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After a lengthy hiatus Norwegian  Metallers  DEVAR are back with “Mausoleum”, a brand new full-length album that showcases to perfection the band’s unconventional  approach to writing and performing, drawing their influence from genres as far apart as Extreme, Black and Avantgarde Metal with a smattering of 70’s Prog Rock.    It’s an eccentric mix, but a highly successful one according to the press,  who variously hailed DEVAR’s  2009 debut album “Alternate Endings” as being “daring”, “original” and packed with “well-crafted songs”.

Originally formed as a solo project by Devar in 2002, it quickly became apparent to him that a full band was needed to fulfil his vision, eventually resulting in today’s lineup, formed of Devar on vocals, Obdsaija on  Drums and Percussion, Aadland on  Guitars and Ottoegil on Bass and  Keys

DEVAR’s return to the studio,  and the resulting “Mausoleum”,  shows a much more mature and reflective band, whose songs are more focused and perhaps have a more progressive edge.  It is an album that takes as its concept the feeling of someone standing on the edge of the end, whilst images of their lifetime flashes through their fractured and declining mind.

“Mausoleum” was recorded by Bjørnar E. Nilsen (VULTURE INDUSTRIES, TAAKE, HELHEIM) at the Conclave & Earshot  Studios,  by Devar at the Alternate End Studios, and by Ottoegil at Internasjonalt Farvann.  It and was mixed and mastered by Herbrand Larsen (ENSLAVED) also at the Conclave & Earshot Studios.

With artwork by Tom Korsvold and photography by Ronny A. Sangolt, “Mausoleum” is set for release on the 29th September on Gymnocal Industries in Digipak CD, Gatefold DLP and Digital formats.  Tracklisting for “Mausoleum is as follows:

1. Mausoleum
2. House of Bones
3. Dead End Moon
4. Shadow Straggler
5. Cold black Rain
6. Narcissa Oriane
7. Ashes
8. Dead Wounds

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“Mausoleum” is now available to pre-order from

A single for the track “House of Bones” from the upcoming album “Mausoleum” was recently released digitally and can be heard below and at

More information about DEVAR can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

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Fans of Norway’s  CREST OF DARKNESS will have seen a short teaser video appear on Facebook this week showing frontman and founder Ingar Amlien signing what appears to be a contract, and today Italian label My Kingdom Music confirmed that it was indeed a new recording contract, and that the veteran Norwegian Extreme Metallers would be continuing their collaboration with the label for the release of their next album.  Commenting on the renewal of their long-standing relationship, which started thirteen years ago, My Kingdom Music had this to say:

“We are absolutely delighted to be able to continue with, and build on,  the strong relationship we have always had with CREST OF DARKNESS.  We first started working  together back in 2003, and we have watched the band develop its style and sound over the years, and we are very excited to be releasing their seventh full-length album towards the end of this year.  We have no doubts whatsoever that the new album will push the borders of their take on extreme metal to new limits.  CREST OF DARKNESS’ personal mix of Black, Thrash and Heavy Metal promises to make this the most mature and powerful album the band has ever released”.

Amlien himself gave some hints at what fans could expect from the album, as well as echoing the label’s sentiments about their working relationship: ” Over the years CREST OF DARKNESS and My Kingdom Music seem to have grown side by side, so I’m very happy to be able to continue working with a label that understands both our music and our vision, and with whom we have always been able to have an open and constructive dialogue.  Particularly as the new album is especially important to me as I’ve put a hell of a lot of myself and my emotions  into it.  I’ve always felt that when we are on stage, we create a sort of magic, and this time we have been able to transfer that magic to the recordings.  You could say this is my personal Black Mass.

“We are not going to reveal too much about the album at this stage except to say that it is currently being recorded at the MLP Studio with Nils Harald Mæhlum  at the helm.  We worked with Mæhlum on our first albums, and we recently got together again when we recorded last year’s “Evil Messiah” EP, and it felt natural so we decided to stick with him for the new album, and it’s proven to be a very good decision”.

The teaser video of Ingar Amlien signing the contract can be seen below and on the band’s YouTube channel at


CREST OF DARKNESS’ current  lineup, includes founder and frontman Ingar Amlien (ROQUEFIRE, CONCEPTION, AMLIEN’s INFERNO) on bass and vocals, Rebo on guitars, Bernhard (ex- PALE FOREST) on drums, and Kristian Wentzel on keyboards.  More information about CREST OF DARKNESS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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Nine tracks tracing the history of CREST OF DARKNESS, can be heard below and on the band’s SoundCloud page at


The Official video of the track “Demon Child” from CREST OF DARKNESS’ 2013 album “In the Presence of Death” can be seen below and at


The official CREST OF DARKNESS playlist, which includes the  band’s entire catalogue can be heard on Spotify  HERE


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Norway’s sister labels Dark Essence Records and Karisma Records have expanded their North American operations with new distribution deals which sees  the label’s catalogues distributed physically by Sony RED, whist The Orchard will handle all the digital distribution.

In addition, to meet the ever-growing demand from fans,  the two Bergen-based labels have joined forces with AISA ( )  to open their own new North American webshops.  “We have always been aware that the cost of postage from Europe in general, and Scandinavian countries in particular, is very high, and, with both labels having grown so rapidly over the past few  years, and demand from North American fans increasing daily, we thought it was time to offer those  fans a fairer  deal”, commented the label’s Bjornar Erevik Nilsen (VULTURE INDUSTRIES).   “We are very excited to work with AISA on our new North America set up. For us this is a unique opportunity to get into this market on terms that are tailor made for our catalogue, size and profile. The new setup offers us a much higher level of control and market insight than before, and we expect sales and exposure to increase significantly. So far our experience with AISA have been very positive and we are happy to further pursue the cooperation.”

With  output differing  greatly one from the other, Dark Essence and Karimsa Records are not just used to working with established,  internationally recognised bands.  They have both also garnered a reputation for being able to sniff out some of the best new local and international bands and help them to grow and develop.  As Nilsen  went on to explain “We do not see ourselves as just businessmen whose job happens  to be running labels, as if often the case these days.  Everyone working directly with us is heavily involved in music, either as musicians, managers or huge fans,  so for us it’s a matter of pride to discover and nurture the talent that is out there.  The expansion into North America will help us to support our artists with merchandise that is printed in the USA itself, thereby helping to reduce costs whilst touring, which, as everyone knows,  is massively expensive undertaking for bands.  We have also appointed a local label manager, and we have a good network of people over there, who will be able to help our artists further”.

Dark Essence Records is well known in the fields Black Metal and the more Extreme Metal  genres and their roster contains some very high profile bands, some of whom have been around for well over two decades, as well as some of the most exciting relatively new musicians to have appeared on the scene. The label’s roster includes TAAKE, HELHEIM, HADES ALMIGHTY, AETERNUS, COR SCORPII, SARKOM, SLEGEST, THE 3rd ATTEMPT, ALFAHANNE,  SULPHUR, GALAR, KRAKOW, MOMENTUM, ORKAN, LUCIFER’S CHILD,  MISTUR, HAIL SPIRIT NOIR, RATTENFÄNGER, THE BATALLION.  The new Dark Essence Records North American webshop will be celebrating its opening  by making some rare test pressings available for purchase.  The webshop can be found at


Karisma Records, on the other hand,  concentrates on the more Rock-oriented and Progressive side of the musical spectrum and the label’s roster contains much-respected veterans such as  AIRBAG, VIRUS, MAGIC PIE, D’ACCORD, BJORN RIIS, BRIMSTONE and NORDAGUST,  and fast rising bands such as TIEBREAKER, OSSICLES, SEVEN IMPALE, RENDEZVOUS POINT,  FATAL FUSION.  To celebrate the launch of the Karisma Records North American webshop, the label will also be making some rare test pressings available for purchase.  The Karisma Records North American webshop can be found at

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DARK ESSENCE RECORDS plans to make their annual Inferno Festival event a little different this yea when they join forces with sister label KARISMA RECORDS to showcase two of their bands each at Blå on Wednesday 16th April.  “We are always conscious of the fact that while many of Dark Essence’s artists such as TAAKE tour frequently, and fans in Europe have a good chance of seeing them live, the Karisma artists tend to tour much less, so we thought that this year we would open up the event to give their fans a chance to see some of them, and introduce them to Dark Essence’s fans at the same time”, commented the label’s Martin Kvam.

Representing Dark Essence will be two bands whose recent releases have been getting rave reviews from press and fans alike.  First up will be SLEGEST, the new project from former VREID guitarist Ese, who has skilfully blended classic heavy rock and old-school black metal to produce a sound that is both dark and sinister, and with an unmistakably  down and dirty catchy groove  that weaves its way through the music.  Originally started as a one-man project, once the debut full-length album “Løyndom” was released at the end of 2013,  it quickly became clear that the demand from fans to see SLEGEST perform live was such that Ese was persuaded to form a fully functioning band.  More information about SLEGEST can be found at

The official video for the track “Ho Som Haustar Aleine” from SLEGEST’s “Løyndom” can be seen below and at


Joining them will be Sweden’s ALFAHANNE, whose lineup includes members of bands such as VINTERLAND and early MAZE OF TORMENT, and who have come together to play what they themselves have called ”Alfapocalyptic Rock”, a fascinating and hard-hitting mix of Black Metal, Classic Rock and Punk with some Goth influences .  Their high-energy live performances have garnered them much praise.   Making a guest appearance on stage with ALFAHANNE, will be HELHEIM’s V’gandr who performed vocals on one of the tracks from the band’s new album “Alfapokalyps” .  It is a tribute to ALFAHANNE that they were able to attract not only V’gandr to make a guest appearance on the album, but also Dark Essence label-mates Hoest from TAAKE and Niklas Kvarforth from SHINING.  More information about ALFAHANNE can be found at

The track “Såld På Mörkret” from ALFAHANNE’s album ”Alfapocalyptic Rock” and  which features TAAKE’s Hoest on guest vocals can be heard below and at


Making an appearance for Karisma will be two bands, representing the new and the established.  Lovers of Prog Rock cannot fail to recognise the name of AIRBAG, a band known the world-over for an exquisite musical craftsmanship that enables its musicians to create a sonic experience ranging from massive walls of sound, to ambient textures and soulful soundscapes, both in the studio and on stage.  The release of AIRBAG’s third full-length album “The Greatest Show on Earth” at the end of last year confirmed the band’s status in the world of prog, earning them many accolades.   Inferno will be one of the very few chancesthat to catch this incredible band live this year so it is an opportunity that should not be missed.  One for fans of ANATHEMA. More information about AIRBAG can be found at

The title track from AIRBAG’s album “The Greatest Show on Earth” can be heard below and at:


The second of the Karisma bands is one of their latest signings, SEVEN IMPALE.  The release of the digital EP “Beginning/Relieve” last year gave an indication of the multi-faceted nature of these young musicians.  With its member drawn from a range of disciplines including classical orchestra, big band, metal, jazz, rock and electronic music, their sound ranges from progressive and jazzy to the softer and more melodic  to the harder and edgier.  They bring a freshness and enthusiasm to their live performances, and it is anticipated that their debut full-length album later this year  will more than meet expectations, setting them apart from many other new arrivals on the scene.  If you are a fan of Norway’s SHINING, SEVEN IMPALE is definitely a band you will want to check out.  More information about SEVEN IMPALE can be found at

The title track from SEVEN IMPALE’s  “Beginning/Relieve”  EP can be heard below and at


Scheduled performances for the Dark Essence Records / Karisma Records artists at Inferno Festival, which will take place at Blå, Brennereiven 9C, Oslo, Norway, on Wednesday 16th April as follows:

Seven Impale: 20:20
Slegest: 21:25
Alfahanne:  22:30
Airbag: 23:45







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VULTURE INDUSTRIES, DORDEDUH and BLUTMOND, three of the most exciting and innovative bands within the extreme metal genre are set to hit the road together during May on an eleven date tour that will take in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary,  Greece and Slovenia.   As well as tickets being available from the usual ticketing agencies, special personalised tickets designed by the Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu,  will be sold exclusively through the webshops of the individual bands.  Each ticket will feature the name of the purchaser and will be signed by all the bands.  Routing for what will be known as the “Branches” tour as follows:

21 May:  Modra Vopice,  Prague (CZ)
22 May: Melodka,  Brno (CZ)
23May: Tirish Pub , Banska Bystraica (SK)
24 May: Blue Hell, Budapest (HUN)
25 May: Daos Club,  Timisoara (RO)
26 May: TBA,  Cluj (RO)
27 May: Fabrica Club, Bucharest (RO)
28 May: 8 Ball Club,  Sofia (BUL)
29 May: Eightball Club,  Thessaloniki (GR)
30 May: TBC
31 May: MC Pekarna, Maribor (SLO)

With a career spanning 10 years and with over 100 shows under their belts, the live performances of Norwegian avant-gardists VULTURE INDUSTRIES  are  well known both for their technical skill and the eccentric and somewhat manic antics of frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen, whose on-stage weirdness has garnered a multitude of fans for the band over the years.  VULTURE INDUSTRIES released their third full-length album, “The Tower” on Season of Mist at the end of last year and have collaborated extensively the HAPPY GORILLA DANCE COMPANY  in the “Turning Golem” project which is part concert rooted in the heavier segment of experimental/progressive metal and part theatre performance.  The band’s  video for “Lost Among Liars”, made together with CHOIREANU, recently featured at this year’s Kort and Kortkino Film Festival, Sandnes, Norway.  More information about VULTURE INDUSTRIES can be found at

After 15 years of musical dedication and innovation in NEGURA BUNGET, the founding members and principal song writers Hupogrammos and Sol Faur founded DORDEDUH in 2009. Following the path started with NEGURA BUNGET, DORDEDUH is taking the musical experience further by creating a fusion between a visionary approach of black metal, unusual traditional soundscapes and experimental progressive music. The musical vision is completed by a strong conceptual background that can be revealed by the band’s name itself that combines the word ‘Dor’, which means a yearning for something or a deeply felt the lack of something, together with the term for spirit ‘Duh’. More information about DORDEDUH can be found at

Since its formation in 2004 BLUTMOND has never been a band that has been happy to limit itself to a formulaic nod in the direction of a particular genre.  Starting out as a Black Metal band and releasing their first full length album “Endzeit” in 2006, BLUTMOND quickly developed a reputation for their insane and provocative live shows, which, whilst raising their profile throughout Europe, also led them to realise that the time had come to create something that was more emotional and honest.   With Code666/Aural Music picking up their sophomore full-length album, “Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days” appeared in 2010, followed at the end of 2012 by “The Revolution is Dead!”, once again on Code666. These two albums demonstrated that BLUTMOND was obviously forging ahead down a more avant-garde path, but one that definitely has a distinctive edge to it.  More information about BLUTMOND can be found at

Tracks  from VULTURE INDUSTRIES can be heard below and  at


The official video for the track “Lost Among Liars” from VULTURE INDUSTRIES “The Tower” can be seen below and at


Tracks from DORDEDUH can be heard below and at


The official video for DORDEDUH  performing the track “Flacararrii” live by can be seen below and at


Tracks from BLUTMOND can be heard below and  at


A video of BLUTMOND performing “You Vs. The Modern Lifestyle Obsession” live can be seen below and at


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