TROLLFEST, the Folk Metal band that describes its music as “True Norwegian Balkan Metal”, will be presenting the winner of a competition to be held at this year’s MetalCamp Festival with a special prize that has been hand-carved by drummer TrollBank (Eirik Renton).   The carving is of “Brumlebassen”, the lead character from the band’s upcoming album of the same name, and whose job in the weird and wonderful world created by TROLLFEST is to look after the bees that produce the honey used to make the Trolls’ beloved mead.  The “Brumlebassen” carving will be signed by the entire band and presented as a prize in one of the competitions that TROLLFEST will run from their own pavilion at the festival.  A series of photos, including the process that went into carving the figure can be found on TROLLFEST’s Facebook page at

MetalCamp will see TROLLFEST play two sets.  One on the main stage, where the band will play the entire “Brumlebassen” album live for the first time, as well an acoustic concert on the beach.  From their Pavilion close to the beach, TROLLFEST will be holding meet and greets, signing and photograph sessions, and a series of games and competitions where fans can win prizes, including the “Brumlebassen” carving.  Commenting on the idea to make the carving, TrollBank had this to say: “It was always the intention right from the outset when we first formed TROLLFEST to make it not only a band that played great music, but also a band that had some fun while doing it, and a large part of that is making sure that we involve the fans in the fun.  We’re particularly pleased to have our own pavilion this year, as it’s sometimes hit or miss as to whether fans will actually catch sight of their favourite bands wandering round the festival grounds, but at MetalCamp they will know exactly where to find us and where to go and have a good time.  We’ve found over the years with TROLLFEST that we’ve become especially close to the fans, more so than with any other bands that we play in. They treat us like friends and welcome us wherever we go, often with great generosity when it comes to sharing their drinks, so we try all the time to give something back, and the carving seemed like a particularly personal, and pretty exclusive, way of doing it”.

“Brumlebassen” is due out on NoiseArt Records on the 24th August in both Digipack and Vinyl versions.  The Limited Edition Digipack version comes with bonus download content that includes 100 minutes of videos, screen savers and MP3s as well as a much requested translation of the lyrics which are normally written in the band’s own mix of Norwegian and German.  Artwork is by Swedish cartoonist Jonas Darnell who originally created the iconic metal duck from TROLLFEST’s “Villanden” album, and designer Terje Johnsen.

Below you can see the Official Video for the track “TrinkenTroll” from the album “Brumlebassen”


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