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With  their third full-length album “Doomsday Elite” having been released on Dark Essence Records at the end 2013, and with a current lineup that  includes Unsgaard (SO MUCH FOR NOTHING) on vocals, Sgt V (ex Svarttjern)  on  bass,  Thrawn (ex DØDHEIMSGARD) on guitar,  Nihil (ENDEZZMA) on guitar and  Defest (SVARTHAUEG) on drums, SARKOM founder Erik Unsgaard  recently spoke about the band’s next album, and why it has been a little longer in coming than originally planned:

“The new album was supposed to be released last year, as a special Anniversary release to mark ten years since we released our demo.  Unfortunately, personal matters got in the way and we only got as far as tracking the drums and some of the guitars.  Added to which, we’ve recently had some technical problems, which everyone who has ever worked in a band will know about, so it’s just one of those things you get used to and eventually work around.  Although we can’t actually make any definitive promises at this stage, we hope to get it finished within the next few months and hopefully get it released this year.

“What can you expect from the album?  Well, as this was meant to be an Anniversary release, there will not be any particular theme or concept to it, neither will the sound or lyrics necessarily reflect each other at all.  Without wanting to give away too many details at this stage we can reveal that aside from six SARKOM songs, it is likely that a handful of cover songs will also find their way onto the final product.  If anyone wants a sneak peek at the new material and you are coming to Blastfest, then make sure you’re at the Garage on Friday 20th February.  SARKOM will be hitting the stage at 13:30 and you can be amongst the first to hear the new track ‘Mind-abscess'”.

As well as releasing “Doomsday Elite” in 2013 in both CD and Digital formats,  Dark Essence Records also released the band’s two earlier albums – 2006’s “Aggravation of Mind” and 2008’s “Bestial Supremacy” in Digital format.  Originally released on the now defunct Twilight Vertrieb label, both albums are now almost impossible to get hold of.  Tracks from all three releases can be heard on the player at the top of the page, or at

“Doomsday Elite” has also just been released in 12″ vinyl format on the Witching Hour Productions label, under license from Dark Essence Records.

More information about SARKOM can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The official video for “Inferior Bleeding” from SARKOM’s “Bestial Supremacy” can be seen below and at


The DARK ESSENCE RECORDS SoundCloud player contains tracks from all the label’s releases and can be heard below and at


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