Norwegian Thrashers DEAD TROOPER have released a live album with a bit of a difference.  The eight track album, “No Tan En Vivo En Mexico”, with artwork by Danny Larsen, is released digitally on the 9th March, and is inspired by the band’s appearance at Mexico’s Wild Metal Fest last year which was rained off after only one and a half songs into the set.  As a result the band decided to release a live studio recording of what would have been the entire show as a tribute to the fans who took Dead Trooper to their hearts after they performed an impromptu set at a local biker bar following the cancellation of the festival.  Frontman Meister Muller describes what happened:

“To cut a long story short DEAD TROOPER went to Mexico last year to play their biggest outdoor concert to date at the Wild Metal Fest 2011. We hit the stage and what did we get?  Rain.  Insane amounts of it which drowned the stage and cut the power. So much rehearsing and anticipation for this gig and we only got to play 1.5 songs before Mother Nature pissed on us. We don’t need to tell you how passionate Mexican fans are about their metal and with the festival called off there ensued the usual riot, fire, fists and shit kickers.  After quite a few depressing cervesas and tequilas we got word that a bunch of disgruntled fans thirsty for Norwegian Metal were gathered at a local biker bar, together with a local band and back line, so we headed off to the Route 666 bar and shredded through some songs, including a bunch of covers, together with eminent guests! The bar exploded! We were welcomed as stars! Unbelievable! The intensity, heat and adrenaline of the packed club was only matched by the rain of bear hugs, kisses, praise and love from the crazy metal heads of Cancun  when we eventually stumbled off stage.   Before we were due to appear we had made this brilliant studio recording of our intended live set which really captured our live sound in the best way possible and which was only meant for us to dissect and analyze for the sake of perfecting the set. But we had to give something back to Mexico for treating us like metal royalty! “No Tan En Vivo En Mexico” is the set we intended to play at Wild Metal Fest, and here it is, raw, dirty, heavy, and passionate! This album is for you, Mexico! Te amamos, you bastards!!”

DEAD TROOPER, who describe their music as “groovy, aggressive thrash metal” are currently on the hunt for a label to release what will be their sophomore full-length album, which features guest appearances by some of Norway’s extreme metal elite.  The band’s next live appearance will be at the Inferno Festival in Oslo on the 6th April.  More information about DEAD TROOOPER can be found at

”Kiss of the Kannibal”, a track from “No Tan En Vivo En Mexico”, together with other tracks from DEAD TROOPER  can be heard on the SoundCloud player at the top of the page.

Below you can hear Meister Muller explaining the decision to release “No Tan En Vivo En Mexico”, during a recent interview with DJ Malice for Canada’s Nuclear Holocaust Radio.


The video below shows DEAD TROOPER playing the track “Inner Riot” from the 2010 EP “Sickening” live in Oslo


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