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With four days remaining to the release of BLACK HOLE GENERATOR’s  “A Requiem for Terra” Dark Essence Records have revealed a second track from the album.   Their choice of track this time is “Moloch”, and it can be heard streaming at the following

Spark Rock Magazine
Friedhof Magazine
Metal Hammer Norway
Hammer World
Decibel Magazine

BLACK HOLE GENERATOR’s creator Bjornar E. Nilsen had this to say about the track “Moloch was one of the first tracks that was finalized for the album.  It is one of my personal favourites from “A Requiem for Terra” and it acts as the centerpiece for the album. It embodies the album’s bleak atmosphere which spans most of its dynamic range.  Starting off as a mesmerizing hymn to the deity Moloch, it is broken up by frantic, furious parts tearing everyone from  their mantric slumbers.  On this track I was lucky to get Gjermund from TAAKE and ORKAN on board on lead guitars, and his contribution really shines on this one!”

It’s been ten years since the appearance of BLACK HOLE GENERATOR’S debut release, the “Black Karma” MCD, and given Nilsen’s standing not only as VULTURE INDUSTRIES’ frontman, well known for his idiosyncratic vocals and eccentric stage performances, but also as one of Norway’s most successful producers, working with bands such as TAAKE and HELHEIM, as well as one of the people behind the Dark Essence Records and Karisma Records labels, the delay is hardly surprising.

“A Requiem for Terra”, will delight many guitar fans with guitarist Arve Isdal (ENSLAVED, AUDREY HORNE) being joined on the album by the previously-mentioned Gjermund Fredheim, who guests on three of the tracks, and  Dag Terje Andersen, who provides additional guitars.   Artwork for  “A Requiem for Terra” is by the Romanian artist and designer Costin Chioreanu, tracklisting is as follows:

  1. A Requiem for Terra
  2. Titan
  3. Moloch
  4. Beneath a Chemical Sky
  5. Emerging Pantheon
  6. Earth Eater
  7. Spiritual Blight


“A Requiem for Terra” is set to hit the streets on the 18th November and is  now available to pre-order from   and the US website at in CD format  and Vinyl formats, as well as at  where the album is also available digitally.

More information about BLACK HOLE GENERATOR can be found at


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