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After a seven-year wait since the release of RATTENFÄNGER ‘s debut album,  Dark Essence Records have today revealed details of the long-awaited second album from the Ukranian Death Metal legends.  Titled ” Geisslerlieder” the seven-track album is set for release on the 6th December in CD and Digital formats.

In  the meantime, fans can get a taste of things to come because Dark Essence Records have today released a single from the album.  Titled “Materia Prima”, the track can be streamed and downloaded at the following:

With a lineup comprised of musicians from bands such as DRUDKH, BLOOD OF KINGU, HATE FOREST and DARK AGES, RATTENFÄNGER are the epitome of old-school Death Metal,  with a sound that  is distinctively, and devastatingly, their own –  pitch black and bone crushingly brutal.

With “Geisslerlieder” RATTENFÄNGER’s lineup of Thurios on guitars, Krechet on bass, Vlad on drums, and keyboards, and Roman on guitars and vocals, have come up with an album that is more ambient, but heavier and more aggressive than their critically acclaimed debut full-length “Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum”.  And, as with its predecessor,  all the lyrics for “Geisslerlieder” are written entirely in Latin, in the style of medieval poets, thinkers and troubadours/minstrels.

Tracklisting for “Geisslerlieder” is as follows:

  1. De Laude Flagellorum
  2. Materia Prima
  3. Pestarzt
  4. Les Bons Hommes
  5. Sella Stercoraria
  6. De Blasphemia In Latina Vulgaris
  7. Funis Coronat Opus

Rattenfanger Geisslerlieder ArtworkPR

“Geisslerlieder” is now available to pre-order from the following:

US Webshop:

For those who are new to RATTENFÄNGER, the band took its name from the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin (Rattenfänger von Hameln), who was hired by the townsfolk of Hameln, Germany, to rid the town of the rats that had overrun it. Unfortunately he is deceived and cheated of his payment, and he exacts a terrible revenge on the citizens.

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