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With the release date of “Flora Eallin”, the upcoming album from Experimental Duo LEAGUS set for the 28 April, Is it Jazz? Records have today released a new single from the album. 

The track, titled “Tendril” can be streamed or downloaded from various services at

LEAGUS had this to say about the track:

Tendril is a curly stem that some plants produce for support and climbing. The song is the fourth track of the “Flora Eallin” album, and introduces two vocalists. The lyrics concern collective and individual responsibility, and different aspects of the climate crises we have been facing for generations. Lyrics are by Frode Larsen.

When pianist Herborg Rundberg first formed LEAGUS in 2013 it was simply part of her Masters degree in Rhythmic Music at the Tromsø Conservatory. However when she was joined by guitarist Kristian Svalestad Olstad, who had himself received his Masters degree in the same subject two years earlier, LEAGUS became a fully fledged contemporary and experimental music duo.

Herborg’s Sami background, and her work with traditional and classical music, along with Kristian´s extended use of guitar and electronics,  forms the basis of LEAGUS’ sound, which has, over time, developed into an exploratory and complex sonic universe.   As for the name LEAGUS, the word itself originates in the area in which Herborg herself was born and is Sami slang for asking for something. 

Having  worked extensively on finding new, and different,  interactions between the  piano and the guitar, LEAGUS were able to develop a new and progressive kind of musical togetherness, creating  a highly dynamic sound in which musical contrasts play a big part in the overall concept.

 Alternating  between formal composed parts, open structures and free improvisation that at times feel like subdued, minimalistic psalm-like pieces, whilst at other times features more rock-oriented improvised parts, LEAGUS released two albums, and were then approached by the NORTH NORWEGIAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE, who, in 2021 commissioned them to write a piece for the ten piece orchestra.

This resulted in  Herborg and Kristian composing and arranging the piece “Flora Eallin”, which will be released in full on Is it Jazz? Records in CD, Digital and Double LP formats.

Featuring  the  NORTH NORWEGIAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE and with cover art and design by Martin Losvik, track listing for “Flora Eallin”, is as follows:

1. Kime
2. Flor
3. Vann
4. Tendril
5. Nihkui
6. Vind
7. Pripyat
8. Geo
9. Mykorrhyza
10. Eallin
11. Sol
12. Hyperion

“Flora Eallin” is now available to pre-order from:

On stage the duo are known for their energetic and visual concerts, and will be celebrating the release of “Flora Eallin” live at the Jazzahead Clubnight at the Achat Hotel in Bremen, Germany on the 28th April. 

Details of the event and booking info can be found at 

More  information about LEAGUS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on their website at

A video of LEAGUS performing the track “Hyperion” directed by Norwegian photographer and artist Martin Losvik, and featuring the NORTH NORWEGIAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE, can be seen below and at

Losvik  is well known for his distinctive style that can contain elements of humour, surrealism and darkness. The  video is the result of Martin being given free hands to do his visual interpretation of this musical project. 

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Is it Jazz? Records have welcomed Norwegian drummer ERLAND DAHLEN to their ever-growing roster.

Having worked as a full-time, and very prolific, drummer since 1996 within the fields of Jazz, Experimental and Electronica , Dahlen has an enviable pedigree that has seen him play on more than 285 albums, and appear live in more than 35 countries.   Some of the artists with whom he has played, either live or in the studio, include Norwegian Jazz legends such as NILS PETTER MOLVÆR, EIVIND AARSET, STIAN WESTERHUS and GEIR SUNDSTØL, together with bands and artists such as MADRUGADA, KAADA, JOHN PAUL JONES, ANE BRUN, ANNELI DRECKER, MARIT LARSEN and XPLODING PLASTIX, along with a host of others!

Dahlen has received numerous industry awards for the albums on which he has appeared, including 13 Spelleman Awards, for which he has been nominated an extraordinary total of 38 times.   He  can also be found behind the drumkit of a number of Norwegian and International film scores.

As can be gleaned from the fact that his collaborations and sessions have been with a wide variety of artists from different genres  and  with differing styles, Dahlen is a musician whose considerable skills are both adaptable, and sensitive, to the needs of the musicians around him, but he is also a renowned solo artist, with his own style and ideas.  The sound he creates is both massive and intricately layered, and is enriched by the use of a plethora of percussive instruments.

To date he has released four solo albums, starting with 2012’s “Rolling Bomber”, followed by 2015’s “Blossom Bells” and 2018’s “Clocks”,  and culminating in “Bones”,  which  was released in 2020 and proved to be a sophisticated audio-collage, whose key elements weave their way in and out of the melodies throughout the album.

It is with great anticipation, therefore, that Is it Jazz? Records will release Dahlen’s fifth full length album, and Dahlen himself confirms that he is “really excited to release some new music next year on Is it Jazz? Records!”.

More information about ERLAND DAHLEN can be found on Facebook at and  or on the Artist Page at

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