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Ester Segarra

NIKLAS KVARFORTH’s “When Prozac No Longer Helps” is set to be published in French by the Camion Noir Publishing House on the 19th of January.  The French edition, titled “Quand Le Prozac  Ne Suffit Plus”,  contains the lyrics to SHINING’s songs and follows on the heels of the English and Turkish translations.   With a cover photo by Natasha Mediator of Haste Malaise Photography, “Quand Le Prozac  Ne Suffit Plus” is available from


Having tired of the shambolic, and mostly completely inaccurate translations of his lyrics that can be found on the internet, Kvarforth translated the texts from the original Swedish into English and published the first edition of “When Prozac No Longer Helps”, which sold out virtually immediately and is now in its third edition.  The availability of the English translation of SHINING’s lyrics opened up the way for other publishers who showed an interest in translating the work into their own languages.

As always, though, Kvarforth has exacting standards when it comes to all things SHINING, and chooses his collaborators with care.  For the French Edition he chose to work with  long-time friend Nicolas Castelaux, who, in the ’90’s, earned notoriety as the “Vampire of Paris”.  Having served a twelve year sentence Casatelaux went on to establish Camion Noir, a publishing house that specialises in the Occult, Dark History and True Crime.   The two met up recently during the band’s recent French tour and Kvarforth agreed to the publication on the condition that Castelaux himself handled the translation.

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