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Dir. Randy M. Salo, Norway, 2021, 73 mins

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Doc’n Roll, are proud to present the UK premiere of this one-of-a-kind music
documentary at The Castle Cinema on 12th June at 4 pm, followed by a Skype
Q+A session with director Randy M. Salo and band member and singer Agnete M.
Kirkevaag, hosted by music journalist Jonathan Selzer.

A trailer for the video can be seen below an at Howl of the Underdogs – Official Trailer #2 on Vimeo

This screening is sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy in London.
Tickets on sale here –

An intimate and uncompromising look at the battle between one truly unique band
and a music industry plagued by gender double standards and a culture of
conformity, Howl of the Underdogs (2021) is the story of Norwegian rock
visionaries Madder Mortem. In particular, it explores the inner life of their enigmatic
singer Agnete Kirkevaag, who opens up with ferocious bravery about the effects of
the music scene’s image obsession on her self-confidence and the impact of her
life-long struggle with an eating disorder on her music.

Singer Agnete M. Kirkevaag – “We wanted to make a 20th anniversary documentary about
the history of the band, and through a serendipitous podcast interview, we connected with
director Randy M. Salo. Quite unintentionally, the first shoot coincided with a strange time for
us and for me personally. I picked up Randy at the airport just four days after undergoing
weight loss surgery, and he ended up following us through a year where almost everything in
my life was uncertain and changing. Rather than the short historical overview we intended to
make, the movie grew into the story of how our lives have shaped our music.”

Director Randy M. Salo – “I first became aware of Madder Mortem during my film
studies at the School of Visual Arts in N.Y.C in 2001. I was taken aback by their
musical uniqueness and the emotional depth of their singer. Since 2013, I have been
focused on producing high-end, intimate documentaries with musicians. When the
opportunity arose to make a film about the history of the band, I wanted to know how
they came to have such a unique and diverse sound. I had no idea how far down the
rabbit hole this would lead me. As with any good documentary project, you start off
filming what you think is going to be the movie, only to have the real movie rear up
from behind to completely overtake you.”

Starting life in 1993 as Mystery Tribe, Madder Mortem was one of the early bands
from the contemporary Norwegian Metal scene to break away from set genre
boundaries. Having started off with a more straight doom metal sound, the band has
continued to develop with each album, following a flawless transition to become an
experimental and diverse progressive metal band with a unique sense of groove and
contrasting arrangements. After celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut
album “Mercury” in 2019, Madder Mortem are currently working on their 8th studio

“It’s hard to imagine another metal vocalist doing what [Agnete Kirkevaag] does” –
“Madder Mortem are special. Do you deserve them?” – Terrorizer Magazine
“They’re impossible to categorize…you just need to listen” – Vice
“Rare is the band that truly sounds like no one else” – Angry Metal Guy
“One of the most beguiling and emotionally adventurous bands” – Louder Sound


About Doc’n Roll:
Doc’n Roll Films, set up in 2013, is a music documentary production, distribution and
exhibition company, unique within the UK. Projects include Doc’n Roll Film Festival, the UK’s
annual music documentary festival, as well as one-off London premieres, curated seasons,
and ten UK regional city editions in Brighton, Bristol, Hull, Nottingham, Newcastle, Exeter,
Manchester and Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Doc’n Roll are passionate about independent film and music across all genres, and
celebrate music subcultures by providing a platform to support their cinematic expressions.
They present their audience with the opportunity to watch these films as they were designed
to be watched – LOUD.

They launched Doc’n Roll Film Fest in 2014 to finally show some love to the many excellent
under-the-radar music films that are largely ignored by risk-averse film programmers.
Post-screening Q&As, DJ sets and live music themed on the films add to the overall
cinematic experience.

Doc’n Roll is supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a
partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.

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