Posted: September 2, 2012 in OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASES, THE STONE

Black Metallers THE STONE are set to join ISVIND on the road in September as the Norwegians embark on one of their rare tours.  Routing for the seven-day “Through Dark Waters and Barren Earth” tour is as follows:

Sun 09 – Gloppe, Leeuwarden, NL
Mon 10 – TBA
Tue 11 – Marx, Hamburg, DE
Wed 12 – Zuckerfabrick, Rostock, DE
Thu 13 – K17, Berlin, DE
Fri 14 – Klex, Greifswald, DE
Sat 15 – Morion, Stettin, PL

Formed in Belgrade, Serbia, under the name STONE TO FLESH in 1996, THE STONE has, since its inception, grown to become an internationally recognized Black Metal band with a plethora of releases, tours, festivals and live appearances under its belt.   THE STONE’s  first full length album “Some Wounds Bleed Forever” appeared on CCP records in 2000 and was followed by several more releases before the band came to the attention of the cult German label Folter Records in 2006.  In a move that was to bring THE STONE to the attention of fans world-wide, Folter released the band’s fourth full length album “Magla”.

Over the next few years there were  releases and re-release of more material in different formats, including the “Live Curse from the East” DVD,  but essentially THE STONE spent this time building on the success of “Magla” and becoming more and more familiar to concert goers thanks to their dynamic live performances.  2009 saw the release of the band’s fifth full length album “Umro” on Folter Records, and their sixth full length album “Golet” appeared in late 2011, once again on Folter Records and showed the band at its most mature and skilled to date, with praise being heaped on the album from journalists and fans alike.  THE STONE’s current lineup comprises Nefas on Vocals, Kozeljnik and Demonetras on Guitars, L.G. on Drums and Usud on Bass Guitar.  More information about THE STONE can be found on the band’s website at

The official video for the track “Nikad Bliži Smrti” from the “Golet” album can be seen below or at



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