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Dark Essence Records have today debuted a track  from “raunijaR”, the upcoming album from Norwegian Viking Metallers HELHEIM.   With the album due to hit the streets on the 4th December, the title track “RaunijaR” can be heard below and at https://soundcloud.com/dark-essence-records/helheim-raunijar

“raunijaR”  which will be the band’s eighth full-length release, is the follow up to 2011’s “Heiðindómr ok Mótgangr” and  was recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studio by VULTURE INDUSTRIES’ Bjørnar Nilsen and mastered  by ENSLAVED’s Herbrand Larsen.  Artwork for the album is by HELHEIM’s  H’grimnir of www.coverart.no.

Track listing on “raunijaR” as follows:

1 – Helheim 9
2 – raunijaR
3 – Åsgards Fall III
4 – Åsgards Fall IV
5 – Odr

Since the release of “Heiðindómr ok Mótgangr”, HELHEIM have been busy expanding their unique take on VIking Metal.  The band have been building even further on what is over twenty years of experience and have created an album that not only  brings to a close the “Åsgards Fall ” storyline that began with the EP of that name in 2010, but also completes the themes that have woven their way in and out of HELHEIM’s music since the very beginning.

Along with HELHEIM’s lineup of  V’gandr on bass and vocals, H’grimnir on  guitar and vocals, Hrymr on  drums and Noralf on guitars, “raunijaR” features  ALFAHANNE’s Pehr Skjoldhammer and Norwegian musician William Hut on guest vocals, as well as additional guest musicians on violin, piano and horns,  giving the album an epic feel.  The band’s trademark dark and atmospheric sound has been further enhanced  by the fact that V’gandr himself has been expanding and perfecting his clean vocals, something that allows the two vocalists to combine their clean vocals to add yet another interesting new dimension to the  band’s sound.

V’gandr  recently gave his insights  on the new album:  “The  opening track “Helheim 9” is actually the last in the line of the HELHEIM tracks where Hrymr in particular has been the creative force.  He has  combined his unique creativity and symbolism in a way that overwhelms everything that came before, and  the result is a truly fitting closure.

“The title track “raunijaR”  continues on from Helheim’s “Heiðindómr ok Mótgangr”, and has a relentlessly driving sound that showcases the confrontational,  yet familiar,  black metal sound in the vein of “Dualitet og Ulver”.  “Åsgards Fall” Parts 3 and 4 will be the final and vital link in the completion of the theme that was begun in both lyrical and musical terms with the “Åsgards Fall” MCD. Closing the album is “Odr”, a solemn track that gives the album an ending full of the grandeur and respect that it deserves.”

HELHEIM will make a special appearance at  BlekkMetal Festival which runs from the 13th to the 15th November at USF Verftet in Bergen.  The one-off event is billed as a tribute to the birth of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, and will hark back to the atmosphere, bands, art and individuals from the scene pre 1994.  HELHEIM will perform their debut album “Jormundgand” on Saturday 14th to mark the 20th Anniversary of its release.   They will also be interviewed live on stage along with ENSLAVED, and will be discussing how their lyrical narratives and their musical craft have been influenced by their Viking roots and traditions.

Included on the BlekkMEtal  bill are veteran bands such as TAAKE, KAMPFAR, AETERNUS, HADES ALMIGHTY, GEHENNA, ENSLAVED, and brand new bands such GAAHLS WYRD, and a special onetime only reunion of the legendary OLD FUNERAL.   Also appearing will be The C.L.A.S.P. Ritual /Dirge Rep  – a tribute band  consisting of legendary musicians such as Dirge Rep himself, Skagg, Gaahl, Garm and many more.

Some of the top Norwegian tattoo artists will be present at the event, and will be available for appointments, including, Colin Dale, Kai Uwe Faust and Tor Ola Svennevig, three Viking  tattooists who work entirely by hand, without the use of machines.   Art exhibitions, movies and guest speakers will also be featured at the event.  More information about the BlekkMetal Festival, as well as ticket details can be found at www.blekkmetal.com

More information about HELHEIM can be found on the band’s website at  http://www.helheim.com or on their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/helheimnorway

“raunijaR” is available to pre-order from http://karismarecords.bigcartel.com/product/helheim-rauniar-cd-t-shirt-bundle or https://helheim.bandcamp.com/

The official video for the track “Dualitet og Ulver” from HELHEIM’s MCD “Åsgards Fall”, which features a guest appearance from TAAKE’s Hoest, can be seen below and at https://youtu.be/P_fw_nsSHeA

Tracks from all of HELHEIM’s releases can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/helheimofficial/sets/helheim-player

Helheim Website: http://www.helheim.com
Helheim Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/helheimnorway
Helheim  YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/frosjo
Helheim SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/helheimofficial
Band Contact: helheim@helheim.com
Dark Essence Records contact and promo: post@karismarecords.no
Dark Essence Records: www.darkessencerecords.no
Dark Essence Records Bandcamp: https://karismarecords.bandcamp.com/
Dark Essence SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/dark-essence-records
Dark Essence on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/darkessencerecords
Dark Essence Records Webshop: http://karismarecords.bigcartel.com/
Dark Essence KlickTrack Store:  http://shop.klicktrack.com/karismadarkessencerecords

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