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Norway’s SLEGEST are shortly to head to the studio  to record what will be the band’s third full-length album.

All the new material has been written and rehearsed, and an early April date has been set for SLEGEST to begin recording,  with Bjørnar E. Nilsen (VULTURE INDUSTRIES, BLACK HOLE GENERATOR) at the helm in his Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen.  According to the band, the new album will show a different side of SLEGEST:

“Riff and sinestry ladies and gentlemen! We have as always turned our eyes inwards to make music. Nevertheless the new songs show a different side of SLEGEST, stained with the music we grew up with – the traditional heavy rock of the 80’s. At the same time we have had an almost ridiculous focus on the SLEGEST sound, so those of you who are into that won’t be disappointed. When the time comes, let this one spin in the face of life itself!”

It is anticipated that the new, as yet to be named, album will be finished by the end of May, with the release on Dark Essence Records sometime in the Autumn.

As well as working on the new album, SLEGEST have also been in Stavanger to record two tracks for an upcoming Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl.  Titled “Lagnad i E”, it will contain four tracks, two of which will be new, and two of which were recorded live.

Set to be released in May on RhinoRat Recordings,  and with artwork by Renathe H. Bryn, tracklisting for “Lagnad i E” is as follows:

  1. Maler Lys I Mørketid
  2. Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg
  3. Rooted In Knowledge (live in Fresvik)
  4. Ho Som Haustar Aleine (live in Fresvik)

Slegest VinylArtPR

More information about SLEGEST can be found on the band’s website at or their official Facebook page at or Instagram at

The official video for “I Fortida Sitt Lys” from Slegest’s 2016 album “Vidsyn”  can be seen at

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