by Kolbjørn Voll Hjelmerud and with music and lyrics by SARKOM founder and frontman E. Unsgaard, the video for the track “Seen through the eyes of a pedophile priest” can be seen below and on YouTube at 

Dealing, without a doubt,  about a controversial subject, Unsgaard had this to say about the track itself and the video:

“I got the idea for this song after seeing the documentary “Deliver Us From Evil”.  Pedophilia is something most people despise and don’t want to talk about, but it’s a deadly serious theme as these predators actually live amongst us.  I did some research and the lyrics are based on how I would interpret the mind and thoughts of a pedophile.  As for the video itself, it turned out pretty much as I had envisioned it, and I am very satisfied with the result.  More so because it gave us the chance to work with a professional team with extensive experience gained in TV production.  They also seemed to enjoy doing something different as working on this kind of music/video project was something new to them.  I mean, the last TV production they worked on was “Paradise Hotel”…

SARKOM is set to appear at Inferno Festival in Oslo for the Dark Essence Label night which will take place at Blå on Wednesday 12th April.  For their appearance the band will  play a special set which will include songs that have rarely, or never, been played live.  Additionally, the set will feature a guest appearance from BEASTCRAFT’s Sorath Northgrove.

Other Dark Essence Records bands scheduled for the event are SLEGEST, HAIL SPIRIT NOIR and SULPHUR.

SARKOM will also be appearing at the Dark Easter Metal Meeting in Munich, Germany, on the 15th April.

More information about SARKOM can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Dark Essence Records released SARKOM’s third full-length album “Doomsday Elite” in both CD and Digital formats in 2013,  followed by the release of  the band’s two earlier albums – 2006’s “Aggravation of Mind” and 2008’s “Bestial Supremacy” in Digital format.  All three albums are available from, and can be heard at,

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With their debut full-length album “Lupercalia” now in its third repress, and with work progressing on their next studio album,  Atmospheric Black Metallers SELVANS will celebrate the closing of the first chapter of their activity with a special live album  on Avantgarde Music.

Titled “Hirpi”, the five-track album will consist of four tracks that cover all three of SELVANS releases to date, which, aside from “Lupercalia”,  also include the “Clangores Plenilunio” EP, and the 2016 split with DOWNFALL OF NUR.   The other track will be a cover of DRAUGR’s “Furore Pagano” in a tribute to the band whose demise gave birth to SELVANS.

“Hirpi” was recorded in Pescara, Italy, during two separate live performances.  The first recording took place on the 26th April 2016 when SELVANS performed a special memorial concert for their former vocalist and drummer, the late Jonny Morelli, whilst the the second took place later in the year on the 16th December.  The lineup on the album consists of Haruspex on vocals and Fulgiriator on guitars,  together with session musicians Acheron on guitars, Cordyceps M on bass, and HK on drums.  Former DRAUGR members Triumphator and Stolas joined the band on stage on guitars and bass respectively to perform “Furore Pagano”.

The unique “Faun’s Procession” artwork was conceived by Haruspex and brought into being by the Italian artist Umberto D’Ottavio.  Track listing on “Hirpi” is as follows:

1. Lupercale
2. Hirpi Sorani
3. O Clitumne!
4. Furore Pagano (Draugr cover)
5. Pater Surgens

Selvans Live Album Artwork

“Hirpi” will be released in digipack format on the 20th April and will be strictly limited to 300 copies only.  It is now available to pre-order from and

More information about SELVANS can be found at t and on the band’s website at

Selvans Live Album Artwork2

SELVANS’ album “Lupercalia” can be heard below and at

SELVANS’ EP  “Clangores Plenilunio” can be heard below and at

The split between SELVANS & DOWNFALL OF NUR can be heard at

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Taake US tour 17 PR

True to their word Norwegian Black Metallers TAAKE are set to return to North America to play some parts of the country they didn’t reach on their first US tour in 2016, as well as re-visit some locations.

Routing as follows:

20 May: El Corazon, Seattle, WA
21 May:  Star Theater, Portland, OR
23 May:  The Independent, San Francisco, CA
24 May: The Regent, Los Angeles, CA
26 May:  Brick by Brick, San Diego, CA
27 May:  Club Red, Mesa, AZ
29 May:  The Roxy, Denver, CO
31 May:  Triple Rock, Minneapolis, MN
01 June: Reggies, Chicago, IL
02 June: Agora, Cleveland, OH
03 June:  The Loving Touch, Ferndale, MI
04 June: Velvet Underground. Toronto, ON
05 June: Mavericks, Ottawa, ON
06 June: L’Anti Bar & Spectacles, Quebec City, QC
07 June: Théâtre Fairmount, Montreal, QC
08 June: The Middle East, Boston, MA
09 June: The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA
10 June: Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY

Taake US tour 17 PR1

More information regarding supports will be issued in April

With their signature Helnorsk Svartmetall sound, TAAKE have always stayed true to their Black Metal roots , but the band’s iconic founder and frontman, Hoest, has  refused to allow himself to get bogged down in the formulaic writing that plagues so many bands in the genre today – bands both old and new.  His approach has always been one of trying something new, and original, even if it’s something totally unexpected, and it is this that has kept TAAKE at the top of their game for over two decades.

With his formidable stage presence, Hoest has acquired a quasi-legendary status amongst fans, and the band’s return to the US will hopefully give more of TAAKE’s followers a chance to see one of Norway’s most admired and influential Black Metal bands.

Aside from the US tour, TAAKE will play four dates in the UK in April, and has  already been confirmed for various festival appearances over the coming year.

More information about TAAKE can be found on the band’s website at or on their Facebook page at

TAAKE’s music can be heard on Bandcamp at

The official video for the track “Nordbundet” from the TAAKE album “Noregs Vaapen” can be seen below and at

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Photo by Jorn Veberg

Sweden’s “Alfapokalyptic Rockers” ALFAHANNE, whose third full-length album “Det Nya Svarta” is set for release on Indie Recordings in April have today revealed another track from the album via a lyric video by Marcelo Vasco Arts .  The track, ” Avgrundsgravitation”  features guest vocals by  DAVID LINDH of SOOT & FLOOD, YVONNE and  BRODER DANIEL is premiering exclusively on Ghost Cult magazine at

ALFAHANNE’s lineup of Pehr Skjoldhammer on Vocals and Guitar, Fredrik Sööberg on Guitars, Niklas Åström on Drums, and Jimmy Wiberg on Bass,  came together to form the band in Eskilstuna, Sweden, in 2010. With considerable experience gained in bands such  as VINTERLAND and early MAZE OF TORMENT,  and with an abundance of energy and exuberance, ALFAHANNE hit the ground running with their debut full-length album “Alfapokalyps”, which  appeared on Dark Essence Records in 2014 and  was followed by “Blod Eld Alfa” in 2015.

With their impressive, and totally likeable,  swagger, and their natural affinity for making friends with their fans, ALFAHANNE’s growing reputation as a dynamic live act, coupled with a sound that they describe as “Alfapokalyptic Rock”, which mixes Black Metal with Classic Rock and Punk, and good old Rock n Roll, has earned the band an ever-growing army of followers.

Along with winning over their fans, ALFHAHANNE have also earned the respect of established musicians, amongst whom are TAAKE’s Hoest, SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth, HELHEIM’s V’gandr,  KVELERTAK frontman Erlend Hjelvik, Spellgoth from HORNA and TURMION KÄTILÖT, and Nattfursth from SORHIN, all of whom have guested in the studio with the band, and some of whom have also appeared live on stage with them.

In keeping with what has become a tradition of being able to work with some of the best of the best, ALFAHANNE’s new album “Det Nya Svarta” features guest vocals from KAMPFAR’s Dolk, GEHENNA’s Sanrabb and  Nadine Skjoldhammer, as well as the afore-mentioned David Lindh. Recorded at the Dödskult studio by Alfahanne’s Pehr Skjoldhammer and Mixed and mastered by Stamos Koliousis, and with artwork by the Trine + Kim Design Studio, track listing for “Det Nya Svarta” is as follows:

1. Satans verser (with Dolk from KAMPFAR)
2. Stigmata
3. Avgrundsgravitation (with David Lindh from SOOT & FLOOD ,YVONNE, BRODER DANIEL)
4. Klubb 27
5. Mitt mörker är mörkare än ditt (with Nadine Skjoldhammer)
6. Dödsmaskin (with Sanrabb from GEHENNA)
7. Även en hund har sin dag
8. Svarta får
9. Det nya svarta


Frontman Skjoldhammer recently explained that with their third full-length album ALFAHANNE are continuing  to explore the dark side of mankind: Alfahanne’s lyrics are very personal and have many layers of dirt. Once you dig deeper into them you find many truths as I see them.  Alfahanne will never lean to the left or to the right or write about political issues. The only political issue that is close to our hearts is equal rights but the flipside of that same coin is that we think everyone is equally…. Equally useless.” 

Commenting about ” Avgrundsgravitation”,  Skjoldhammer had this to say:

This one is about falling. When you’re young you have lots of hopes and dreams, but as you get older you realise that they won’t happen.  But you still can’t let them go, s o you just keep thinking that tomorrow will be better ad infinitum.  But the truth is that today’s medication and therapy only makes rock bottom seem further away. You just keep on falling, further and further into the abyss, and the abyss becomes deeper and deeper than you think”.

“Det Nya Svarta”, which will hit the streets on April 7th,  is now available to pre-order in CD and Vinyl formats from–alfahanne and in Digital format from

ALFAHANNE have been confirmed to appear at the  In Flammen Open Air festival in Torgau, Germany in July.  More dates to be announced shortly.

More information about ALFAHANNE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The video for the track  “Slutdestination Eskilstuna”,  from ALFAHANNE’s 2015 album “Blod Eld Alfa”, which features SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth on guest vocals, can be seen below and at

The track “Stigmata” from “Det Nya Svarta” can be heard below and at

Alfahanne 6 Photo by Jorn Veberg

Photo by Jorn Veberg

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Norwegian Black Metallers ENDEZZMA have today released a second Teaser video for their upcoming album “The Arcane Abyss”, this time featuring founder and frontman Morten Shax.  The video can be seen below and at

Set to hit the streets on Pulverised records on the 31 March,  “The Arcane Abyss” is the follow up to  the band’s 2012 debut album “Erotik Nekrosis”,  and will be released in CD Digipak, Gatefold LP and Digital formats.  It is now available to pre-order from

Recorded at Gravlund Studio, and mastered by Tore Stjerna  at the Necromorbus Studio (WATAIN, REPUGNANT, TRIBULATION, etc),  and with artwork by Remember The Fallen Artworks, tracklisting on “The Arcane Abyss” is as follows:

2.The Arcane Abyss
3.Gates Of Mephisto
4.Morbus Divina
5.Sick Kulta Lucifer
6.Serpent Earth
7.Esoterisk Mystagon
8.A Grave So Deep


Ahead of “The Arcane Abyss”  release, ENDEZZMA recently released “Morbus Divina”, a  limited edition 7″ EP.  Limited to  500 copies world-wide, with 100 on transparent yellow vinyl and 100 on transparent red vinyl, and with the remaining 300 copies on  standard black vinyl, the two track EP, features the exclusive track “Black Tempest”,  which was the last song written by URGEHAL frontman Trondr Nefas before his death.  Drums on the track are performed by BEASTCRAFT bassist and former TSJUDER drummer Desecrator.

“Morbus Divina”, whose title track also features on “The Arcane Abyss”,  can be heard below and at

ENDEZZMA was formed in 2006 by Morten Shax and the late Trondr Nefas (URGEHAL, BEASTCRAFT, VULTURE LORD), and today’s  lineup comprises Shax on vocals, Malphas (BEASTCRAFT,CARPATHIAN FOREST,SVARTTJERN) on  Lead Guitar,  Nihil on Rythm Guitar, Skriu (ex live BLOOD RED THRONE) on Drums and  Aske (BYRDI) on Bass.   Together they create ENDEZZMA’s distinctive sound which has all the aggression of  Old School Black Metal with icy overtones that merge together to create what the band describes as  “Nekro Requiems”

More information about ENDEZZMA can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The first teaser video for “The Arcane Abyss” can be seen below and at

The Official video for “Junkyard Oblivion”, from ENDEZZMA’s debut full-length album “Erotikk Nekrosis”  can be seen below and on ENDEZZMA’s YouTube channel at  


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Black Metallers NORDJEVEL are set to play 14 dates in the USA in May, culminating in an appearance at the Maryland Deathfest – this will be the first time that NORDJEVEL plays in North America.  Supporting throughout the tour will be New Yorkers IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT and the routing is as follows:

Thu 11: Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NY
Fri 12: The Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh, PA
Sat 13: The Summit, Columbus, OH
Sun 14: Al’s Bar, Lexington, KY
Mon15: East Room, Nashville, TN
Tue 16: Siberian, New Orleans, LU
Thu 18: The Dungeon Tavern, Panama City, FL
Fri 19: Bombshells Tavern, Orlando, FL
Sat 20: Brass Mug, Tampa, FL
Sun 21: The Earl, Atlanta, GA
Mon 22: Ground Zero, Spartenburg, SC
Tue 23: Slim’s, Raleigh, NC
Wed 24: Strange Matter, Richmond, VA
Fri 26: Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore, MD


NORDJEVEL was founded by frontman Doedsadmiral (SVARTELDER, DOEDSVANGR, ENEPSIGOS) and guitarist Nord (FATAL IMPACT, TVANGESTE, BYRDI), and, making use of Doedsadmiral’s considerable skills at bringing together musicians who are not only hugely experienced, but who also share the same musical ideas and ideals, the bands ranks were quickly swelled by MARDUK’s Fredrik Widigs on drums, and former RAGNAROK bassist DzeptiCunt.  With NORDJEVEL’s distinctive sound firmly set, the band recently announced the addition of another guitarist to their lineup in the shape of Morten “Noralf” Kleftaas, who had previously appeared with the band as a session live guitarist.

Having been courted by a number of labels on the strength of some rough mixes, NORDJEVEL signed with Osmose Productions and released their debut full-length album in 2016. The self-titled album was an instant success both with the critics and fans, and it became clear very quickly that demand for the band to appear live was something that needed to be addressed, and NORDJEVEL became a fully functioning live entity, as opposed to just a studio-based project.

Currently working on their next full-length album, NORDJEVEL have just released a limited edition 7″ EP entitled “Krigsmakt”. With artwork by Khaos Diktator Design, the three-track EP is limited to 500 copies, the B side of which is silk screen printed and comes with a printed inner sleeve .


More information about NORDJEVEL can be found on the band’s website at  or on Facebook at

The official video directed by Marcin Halerz of Red Pig Productions for the track “Djevelen I Nord” from NORDJEVEL’s self-titled debut album can be seen below and at

The track “The Shadows of Morbid Hunger” from NORDJEVEL’s self-titled debut album can be heard below and at

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