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Mistur PRB

With just over a week to go before they hit the stage at Blastfest, Norwegian Viking Metallers MISTUR have debuted a track from their upcoming sophomore album, which will be released on Dark Essence Records this year.   The track “Downfall” can be heard below and at

No other details of the album, which will be titled “In Memoriam”,  are available yet, but, as Dark Essence explained: “MISTUR will shortly be appearing at two big Norwegian festivals – Blastfest and Inferno, and everyone thought it would be the perfect time to give fans a little sneak preview of what they can expect from the new album”.

MISTUR was formed in 2004 by Espen Bakketeig (VREID (live), ex- SIGTYR) on Synths, Vocals and Programming and Andre Raunehaug (EMANCER, ex-SIGTYR)  on Guitar.  The band’s music is composed of superb, layered melodies and progressive elements, which along with the rawness of Black Metal,  give the band’s signature Sognametal  sound  a distinctive touch.

Today’s lineup also includes Oliver Øien on Vocals, Stian Bakketeig (VREID, ex WINDIR, ex COR SCORPII) on Guitar,  Ole Hartvigsen (EMANCER, KAMPFAR) on Bass, and Tomas Myklebust (EMANCER (live), VREID (live), GALAR)  on Drums.

Mistur PRA

Aside from their appearance at Blastfest in Bergen on the 17th February, MISTUR will join Dark Essence Records label-mates the 3rd ATTEMPT, LUCIFER’S CHILD and ORKAN for the label night at Inferno Festival in Oslo on the 23rd March.

More information about MISTUR can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

Mistur PRC

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