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Despite ENEPSIGOS’s 2017 debut album “Plague of Plagues” having been enthusiastically welcomed by fans of traditional Black Metal, the band itself always felt that the album did not really go far enough in establishing what ENEPSIGOS,  and its music,  was all about.

But now, with Osmose Productions set to release ENEPSIGOS’  sophomore full-length album,  “Wrath Of Wraths”,  on the 27th March, all that is about to change.  Because, according to the band, “Wrath Of Wraths” is “a manifestation of  what ENEPSIGOS really is, and will be.  Dark, disgusting, twisted, ritualistic and violent”.

And today Osmose have released a single  from the album to give fans a taste of what to expect.  The track, “Cups Of Anger”  is available from

Enepsigos-Cups Of Anger Single PR

And can be heard below and at .

With intro and interludes by Alexander Wolf and V.I.T.H.R, vocals,guitars and bass for “Wrath Of Wraths” were recorded at the Bergegarda Studios in Norway,  whilst drums were recorded at the Beastcave Studios in Italy. Mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at the Necromorbus Studios in  Sweden, and with artwork by Benjamin Vierling and additional inlay artwork by Nestor Avalos, tracklisting for “Wrath Of Wraths” is as follows:

  1. Shields Of Faith
  2. Confess
  3. Seventh Seal
  4. The Whore Is The Temple
  5. Cups Of Anger
  6. Water And Flesh

Enepsigos Wrath Of Wraths Cover PR

“Wrath Of Wraths” will be available in CD, Digipack, Black and Limited Edition White Vinyl and Digital formats, and is now available to pre-order from the following:

All CD, LP and Merch:
Release Page:
Band Page:
PRESAVE on platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Itunes):

Formed in 2016  by  V.I.T.H.R, otherwise known as Doedsadmiral, founder and frontman of bands such as NORDJEVEL, SVARTELDER and DOEDSVANGR,  and drummer Thorns,  known for his work with BLUT AUS NORD, DEATHROW, FIDES INVERSA, FROSTMOON ECLISPE and DARVAZA,  the band parted company with bassist Straff upon completion of the debut album and were consequently joined by Rituul on bass and guitars, and it is with this lineup that “Wrath Of Wraths” was recorded.

Originally conceived as a studio project, and demonstrating a brutality and darkness imbued with with ritualistic undertones, ENEPSIGOS recently inked a deal with the Flaming Arts Agency to bring the band’s  sound, which is is unashamedly rooted in early, and some would say “true”,  Black Metal traditions, to live audiences.

Enepsigos PR

More information about ENEPSIGOS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The video for the track “Pagan Rites” from ENEPSIGOS’ album “Plague of Plagues” can be seen below and at

Band Contact:
Osmose Productions:
Osmose Bandcamp:
The Flaming Arts Agency:

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