EUDAIMONY, the band formed by former DARK FORTRESS frontman Matthias Jell and Marcus E. Norman (NAGLFAR, BEWITCHED, HAVAYOTH, ANCIENT WISDOM) have announced a lineup change that sees the arrival of two new members.  Schwadorf of EMPYRIUM and THE VISION BLEAK joins on guitars, synthesizers and programming , whilst BLOODLINE’s Patrik Hellström joins on bass.  Aside from Jell on vocals and Norman on guitars, synthesizer and programming, EUDAIMONY’s lineup also includes Jörg Heemann (former SECRETS OF THE MOON) on drums and Peter Honsalek (former NACHTREICH) on viola and piano.  The arrival of Schwadorf and Hellström turns the former four-piece into a formidable six-piece.

Commenting on the decision to augment EUDAIMONY’s  lineup Jell stated: “Half a year has passed since the release of our debut full-length album “Futile”, and so far the feedback we have received on it has been overwhelming, so much so, in fact, that it has increased our belief in the project a hundredfold. Both Hellström and Schwadorf have shown a great deal of enthusiasm for what EUDAIMONY is about and what we want to achieve, and this, together with their considerable skills and their long-time experience on the music scene makes them the perfect fit for the band.   We are convinced that  the addition of  Schwadorf and Hellström as permanent, full-time members of EUDAIMONY will push our creative output to new levels”.

Schwadorf had this to say about joining EUDAIMONY: “Being a big fan of their music, I am particularly happy to become a part of EUDAIMONY, and to be able to share my musical creativity with the rest of the guys, and not just my production and mixing duties as I did on “Futile”.  I’m very much looking forward to contributing my ideas on guitar, and anything else that’s called for come to that!”

Work has already begun on the band’s second full-length album, and both new members will be fully involved in the whole process.  It is expected that the album will be ready for release in 2015, and no decision as yet has been taken as to which label will release it.

More information about EUDAIMONY can be found on the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/eudaimony






























Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/eudaimony
Band Contact & Booking:  Eudaimony@googlemail.com
General Management & PR: patriciathomas@btinternet.com
Cold Dimensions: http://www.cold-dimensions.de/
Cold Dimensions Contact: info@cold-dimensions.de



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