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Vulture Industries Deeper ArtworkPR

Norway’s VULTURE INDUSTRIES are set to release a new single, titled “Deeper”, On Dark Essence Records.   A video for the single, by long-time Romanian artist and long-time collaborator Costin Choireanu, can be seen below and at

“Deeper” tells the story of man’s insatiable greed for more, as symbolised by the miners digging all the way to Hell.  Starting out with a haunting trumpet solo, the track mixes a Spaghetti Western vibe with the rhythmic and melodic drive of a large-scale rock opus. Musically “Deeper» nods in the direction of such diverse acts as Ennio Morricone, Type O Negative, The Beatles and Lee Hazlewood, but at the same time there is also a solid dose of rock and metal, in the signature style of VULTURE INDUSTRIES.

Vulture Industries PR

VULTURE INDUSTRIES frontman, Bjørnar E. Nilsen had this to say about the origins of the song:

It was one of those scorching summer days of 2018. The parched grass had turned the fields the colour of old paper, and the sun, at its zenith, was mercilessly searing our skin. Thirsty, hungry, and with tongues swelling, we had just missed the ferry crossing and could taste our hopes turn to ashes in our mouths. Trying to remain calm, but steadily feeling the building pressure of desperation, as a boiler ready to blow, we waited in line. Then suddenly the one year old in the back seat broke the silence chanting AHUM, AHUM, AHUM, AHUM! Overcome by what felt like divine inspiration but might very well have been sent from the depths of Hell, I started drumming on the dashboard. DUM, DADADUM, DADADUM, DADADUMDADUMDADUM.”

Printed on Limited Edition 7″ green vinyl to coincide with the Strange Rain tour with HELHEIM, MADDER MORTEM and CAELESTIA, which kicks off  on the 25th April, “Deeper” will be out on Digital platforms on the 23rd of April.  Strictly limited to 500 copies, the 7″ also features the a live performance of  “The Benevolent Pawn”  recorded at USF in Bergen.

“Deeper” is now available to purchase from:

Dark Essence Records
Vulture Industries Webshop:   (including Ts and Bundles)

Routing for the Strange Rain tour is as follows:

Apr 25 Quantic Club , Bucharest, RO
Apr 26 Flying Circus , Cluj Napoca, RO
Apr 27 Vörös-Kék Yuk, Budapest, HU
Apr 28 Nova Chmelnice , Prague, CZ
Apr 29 Backstage, Paris, FR
May 01 The Underworld , London, UK
May 02: Logo, Hamburg, DE
May 03 Konfus, Esbjerg, DK
May 04 Skullcrusher, Dresden, DE
Jun  01 John Dee, Oslo, NO

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More information about VULTURE INDUSTRIES can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

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Madder Mortem New PR

“Liberator” is the declaration of intent from “Marrow” – it’s our call to arms. It’s a reminder to not make yourself smaller to appease others, but to sink your teeth into life and bite off way more than you can chew. Never let them drag you back into line!”

 That’s what Norway’s MADDER MORTEM has to say about the track “Liberator” from their newly released album “Marrow”, and, fittingly, they have chosen to turn the track into a fascinatingly weird new video, once again calling upon the services of Costin Chioreanu to breathe visual life into their “call to arms”.

As the band explains:

After seeing Costin Chioreanu’s gorgeous artwork in the animated video for “Far From Home”, we really wanted to see what his take would be on a filmed video. Costin somehow managed to poke a hole in his incredibly busy schedule, and the video was shot in our home town of Nord-Odal over three hectic days. We wanted something different and unexpected and strange, and we love the surrealist feel of this video.

The video for “Liberator” can be seen below and at

“Marrow” is MADDER MORTEM’s seventh full-length album, and one in which the band pursue a heavier, doomier, but at the same time, catchier, path, with Agnete M. Kirkevaag’s powerful vocals leading the way through eleven tracks that range freely over a variety of genres and soundscapes; from delicate ballads to powerful metal, via folk/prog and a touch of the avant-garde.

Produced by BP M. Kirkevaag, and mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Maid, and with artwork by the legendary artist Thore Hansen, “Marrow” hit the streets on the 21 September on Dark Essence Records in Digipak CD, Digital, and Limited Edition Green Vinyl Gatefold LP formats.

Madder Mortem Marrow PR

More information about MADDER MORTEM can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

MADDER MORTEM’s recently debuted “Far From Home”, another track from “Marrow”,  in the form of a video by the noted Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu, which can be seen below and at

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Krakow NewPR

With their new album “minus” set for release on Karisma Records on the 31 August, Norway’s KRAKOW have debuted a video for the  track “black wandering sun”  from the album.

With this song, and video animated by Esteban Sebastián Farias, KRAKOW pay  tribute to their influences, a concept enhanced by the guest appearance of Phil Campbell of Motörhead fame. The band explains:

“black wandering sun is an homage to our heroes who passed during the last couple of years, pulling inspiration from their universe, tipping the hat to their words and visiting them as the stars they are. And to top it off we were helped out by Phil who did the most rock n’ roll solo to provide the glitz and stardom the song needed to reach the summit of heaviness. The video is a reflection of the story the song tells, yet it becomes its own story, like a parallel trail through the universe, much like everything else that’s going on with this album. Godspeed, you Starman!”

The video, is streaming exclusively via various media outlets, and can be accessed HERE

Or directly at the following:

Metal Hammer, UK
No Clean Singing, USA
La Grosse Radio, FR 
Slam magazine, DE
Lords of Metal, NL
Bergenfest, NO
Imperiumi, FI

Whilst the video gives fans a taste of what to expect from “minus”, KRAKOW explain more about their latest endeavours:

“Following the laborious process of distilling two albums worth of material into one focused gem, we give you “minus”. The pinnacle achievement of KRAKOW’s thirteen-year existence. After a year of recording, shaping, re-recording and refining, “minus” has been reduced to the bare essence of who KRAKOW are as individuals, as a group and as story tellers.  It is an album that defies any attempts at genre definition and covers the heavy, the subtle, the melodic, the atonal, the groovy, the sluggish, the dense, the airy, the naked, and always, always, that wall of sound where no light can escape.

“With themes spanning from outer space to the hidden worlds deep below, travelling in time from the distant future to the near past like an inverted space odyssey, we are taken on a journey where “we all become stories”, in ways as much a reflection of the ones we tell, as a revelation of the ones we won’t.­

“minus” was once again recorded in the renowned Duper and Solslottet studios in the Bergen Kjøtt creative complex, in collaboration, once more, with Iver Sandøy.  KRAKOW even brought in some help this time, to tell these stories, the album ending with a choir consisting of a select group of Bergen based musical veterans, whilst the opening track introduces the most rock n’ roll guitar solo, courtesy of one Phil Campbell of Motörhead fame.

“So, this is “minus”.  An album that defies any attempt at genre definition. There are guests, who bring glitz and rock n’ roll, as well as a grounding force to the core of the mountain. There is beauty, and there is rotten decay, like a lush forested island in the centre of a lake of septic water. There are monsters and there are saints, and none of them reveal themselves. But if we allow ourselves to search, we will find the cracks in the fabric and find a way to get close.

“It’s a collection of contradictions, is what we’re saying. It’s a KRAKOW album”.

Fans can also expect more visual representations for those willing to delve even deeper into the songs themselves, with several music videos lined up, telling the stories from slightly different angles, or even from completely flipped viewpoints, allowing the band to elaborate without giving everything away.

With artwork by renowned tattoo artist and long-time KRAKOW collaborator Thomas Hooper, tracklisting for “minus” is as follows:

Krakow minus artworkPR

1: black wandering sun
2: sirens
3: the stranger
4: from fire, from stone
5: minus
6: tidlaus

“minus” will be available in CD, LP and Digital formats and the CD and LP versions are now available to pre-order from the following:

Karisma Records Webshop:

KRAKOW’s next live appearances will be at Bergenfest on the 12 June.

More information about KRAKOW can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

Krakow PR1

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When a band wins the title of most promising band in southern Norway and goes on to play a concert with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, you know that it’s a band worth keeping an eye on. And Progressive Metallers RENDEZVOUS POINT, have not only fulfilled their promise, but have exceeded it as their debut full-length album “Solar Storm” will demonstrate.

Mixed by Christer  André Cederberg and Jens Bogren, and mixed and mastered by Tony Lindgren,  all at Fascination Street Studios, and with album art by Costin Chioreanu, the seven-track album contains the logic-defying rhythms, fantastic melodies and epic arrangements that make RENDEZVOUS POINT not only a terrific studio band, but also an exceptional live band.

Track listing for “Solar Storm”, which is set for release on Karisma Records on the 2nd October, is as follows:

1. Through The Solar Storm
2. Wasteland
3. Para
4. The Hunger
5. Mirrors
6. The Conclusion pt.1
7. The Conclusion pt.2

With musicians who first met when they were studying music at the University of Agder, and who have gone on to play in some of the top bands in Norway, RENDEZVOUS POINT’s lineup includes Geirmund Hansen on vocals, Baard Kolstad on drums (LEPROUS, BORKNAGAR, ICS VORTEX), Petter Hallaråker on guitar (ICS VORTEX, SOLEFALD), Nicolai Tangen Svennæs on keyboards (EMILIE NICOLAS) and Gunn-Hilde Erstad on bass.  Many will, in fact, recognise Hansen from his appearance on the Norwegian edition of The Voice.

RENDEZVOUS POINT are set to embark on an extensive European tour in the Autumn with LEPROUS and SPHERE in support of the new album release.  Routing for the tour as follows:

25/09: Garage, Bergen (NO)
26/09: Familien, Trondheim (NO)
02/10: Forbraendingen, Copenhagen (DK)
03/10: Euroblast Festival, Cologne (DE)
05/10: Le Divan Du Monde, Paris (FR)
06/10: Le Ferrailleur, Nantes  (FR)
08/10: RCA Club,  Lisbon  (PT)
09/10: Caracol, Madrid (ES)
10/10: Garaje , Murcia (ES)
11/10: Apolo 2, Barcelona (ES)
12/10: Ninkasi Kao, Lyon (FR)
13/10: Garage, London  (UK)
14/10: Ruby Lounge , Manchester  (UK)
15/10: The Fleece, Bristol (UK)
16/10: Jan Hertog, Maasmechelen  (BE)
17/10: Substage , Karlsruhe (DE)
18/10: Backstage Club, Munich (DE)
19/10: Legend Club, Milan (IT)
20/10: Kiff, Aarau  (CH)
22/10: Rockstadt , Brasov  (RO)
23/10: Dom Omladine, Belgrade (SB)
24/10: Majestic Club, Bratislava (SK)
25/10: Nova Chmelnice, Prague (CZ)
26/10: Progresja , Warsaw  (PL)
27/10: Rockcafe , Riga (LV)
28/10: Nosturi , Helsinki (FI)
30/10: Bryggarsalen , Stockholm  (SE)
31/10: John Dee, Oslo (NO)

The band will additionally be holding a Release Concert at Trashpop @ Aladdin Scene, in Kristiansand, Norway, on the 1st October.

More information about RENDEZVOUS POINT can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The official video for the track “Wasteland”, from RENDEZVOUS POINT’S album “Solar Storm”, and which was released as a single earlier this year, can be seen below and on the band’s YouTube channel at

Tracks from all of Karisma Records releases can be heard below and at

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