Posted: May 11, 2011 in OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASES

WRATH PASSION, the Black Metal band formed by Daniel Markussen in Lofoten, Norway in 2007, has signed a licensing deal with the PSYCHO 78s, the American, no-holds barred co-ed Roller Derby team from New Jersey.   Started in 2009 by Razor De Rockefeller, the 78’s have grown to become one of the most exciting, hard-hitting and crowd pleasing teams in the world of modern Roller Derby, specialising in full-contact games with no penalties and no clock-stops, and one simple rule “do unto others as you’d have done unto you”.

Commenting on what at first sight seems like an unlikely hook up, Coach Spooky, Head Trainer for the PSYCHO 78s said: “Our no-bullshit take on the game and love of brutality on the track has made us a one of a kind team, and a team that WRATH PASSION fits perfectly with.  The 78s are hard hitting and in your face, and the music of Wrath Passion is the perfect backdrop for the high pace, the bloodshed, and the roar of the crowd”.

Markussen, for whom WRATH PASSION is a vehicle for expressing his unique take on life, was himself a little surprised at the turn of events that led to him sign a license deal that would allow the 78s to use three tracks – “Creatio Ex Nihilo”, “Christian Extermination” and “Black Hole”  on DVD, events, live performances and exhibitions. “The game was completely new to me, and I have to admit that sports don’t particularly interest me as a rule, but I found this brutal and bloody variation of the Roller Derby fucking fun to watch and I was happy to allow the 78s to use WRATH PASSION’s music”.

Originally formed as a one-man project, WRATH PASSION’s line up today includes, Markussen, who plays all instruments, and vocalist Anton van Niekerk (VERKRAG). Using layers of hidden, or occult, knowledge to create a deeply sinister atmosphere, WRATH PASSION’s music also attracted the attention of film producers 3DT Productions last year,  who used some of the band’s tracks on the soundtrack  to  their Grindhouse Thriller  movie “The Back Room”.  More information about WRATH PASSION can be found at, whilst more info about the PSYCHO 78’s can be found at

Below you can see the official video for “Creatio Ex Nihilo”, one of the WRATH PASSION tracks that will be used by the PSYCHO 78s

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