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This has been something of an exceptional year for BLODARV so it’s time for us to look back over what has been happening, and look forward to the future.

You could say that 2010 started out on a low point when our session drummer YNLEBORGAZ was forced to undergo knee surgery in January.  Unsure as to whether he would recover fully, or whether his career as a drummer was over, we were very concerned for him on a personal level, and at the same time found ourselves in a state of limbo waiting to see if we still had one of the best drummers around in our ranks.  Fortunately, after four months of recuperation, YNLEBORGAZ was able to climb back behind the drum kit, and during June’s rehearsals it was obvious that he was not just 100% fit, but 110%, and that BLODARV would be ready to go back to performing live in 2011.

It may seem to some that BLODARV has been a little less active than usual, but don’t be deceived.  The fact that we were unable to play live has given us a chance to work on new material and prepare for some new releases.  We have completed work on the tracks that will be used for the “Shadows of Tragedy” split album, which will be released on Self Mutilation Services at the end of this year.  More details on that one will follow.   Right now we are working on new tracks for the next full length album which we plan to record in the usual BLODARV way, which means that will not be entering the studio for a 14 day stretch to record the whole album in one go.  Instead we will be recording throughout the coming year, and so far we have begun to record the guitars for the first four tracks.

Which brings us to our recording studio.  BLODARV has built a new studio and rehearsal facility on the island of Bornholm.  The HammerArt and Studios, as we’ve named it, gives those of us who live on Bornholm access 24-7 which is a huge advantage, and it is of course open to any bands who would like to record, so if you are interested, please feel free to get in touch. You can find out more information about the facilities, including photos at

2010 was also the year when BLODARV signed with professional management when we approached Patricia Thomas, a specialist in Black and Extreme Metal, and she agreed to work with the band.  Patricia manages and works with established artists such as former MAYHEM vocalist MANIAC, NIKLAS KVARFORTH and SHINING, CARPATHIAN FOREST, NATTEFROST, DANIEL VRANGSINN, PANTHEON I, as well as some of the most interesting upcoming black and extreme metal bands out there.  Patricia will handle all the business and promotional side for BLODARV and get some organisation into our lives.

We’ve now made it easy for fans to buy CDs and merchandise directly from the band by setting up a BLODARV on-line store.  At the moment we have CDs, Ts, Patches, Pens and Pins in stock, as well as special packages and items that you will not be able to find elsewhere and we will be happy to sign any merchandise, all you have to do is ask us.  You can check out the store at .  Ordering is very easy, and payment is via PayPal so need to worry about sending cash hidden in envelopes anymore!

We’ve also increased our presence on the internet so that fans can interact with the band more easily.  A lot of people seem to prefer Facebook these days so we’ve set up an official page at with music and videos, and where you can easily keep up to date with all the news.  You can also find us on YouTube, Twitter and ReverbNation, you’ll find all the links at the end.

Throughout the year, interviews and features on BLODARV have appeared both in print and on the internet.  The most significant of these is probably the 15 page interview that appears in “SUBKULTUR – Undergrund og Modkultur”, PETER GRØNLUND’s book on Danish Subculture, which was published by the Bogkompagniet on the 2nd October of this year.  It was a particularly interesting project to be involved in, and not unnaturally I focus on Satanism and Black Metal.

Individual BLODARV members have also been busy outside of BLODARV.  I (Hugin) re-recorded some old SANSÂGER tracks, and am currently talking to various labels about a vinyl release this coming year, whilst bass player HUUL has been working on his own project, and, if all goes as planned, the first album will be recorded in 2011.

To sum it all up, 2010 has been a year that started out with a sense of uncertainty, but which ended with a great deal of progress having been made in all aspects of the BLODARV, and we now look forward to what the future will offer, including new releases and hitting the stage once more.  We’re more than ready for it!

Hugin of BLODARV October 2010

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