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Zifir PR1

According to Black Metallers ZIFIR, the track “Ephemeral Idols”, which the band has chosen for its latest video, is “one of the most aggressive tracks” they have written and recorded thus far.  The band explains that it is a track whose lyrical themes are driven by the ultimate speed of the song, and are a direct attack on all that is deemed “holy”, with  the video being a means for ZIFIR to visualise their approach towards each religion.

The video itself, once again produced by ZIFIR, explores the idea that one of societies preoccupations today is arguing about which temple belongs to which religion – one of the most obvious cases being that of the recent polemic surrounding the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul. In fact, Hagia Sofia is one of the various  places of worship of different denominations that feature in the video.

The video can be seen below and at

Since the release of their latest album “Demoniac Ethics”  on Duplicate Records in January of this year,  ZIFIR have been busy, releasing other videos and featuring in the illustrated book “Heavy Music Artwork” alongside  many other iconic Black Metal bands.  More information about “Heavy Music Artwork” can be seen below and at 

They have also been confirmed to appear at 2021’s Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway, which will take place between the 1st and the 4th April.

Zifir Inferno 2021

Since its formation in 2006 by Onur Önok  and O.S. ZIFIR, has never compromised either in terms of vision or direction, with the band’s lyrics embodying philosophy, anti-religion and nihilism, which are acknowledged as being amongst of the basic tenets of Black Metal .

Aside from Önok on vocals, the band’s lineup today includes Nursuz on Drums and Ilgar on Bass.  More information about ZIFIR, which in Turkish means “Tar”,  can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Zifir AlbumArt PR

Other recently released videos from ZIFIR include   “Empire of Worms”  which can be seen below and at

and “Chants for Execution” “Demoniac Ethics” which can can be seen below and at

Band Contact:
Duplicate Records:

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