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Virus PR4

With the release date coming ever closer,  Karisma Records have debuted a track from VIRUS’  fourth full-length album “Memento Collider”.  The track, “Steamer” , which is being debuted exclusively on Metal Hammer Norway at and Decibel Magazine at

Undoubtedly one of the most unique bands to come out of Norway, VIRUS have, for over a decade now, developed their otherworldly style and garnered themselves a large following that spans both the metal and rock scene world-wide.  “Memento Collider” heralds VIRUS’ return to their original 3-piece lineup of Carl-Michael “Czral” Eide on guitars and vocals, Petter “Plenum” Berntsen on bass and Einar “Einz” Sjursø on drums.  This time the iconic trio have taken VIRUS’ idiosyncratic trademark sound of unusual flowing bass lines, experimental riffs and groovy rhythms a few steps further,  to create a sound that is still very much experimental and progressive in the true sense of those definitions, but at the same time is catchy and melodic.

Set for release on the 3rd June and recorded at the Amper Tone Studios in Oslo, “Memento Collider” marks a spectacular return for VIRUS, where they once again demonstrate what the true essence of progressive rock is all about!

As with their  previous releases, VIRUS have invited a guest to perform on the  album, and on “Memento Collider” it is VOIVOD’s  Dan Mongrain who contributes a guitar solo.  Artwork for the album is by the Trine + Kim Design Studio ( ).  Track listing as follows:

  1. Afield
  2. Rogue Fossil
  3. Dripping Into Orbit
  4. Steamer
  5. Gravity Seeker
  6. Phantom Oil Slick

Virus Album Artwork PR“Memento Collider” is available to pre-order in both CD and 12″ vinyl format from  as well as in in both formats or digital download from

More information about VIRUS can be found on their website at or on Facebook at

VIrus PR3

Fan-filmed footage of VIRUS performing a new song from the upcoming album in New York can be seen below and at

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