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“In the Hollow of a Wave”, the third full-length album from MONSTEREO promises to be the heaviest work that the Norwegian rockers, known for their energy-filled rock songs, have released to date. 

Having had over a decade in which to refine their sound,  the band’s latest release is richer, and broader, than its two predecessors, with its judicious use of more keyboards, synths, and a variety of guitars, producing a  sound that is full of heavy riffs interspersed with exploratory instrumental sections.

Karisma Records have previously assuaged our curiosity with a taste of what expect from “In the Hollow of a Wave” with two singles and videos, and today they  have released a third single from the album.  Titled “Witness”, the track can be downloaded or streamed from a variety of services at

It is a single about which MONSTEREO had this to say:

“Witness” is an attempt, both musically and lyrically, to depict the various frustrations and hardships many have recently suffered. The tune is based on one of the most aggressive riffs on the album, complemented by verses and a chorus that serve to paint the picture of despair and disdain. The songs core is a classic instrumental Monstereo-build up, where airy subtleness and instrumentation evolve into a climax.

Describing their new opus as being filled with “teeth-grinding riffs, big choruses and rock-solid grooves”, MONSTEREO’s lineup of Ola Utaaker Segadal on lead vocals and electric guitars, Øyvind Aase Fluge on electric guitars, Jørgen Stangeland Bach on Bass guitar, and Jon Bolstad on Drums, are masters at producing catchy melodies that contain a few surprises along the  way.

Set for release on the 17th September in CD, Vinyl and Digital formats, “In the Hollow of a Wave” is now available to pre-ordered from:

US Webshop: 

With artwork by Robert Høyem, track listing for “In the Hollow of a Wave” is as follows:

  1. Third Eye Seeing
  2. A Sudden Rush
  3. Wings I: Everlasting Darkness
  4. Jigsaw
  5. Witness
  6. Wings II: Beyond Horizons
  7. Wings III: Icarus
  8. Golden

A  video for “A Sudden Rush”, the recently released first  single from MONSTEREO’s “In the Hollow of a Wave” can be seen below and at

Whilst the lyric video for the second single release “Wings I: Everlasting Darkness” can be seen below and at

More  information about MONSTEREO can be found on the band’s Facebook page at, or on their website at 

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