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Dark Metallers FOSCOR have today released their entire back catalogue which includes the band’s first three full-length albums – 2004’s “Entrance to the Shadows’ Village”,  2007’s “The Smile of the Sad Ones” and 2009’s “Groans to the Guilty”.  Each album includes  lyrics and information.  All three albums will be released digitally from the 6th March, and will be available for free download for the first month.  They can be found at

As well as on BandCamp, the back catalogue will also be available to stream on YouTube at

With over a decade in the music scene, FOSCOR recently announced that the band’s natural musical progression and development has led to a change in style away from the traditional 90’s Black Metal mixed with other classical and modern extreme styles, for which they became know.  Breaking free from the restrictions the genre places on bands has enabled FOSCOR to expand their sound to include shades of Doom and Dark Rock, majestic interludes and a healthy flirtation with Prog.  Frontman Fiar is quick to point out though that fans will still recognise the distinctive FOSCOR style, which the band have not rejected, but have made better, and which will be very much in evidence in the band’s newly completed  fourth full-length album “Those Horrors Wither”.

Currently in search of a label for “Those Horrors Wither”, FOSCOR has chosen a somewhat unusual direction with the guest appearances on the album.  Instead of the expected vocals or instrumental solos, the notable guests have written and performed connecting passages between the tracks.

More information about FOSCOR can be found at

The official video for the track “”I Tornà de les Cendres” from FOSCOR’S 2009 album “The Smile of the Sad Ones” can be seen below and at


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