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Nyrst PR3

It is fitting that Black Metallers NYRST have chosen the title track to introduce their  debut full-length album “Orsök”, because it is a track whose sound illustrates to perfection an album that is filled with incredibly cold, stark, and barren soundscapes, and whose lyrics come straight from old horror literature and are laced with cosmic undertones.

The band’s grim and icy Icelandic heritage, is where NYRST draws its inspiration, and the band’s new video for the track “Orsök”, illustrates this to perfection.  The video, by Daníel Puskás of Valhallartworks can be seen below and at

Commenting on the video, the band had this to say:

NYRST are proud to premiere the music video for “Orsök”, our first single and the title track from our upcoming album. We had a very specific vision in mind to convey the harsh and barren landscape of our country, which was our main inspiration when we wrote the album. There is something about the desolate wastes of the highland that gives you a sense of hopelessness, but also this immense calm, a perfect symbiotic relationship that made us find a very accurate atmosphere and sound which made all this possible.

 The lyrics of Orsök tell of a lone wanderer and his journey across the frozen wasteland,  where he is forced by the Gods to sacrifice his young daughter to host a Goddess or a cosmic entity, thereby bringing doom upon life. Departing with the baby, absolute loneliness and grief become his companions, following him to the end of his journey. 

 In his final moments, conceding to the spirits,  he realizes his mistake and embraces the void.

Nyrst PR5

The single “Orsök” is available to stream or download from

Set for release of Dark Essence Records on the 24th April, and with artwork by Moonrot and additional artwork by Skadvaldur, track listing for “Orsök” is as follows:

  1. Æðri verur
  2. Orsök
  3. Nástirni
  4. Athöfn
  5. Hvísl hinna holdlausu
  6. Turnar í fjarska

Nyrst Orsok AlbumArt PR

“Orsök” will be released in CD, Vinyl and Digital formats and is now available to pre-order from the following:

US Webshop:

With a lineup that today is comprised of Snæbjörn on vocals,  Eysteinn and Davíð on guitars, Egill on bass, and Sveinbjörn on drums,  NYRST was formed in the winter of 2013.  The band’s first demo was released in 2018 and garnered praise for the band’s use of diverse vocals and chilling atmosphere, whilst NYRST’s  mystic and haunting stage performances have gained them respect as  a live band in the metal scene of their native Iceland.

NYRST’s next live appearance will be on Saturday 29th February at the by:Larm Festival, in Oslo, Norway, followed by the 14th March at the Hard Rock Cafe in Reykjavik, and the 18th April at Gaukurinn, also in Reykjavik.

More information about NYRST can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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