“No Tan En Vivo En Mexico”, the “live” album from Thrashers DEAD TROOPER, which was released digitally earlier this year, has been snapped up by Norway’s HELLISH RECORDS, who are set to release the vinyl version in September.   The vinyl, which will include the original cover artwork by Danny Larsen, is not, strictly speaking, a “live” album in the accepted sense of the word because it was, in fact, recorded live in the studio when the band recorded a run-through of what would have been their entire set at the upcoming Wild Metal Festival in Mexico, rather than on stage.

Unfortunately the Wild Metal Festival never really happened due to torrential rain which closed down the event before most of the bands could play, including DEAD TROOPER themselves, who at least managed to get through one and a half songs before the heavens opened.  The band then ended up in a local biker bar, where they, together with local musicians and some eminent guests, performed a set for the sheltering fans.  Having returned and realised that the quality of the run-through recording was of a very high standard, DEAD TROOPER decided to name it “No Tan En Vivo En Mexico”, which translated means “Not-So-Live In Mexico” and release it as thank you for the hospitality and incredible welcome they received from the fans.

Oslo-based DEAD TROOPER, who describe themselves as playing “groovy, aggressive thrash metal”, recently announced that BLODSPOR’s Andreas Stenvoll would be taking over the role of bassist, which was recently vacated by Tor R. Stavenes, whose work with other bands such as 1349 no longer left him sufficient time to dedicate to the rapidly growing thrashers.  They’ve also recently been auditioning guitarists and were surprised by the large numbers who actually applied as the result of a “recruitment” video the band had released.   An announcement about the new line up is expected shortly.  Altogether it has been a very busy period for DEAD TROOPER, with work almost completed on the band’s sophomore full-length album which features guest appearances by some of Norway’s extreme metal elite.  A label is currently being sought.  More information about DEAD TROOOPER can be found at

Below you can see a video of  DEAD TROOPER performing ”Reaping of Your Cries” live at the Inferno Festival 2012 Kick Off


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