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With VANHELGA’s fourth full-length album “Ode & Elegy” which hit the streets on the 1st October on Talheim Records, the entire album is streaming exclusively on No Clean Singing ahead of its release date and can be heard at 

The  cross-panel digipak edition of the eleven-track album is limited to 1,000 copies, and is available to order from and from  VANHELGA’s Bandcamp page at , whilst the digital version will be available at from the 1st October.

Artwork for “Ode & Elegy” is by Gedeminas Kiauné of Manum Diaboli Art.  Tracklisting as follows:

01.  Utan Mening
02. Det Som Aldrig Fans
03. Förstörd
04. Du Finns Dȃr För Mig
05. Jag Återkommer
06. Abstinensens Dystra Tongång
07. Dödförklarad – Ånstad
08. Disharmoni
09. Status – Handlinsförlamad
10. Harmonisk Reflektion
11. Introspektion

Vanhelga Ode PR

VANHELGA, whose music falls between Black Metal and DSBM, and who use deceptively melodic pieces to create disturbing scenarios, describe the new album thus:

” Ode” or “Old Diary Entries” is about the deteriorating mental state of a young woman, slipping further and further into depression and darkness. Her recorded voice is intertwined with the music.

“Elegy” is the continuation. It’s about looking back and reflecting on those dark situations in life: the hopelessness, drugs, abuse, depression and death.  In summary, to understand and accept that life is without meaning”.

A video for one of the tracks from the album is currently in the works.  More information will be announced shortly.

VANHELGA is currently lining up a series of shows in support of “Ode & Elegy”.  So far, the following have been scheduled.

25 Nov:  November’s Doom Festival, Live & Loud, Sofia, Bulgaria
02 Dec:  St Petersburg, Russia (with Psychonaut 4)
03 Dec:  Moscow, Russia (with Psychonaut 4)
04 Dec: Minsk, Belarus (with Psychonaut 4)
07 Jan: Verona Nera Atto X, San Giovanni Lupatoto, Italy

More information about VANHELGA can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The official video for the track ” Där Evigheten Inväntar Mig “, from VANHELGA’s 2014 full-length album  ” Längtan “,  can be seen below and at

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Austrian Black Metallers VALFEANOR have today debuted the track “Kratores” from their upcoming album “The Eerie Constellation” which is set for release on the 25th of March on Cursed Records.   The ten-track album will be the third full-length release from the band, and marks a change in direction towards the more psychedelic end of the genre. “The Eerie Constellation” was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Iratus Canor studios in Austria by Daniel Müller and produced by VALFEANOR founder and frontman Cardinalis Desderoth.  Artwork is by Bernth Brodträger (BLED DRY, Ex-BELPHEGOR Session Guitarist).  “Kratores” can be heard on the player above or at

Track Listing for “The Eerie Constellation” as follows:
1. Interlude
2. Lethe Jenseits
3. Lethe Diesseits
4. Kratores
5. The Eerie Constellation
6. Prelude
7. Chaos Nova
8. Ephemeral
9. The Elegy And The Reverence
10. Postlude

Formed in 2002 VALFEANOR’s lineup comprises Cardinalis Desderoth (HELLSAW) on vocals, bass and keyboards, Isiul (HELLSAW) on guitars and The Unknown on drums.  The band’s first release “En Ny Tid”, which appeared in 2007, was rooted in fantasy themes and took a melodic musical path whilst 2009’s follow up “Noreia” began the change in direction that would lead Desderoth down a much different musical and conceptual route which he develops further in “The Eerie Constellation”.

Commenting on the new album, Desderoth had this to say: “I have worked much harder on this album that either of the others, mainly because musically I wanted to take it in a much more complex direction.  Like many musicians who have played in relatively well-known bands I find it very irritating that certain critics always have to judge one band against the other.  I get pretty tired of having VALFEANOR’s music compared to HELLSAW’s, as the two could not be more different, either in musical style or subject matter.  I can use between 8 and 20 riffs in one song, so the two bands really don’t warrant any comparison.  Essentially all three of VALFEANOR’s albums deal with our awareness and perception of things around us.  “En Ny Tid” was about the fantasy world that exists on the fringes of our day to day reality, and “Noreia” concentrated on the realities of life, which, despite the negative aspects, could also be fulfilling.  “The Eerie Constellation” takes it one step further in an exploration of both the dark things that surround us and the myriad things that are all around us, such as the constellations, and whose beauty we rarely glance at but into which we can escape if we choose to.  It is most definitely not an album that dwells on the negative aspects of our existence”.

VALFEANOR will appear at the Eine in Teich Festival, Neugarten Almseehütte, Gerlitzen, Kärnten, Austria on the 12 July 2013. More information about the band can be found on their Facebook page at

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