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Known for  using classical rock instruments such as vintage synths, Mellotron and Hammond Organ, along with the usual modern rock instruments,  Norway’s FATAL FUSION have come up with an album that is infused with hard rock, classical music, jazz and psychedelic influences giving the band its unique sound.  It is also an album that allows the band to reveal its darker side.

Filled with epic melodies that range from the exotic to the wistful,  “Total Absence” will be released on Karisma Records on the 25th November, and today the band and label have released a second track from the album.  The track they have chosen is “Forgotten One”,  and it’s one that could very easily fit into the soundtrack of an epic Fantasy film with its deceptively gentle, almost folkish melodies, but one that does not allow the listener to forget that FATAL FUSION’s music has its roots firmly planted in Prog Rock.

“Forgotten One” can be heard below and at

Tracklisting for the seven-track album as follows:

  1. The Gates of Ishtar
  2. Shadow of the King
  3. Forgotten One
  4. Astral Flight
  5. The Emperor’s Letter
  6. Endless Ocean Blue
  7. Total Absence


FATAL FUSION’s lineup of Erlend Engebretsen on Keyboards, Lasse Lie on Bass, Audun Engebretsen on Drums/Percussion, Stig Selnes on Guitar, and Knut Grøntvedt on Vocals will hit the stage at the John Dee, in Oslo, Norway, on the 26th January to celebrate the release of “Total Absence”.

More information about FATAL FUSION can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at


“Total Absence” is now available to pre-order from and the US website at  in CD format , as well as at where the album is also available digitally.


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