TROLLFEST, the purveyors of what they have dubbed “True Norwegian Balkan Metal” have begun recording their sixth full-length album, starting with the drum tracks, and the ever increasing army of fans of the band can expect to see a few changes.  As TROLLFEST explained:  “We will record eleven metal tracks and we also have a couple of acoustic songs up our sleeves, but at this stage obviously we are not sure which ones will make it onto the album.  We will, however, be taking a slightly different musical direction with this album.  The sound will undoubtedly be TROLLFEST, but it will vary from our last two releases.   We will also be using a different studio this time.  We have been more than happy with the Strand Studio who did an amazing job on “En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral” and “Brumlebassen” but we just wanted to get a different sound to match our new musical direction so we decided to use Endre Kirkesola’s Dub Studio in Oslo”. The album will be released on NoiseArt Records.  Updates and photos from the recording sessions will be posted both on Facebook at and on TROLLFEST’s blog at .

So far 2013 has already proved to be a busy year for TROLLFEST, a band that never seems to take things at a leisurely pace when it comes to their music, either off-stage or on.  The seven-man lineup, whose  members hail from several  leading Norwegian Black and Extreme Metal bands, can field multi-instrumentalists capapable of playing a variety of instruments, both modern and traditional, from various parts of the world.  So far this year they have appeared at a number of festivals, and taken the band to North America for the first time, when they were part of the lineup on the extensive Paganfest America Tour.   Further scheduled appearances include the Masters of Rock and Wolfszeit Festivals.

2013 had also been the year that sees TROLLFEST celebrate its first decade, something the band has marked with the release of the limited edition 12” picture disc “A Decade of Drekkadence” whose 16 tracks feature new and unreleased material spanning the bands entire career, as well as three covers, including songs from Tom Waits and Britney Spears.  With artwork by long-time TROLLFEST collaborators Swedish Cartoonist Jonas Darnell and designer Terje Johnsen the vinyl also includes an an email address that purchasers can contact to receive an MP3 download.  The album is available exclusively from    A video for the Spears track “Toxic” was recently released and can be seen below


More information about TROLLFEST can be found on the band’s website at

A video of TROLLFEST’s entire show at the Karmoygeddon Festival in march of this year can be seen below:


Web Site:

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