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Orkan 3 PR

Photo by Jørn Olav Myhre

The period between the 2015 release of their album “Livlaus”, and the upcoming release of their third full-length album “Element”, has not been easy for ORKAN. But, having fought their way through the ravages of cancer and a rare, muscular disease, the Norwegians are back with a ferocious album that deals with the power of the four elements, and stands as an homage to the unforgiving strength of the earth as witnessed by the landscape of their native land – the Island of Stord.

It is not surprising, having been conceived and recorded during that demanding period in the band’s history, that “Element” was a particularly difficult album to make. Nevertheless, taxing as it was to both mind and body, the result has proved to be as rewarding as it was difficult to achieve.

Giving you a taste of what to expect from “Element”, Dark Essence Records have today debuted the track ” I flammar skal du eldast”, which can be heard below and at

With photography by Atle Helland and artwork by Tom Korsvold, the tracklisting on “Element” is as follows:

1. Lenker
2. I flammar skal du eldast
3. Iskald til beinet
4. Motstraums
5. Avmakt
6. Den våte grav
7. Heim

Orkan Elements Albumart PR

Offering more layered songs and complex production, “Element” is not made to pass you by, but to draw you in and totally envelop you. The album is set to hit the streets on Dark Essence Records on October 5th, 2018 in CD and Digital formats. The album is now available to pre-order from:

US Webshop:

ORKAN is a band that sets itself apart from its peers by virtue of the fact that its highly technically skilled members are able to conjure up an uncompromising, emotion-filled and all-enveloping darkness. Formed in 2008 by TAAKE’s live guitarist Gjermund Fredheim (notorious for having created Black Metal’s only banjo solo) and drummer Rune Nesse, ORKAN’s lineup is completed by bassist Sindre Hillesdal and frontman Einar Fjelldal (ex-GRAVEMACHINE).

Orkan 4 PR

Photo by Jørn Olav Myhre

ORKAN will be joining TAAKE, BÖLZER and ONE TAIL ONE HEAD for the following nine shows on the twenty-date tour:

04.10: U Basyla, Poznan, PL
05.10: Way of Darkness, Lichtenfels, DE
06.10: 013, Tilburg, NL
07.10: Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, NL
08.10: The Dome, London, UK
09.10: Rebellion, Manchester, UK
10.10: De Casino, St-Niklaas, BE
11.10: Petit Bain, Paris, FR
12.10: Resonanzwerk, Oberhausen, DE

More information about ORKAN can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Fan-filmed footage of ORKAN playing the track “Fanden På Veggen” from their album “Livlaus”, at Alchemica Music Club in Bologna during their tour with TAAKE and KRAKOW in 2015 can be seen below and at


Orkan 1 PR

Photo by Jørn Olav Myhre

Band Contact and Booking:

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