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Whilst Norway  is, without a doubt, the spiritual home of Black Metal bands, when applying the term “bands” it is very easy to forget that some of those “bands” quite often involve only one musician, and that these musicians are invariably multi-instrumentalists, who rely solely on themselves to create the concept. and write and perform the material in the studio.

One such artist is Invisus, who, since forming BLODHEMN in 2004, and over three full-length albums, has perfected his approach to Black Metal,  with a concept that utilises to perfection that distinctive and aggressive BLODHEMN sound, so integral to the genre.  

However, on “Sverger Hemn”, BLODHEMN’s upcoming fourth album, Invisus takes the opportunity to step out of his comfort zone.  That’s not to say that he strays far from his trademark icy, aggressive sound, far from it, because he remains true to the heart of his music, whilst, at the same time, using different kinds of vocals and keyboards in order to experiment and explore various elements on a couple of the tracks.   The result is an album that is an exhilarating mix of Black Metal and Thrash, seasoned with Rock’n’Roll.

With “Sverger Hemn” set for release on Dark Essence Records on the 7th October, the label has released a single from the album in order to whet the appetite of fans who have been waiting a long time for BLODHEMN’s latest release. 

The track, “Fraa Djupet…”, which Invisus explains “takes you into the distressed scenario of fighting the storms and waves to stay afloat. From the depths the undead reap…“, can be streamed or downloaded from various services at

As well as on YouTube below and at

“Sverger Hemn” is an album that took a long time to write and produce, and observant fans of BLODHEMN’s music will notice that musical and visual threads from previous releases progress naturally into the new material.  Indeed, much of Invisus’ vision draws inspiration from, and is centred on, the area around Holmengraa on the island of Fedje in Norway,  and, not unnaturally, explores aspects of drowning and  being taken by the sea.

Once again Invisus plays every single instrument and handles the vocals on “Sverger Hemn”, with the drums being recorded in 2020 at the Conclave & Earshot Studio, and the rest of the instruments and vocals recorded at the Over Evne Studio.  BORKNAGAR’s Øystein G. Brun handled the mixing and mastering which was done at  the  Crosound Studio.

With artwork by Misantropic Art, tracklisting for ” Sverger Hemn” is as follows:

  1. Fraa Djupet…
  2. Vil Livet av Deg
  3. Bomb Bergen
  4. Farvel Feioey
  5. Opp or Lemmen
  6. Velg Din Gift
  7. Tid

“Sverger Hemn” will be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition Transparent Blue Vinyl formats, and is now available to pre-order from:

North American Webshop:

More  information about BLODHEMN can be found on Facebook at or on the band’s website at

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