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Ester Segarra

To paraphrase Ray Bradbury “something old and wicked this way comes” in the shape of the long-deleted SHINING album “Oppression”.  Set for release in September, “Oppression” will be available in Digipack format, as well as limited edition gatefold vinyl versions in different colours.

“Oppression” will be released on the newly-formed Black Metal label Colourless Art and SHINING founder and frontmam Niklas Kvarforth had this to say about the release:

“For too long, some of my work has been in limbo due to idiotic decisions and the worthless people that  proliferate throughout the music industry.  And this needs to end here and now.  We want our jewels of perdition and the attendant horrific sound to reach all of those who, without SHINING’s merchandising arm, Legions, cannot get their hands on these without being fobbed off with soulless products of inferior quality, that some outsider has had the nerve to spread without a single thought for our artistic vision”.


For those who are not aware of the original album, “Oppression” is a collection of rare recordings and out-takes, mainly from the early days of SHINING’s twenty two year career.  Included are the debut 7″, some pre-production songs, weird electronica by Kvarforth.  And,  most intriguing for any SHINING fan out there, the cream of the crop is the inclusion of the celebrated but obscure studio track “Through Corridors Of Oppression”

Legions will also be issuing their own white vinyl edition of “Oppression” which will include a special poster.  Bundles are now available to pre-order from the Legions Webshop at

As to what the future holds in store for both SHINING and himself, Kvarforth explained that:  “there is a lot happening right now. We are currently setting up upcoming tours for SHINING, working with all sorts of crazy shit,  while I myself will be recording with a very big Death Metal band, publishing the German edition of “When Prozac No Longer Helps” at long last,  and getting myself into shape for the shooting of a feature horror movie this summer.

But stay tuned, all will be revealed in time”.

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