Having just announced the launch of their new band, THE 3rd ATTEMPT, former CARPATHIAN FOREST guitarists Tchort  (GREEN CARNATION, ex CARPATHIAN FOREST, ex EMPEROR, ex BLOOD RED THRONE, ex SATYRICON) and BloodPervertor (APOSTASY, ex CARPATHIAN FOREST, ex NEONGOD)  have launched a search for a front man or woman, to handle vocal duties with the band.  THE 3rd ATTEMPT will be playing Norwegian Black Metal with added elements of Death, Thrash and Rock n Roll, and to make things easier, the band are asking interested vocalists to record their vocals over a couple of short excerpts , which can  be heard and downloaded from SoundCloud at

Commenting on the direction the band will take, and what kind of vocalist THE 3rd ATTEMPT is looking for, Tchort said: “After 17 years in CARPATHIAN FOREST  it’s natural that our music and songwriting is influenced by that band,  but already with the newer material that we have written over the past months we can see that we are moving in a new direction and we are confident that the combination of our combined influences and past involvements with other bands will give us a solid foundation from which to create new music.

“We are quite excited by all the possibilities that lie ahead of us and consequently we are searching for a vocalist who shares a passion for our musical style, and who is dedicated and full of energy and hunger when it comes to performing  live,  as well recording.  They  must also be able to write memorable lyrics”.  Regarding other positions in the band, Tchort went on to explain:  “Whilst this audition is for vocalists,  if you are a drummer or bass player you are welcome to contact us directly and please include a short biography and samples of your work and link(s) to any YouTube videos from past live performances”.

Any vocalists wishing to apply to join THE 3rd ATTEMPT should do the following:

1) Download the demo music from the two samples (which include Vrangsinn on Bass and Kobro on drums)  at or from the players at the end of this post.

2) Add your vocal lines and send them to the band at making sure you include the lyrics  you have written, a photo of yourself, a bio which includes where you are from and where you currently live and a short summary on your experience (if any) as a vocalist, together with a link to any YouTube videos of past live performances (if available).  All submissions must be received by the 15th August.

To make it more interesting, all submissions will be made public so that the band’s fans can also have a say, however, THE 3rd ATTEMPT will make the final decision as to who will be chosen.  Anyone wishing to remain anonymous can let the band know when they submit their tracks, and their work will be considered in the same way as everyone else, but will not be made public.  If there is no request to remain anonymous, THE 3rd ATTEMPT reserves the right to make the submissions public.

More  information about THE 3rd ATTEMPT can be found on the official Facebook page at




Band contact:
Management & PR:


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