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After putting his own projects on a hiatus that has lasted almost a decade while he concentrated on the recording and production side of music, CARPATHIAN FOREST’s larger than life bassist DANIEL VRANGSINN is back with a brand new band  VRANGSINN AND THE ARSONISTS  .

Indeed, it was while mixing the upcoming album from Black Metallers KIRKEBRANN, and realising what a group of talented musicians he was working with, that the idea was born for VRANGSINN AND THE ARSONISTS as he explains:

For the first time in a long, long time, I felt the kind of enthusiasm needed to start afresh, and what better way to do it than with a group of immensely talented musicians with an impressive skill-set. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with them, both in the studio and live, and I’m looking forward to creating something new.

The lineup of KIRKEBRANN, which is composed of guitarists Draug (SKAMMENS SØNNER) and Hrafn (SVIKT, SKAMMENS SØNNER), Januz  (SVIDD, EX-SVIKT, GALSKAPT) on bass, and  Nødset (FRAMFERD, CONCRETE, FRAIL GROUNDS, REPULSIVE AGGRESSION) on session drums, is perfect to work with.  I have the deepest respect for them. They are truly skilled at their craft and have so much brilliant material coming out. Some of the best black metal I have heard in years!

 Let’s just say that the future will be quite interesting, with music that will be different from what people would expect of me, and which, rather than sticking to any one particular genre, will be quite varied, and I will be looking for a label for the album.

VRANGSINN AND THE ARSONISTS are set to hit the ground running on the 3rd of April when the band headlines Friday’s Skien Metalfest show at  Megafon in Skien, Norway.  Tickets will be on sale at the door, and more information about the event can be found on Facebook at

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Long-time fans of VRANGSINN’s various projects may have noticed that the website disappeared a few years ago, as did the presence of the  multiple releases on platforms such as Spotify, whilst the massive multi-media project “Taboo”, which was scheduled to be released in 2012, never appeared.  Musing on whether it will ever see the light of day, VRANGSINN had this to say:

Most of the footage for “Taboo” was filmed in 2010 and some of it is quite outdated by 2020 standards.  I simply do not think the majority of the existing footage represents who I am today or where I want to go from here.  I will however still use much of the amazing material I received from friends far away. Most of that is still relevant, even timeless. So I do plan to put together a couple of really cool music videos with material from “TABOO” eventually. 

 The album itself may or may not be released, I have not made up my mind about that. The material is actually good. I am extremely happy with it and the music definitely still stands up a  decade later. But! Here and now I would rather focus on writing new material together with my new crew of Arsonists.  That album has been on ice for 10 years and can remain on ice for a while longer.

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With art and the visual aspects of his music having played such an important part of VRANGSINN’s creativity, he has also set up a new webshop where fans can get hold of the earlier release “Phobia” as well as affordable prints of some of VRANGSINN’s paintings, and a limited edition of the poster for the upcoming show which is limited to 100 copies,  hand numbered, and signed by the man himself.  Original paintings may also be available in the future.

The webshop can be found at

More information about VRANGSINN AND THE ARSONISTS, as well as all VRANGSINN-related projects can be found on Facebook at and on the VRANGSINN website at

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