Posted: September 12, 2011 in BLODARV, OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASES

Several years of sharing musical ideas and visions have finally borne fruit with BLODARV front man and founder HUGIN joining forces with ELENYX (COMBATH) on the upcoming album from her NÅE project.   In what has become a Nordic alliance, Norway’s ELENYX, who founded NÅE, and Denmark’s HUGIN are being joined on the album, which will be called “Heksevind”, by Sweden’s IT (ABRUPTUM, VONDUR, OPTHALAMIA).  With ELENYX herself working on composition, lyrics, and vocals and playing various instruments on the album, Hugin is expected to provide vocals and lyrics while IT will participate both musically and with written material.   The exact details of the collaboration will be known as the work progresses.

NÅE, which in the Old Norwegian language means “corpse” or “the dead”, is an experimental project based on mind images and visions.  Using elements of Black Metal, ELENYX creates dark and demonical ambient pieces that are filled with visions of ghosts and are swirling with sinister dark tales, and the band’s first album, the 14-track demo “Nåedroem”, will be released on Concept Machine.  “Heksevind”, which will be recorded both at BLODARV’s HammerArt and Studios on the Danish island of Bornholm and at ELENYX’s own recording facilities in Oslo, takes as its theme occultism and witchcraft, and the summoning of the dark magic that lives inside some of us.  Demo material from “Nåedroem” can be heard atåe

HUGIN himself, who has been out of action for a few months following an accident that necessitated extensive surgery to his jaw, is now fit and able to resume performing live again, with his return to the stage set for the 26th November when BLODARV will support ENDSTILLE at The Rock in Copenhagen.    He is currently working on the next BLODARV album, and in the interim the band will appear on the “Shadows of Tragedy” split CD with ACEDI, GRIMLAIR, BLACK HATE & NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION, which is due for release in September 2011 on Self Mutilation Services.  More information about BLODARV can be found at

The video below is a collage of photos of BLODARV in concert in May of 2011 with the track “Natteskarn” from the “Civitas Diaboli” album.


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