With a release date set for the 10th of March for the third full-length album from Norwegian Prog Rockers D’ACCORD, Dark Essence Records have today previewed the  track “Mr Moonglight” from the album.  Titled simply “D’AccorD III”  the nine-track album was recorded at the Cowshed Studio in London, which has seen the likes of THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH, JAMIE CALLUM, and BOY GEORGE pass through its doors.  Significantly, the fact that the studio is fully analogue means that D’ACCORD have been able to create an authentic  70’s sound, which has been further enhanced by the fact that each individual track was recorded on the first take and then mixed in analogue format at Fluid Mastering (DEEP PURPLE, ELVIS and JETHRO TULL) . The track  “Mr Moonlight” can be heard above and at http://soundcloud.com/karisma-records/daccord-mr-moonlight

Drawing inspiration from the ’70’s greats such as GENESIS, KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD and  JETHRO TULL, D’ACCORD was formed in Stord, Norway in 2008, and was off to a flying start, with the band’s self-released debut album getting a nomination for best 2009 Debut Album by Prog Awards.  Having  played extensively both at home and abroad, D’ACCORD have, over the years,  taken the best of 70’s Prog Rock and imbued it with their own style, bringing their sound firmly into the 21st Century. Today’s  lineup is comprised of charismatic frontman Daniel Maage (Vocals, Flute & various instruments), Årstein  (Bass), Fredrik Horn (Tangentar)and Stig Are Sund  (Guitar).

“D’AccorD III” differs greatly from the band’s massive conceptual sophomore album “Helike”, which was released on Karisma Records in 2011.  With “D’AccorD III”, the band has chosen to record tracks that are much shorter and more varied.  Alongside D’ACCORD’s signature 70’s Progressive influences and musical complexity is a more Rock ‘n Roll feel and a harder edge to the songs to produce a classic rock album filled with adventurous and progressive sounds.

Full track listing on  “D’AccorD III” is  as follows:

1. These Last Todays
2. Here Lies Greed
3. Lady Faboulus
4. Mr. Moonlight
5. Ibliss In Bliss
6. Song For Jethro
7. Mon – Sat: Part I
8. Mon – Sat: Part II
9. The Doom That Came To Sarnath (bonus track)

More information about D’AccorD can be found at http://Myspace.com/daccordband

A video teaser for “D’AccorD III”  can be seen below and at http://youtu.be/Dx8n2Zry8fM 

Tracks from Karisma Records releases can be heard below and at http://soundcloud.com/karisma-records


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  1. domenico.leva@email.it says:



    where you can buy the new vinyl of D’ACCORD ?


    thanks for the courtesy


    Domenico Leva



  2. headovmetal says:

    Just ordered the vinyl! Can’t wait!

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