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With their fourth  full-length album “Demoniac Ethics” having hit the streets in January of this year on Norway’s Duplicate Records, Black Metallers ZIFIR find themselves, as do so many bands, in the “post-release / pre-new album stage”.  But, unlike those bands who remain dormant before they begin work on their next opus, ZIFIR have decided to release a series of videos of ambient tracks that the band would not necessarily include on an  album, but which, nevertheless, represent an aspect of the band, and the state of mind of its members at any given time.

The first in the series is a piece entitled “Illet”, a dark, malevolent,  soundtrack, that reflects the current Pandemic situation in which humanity finds itself.

The video for “Illet” can be seen and heard below and on YouTube at

Formed in 2006 by Onur Önok  and O.S.,  today’ s lineup is composed on Önok on Vocals and Guitars, Nursuz on Drums and Ilgar on Bass.  With lyrical themes based around the subjects of philosophy, anti-religion and nihilism, ZIFIR embodies the spirit of a band whose Black Metal vision is clear and uncompromising.

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More information about ZIFIR, which in Turkish means “Tar”,  can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video for the track “Chants for Execution” from ZIFIR’s 2020 album “Demonic Ethics” can be seen below and at

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“Protest Against Humanity”, the second full-length album from Black Metallers ZIFIR has been released on the Dunkelkunst Productions label, a subsidiary of Kunsthauch Productions.  The nine-track album is the follow up to ZIFIR’s 2007 debut full-length “You Must Come With Us”, and is limited to 666 copies.  Track listing for “Protest Against Humanity” as follows:

1 Uncertain
2 Shame
3 Promises
4  A Death
5 The Poison From My Veins
6  Worm Shaped
7 You Merely Breathe
8 Most Bitter Enemy
9 Goat’s Throne

Formed in 2006 by Onur Önok and Onur Sülen, ZIFIR found its niche in the Black Metal genre in personal, musical and doctrinal terms with the release of ‘You Must Come With Us”, a concept album consisting of 10 tracks that received critical acclaim outside the band’s native Turkey.  The duo soon joined forces with drummer Nursuz, and commenced work on “Protest Against Humanity”.   More information about ZIFIR can be found on the band’s MySpace page at

Below you can see the official Promo video for “Protest Against Humanity”

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