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VULTURE INDUSTRIES, DORDEDUH and BLUTMOND, three of the most exciting and innovative bands within the extreme metal genre are set to hit the road together during May on an eleven date tour that will take in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary,  Greece and Slovenia.   As well as tickets being available from the usual ticketing agencies, special personalised tickets designed by the Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu,  will be sold exclusively through the webshops of the individual bands.  Each ticket will feature the name of the purchaser and will be signed by all the bands.  Routing for what will be known as the “Branches” tour as follows:

21 May:  Modra Vopice,  Prague (CZ)
22 May: Melodka,  Brno (CZ)
23May: Tirish Pub , Banska Bystraica (SK)
24 May: Blue Hell, Budapest (HUN)
25 May: Daos Club,  Timisoara (RO)
26 May: TBA,  Cluj (RO)
27 May: Fabrica Club, Bucharest (RO)
28 May: 8 Ball Club,  Sofia (BUL)
29 May: Eightball Club,  Thessaloniki (GR)
30 May: TBC
31 May: MC Pekarna, Maribor (SLO)

With a career spanning 10 years and with over 100 shows under their belts, the live performances of Norwegian avant-gardists VULTURE INDUSTRIES  are  well known both for their technical skill and the eccentric and somewhat manic antics of frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen, whose on-stage weirdness has garnered a multitude of fans for the band over the years.  VULTURE INDUSTRIES released their third full-length album, “The Tower” on Season of Mist at the end of last year and have collaborated extensively the HAPPY GORILLA DANCE COMPANY  in the “Turning Golem” project which is part concert rooted in the heavier segment of experimental/progressive metal and part theatre performance.  The band’s  video for “Lost Among Liars”, made together with CHOIREANU, recently featured at this year’s Kort and Kortkino Film Festival, Sandnes, Norway.  More information about VULTURE INDUSTRIES can be found at

After 15 years of musical dedication and innovation in NEGURA BUNGET, the founding members and principal song writers Hupogrammos and Sol Faur founded DORDEDUH in 2009. Following the path started with NEGURA BUNGET, DORDEDUH is taking the musical experience further by creating a fusion between a visionary approach of black metal, unusual traditional soundscapes and experimental progressive music. The musical vision is completed by a strong conceptual background that can be revealed by the band’s name itself that combines the word ‘Dor’, which means a yearning for something or a deeply felt the lack of something, together with the term for spirit ‘Duh’. More information about DORDEDUH can be found at

Since its formation in 2004 BLUTMOND has never been a band that has been happy to limit itself to a formulaic nod in the direction of a particular genre.  Starting out as a Black Metal band and releasing their first full length album “Endzeit” in 2006, BLUTMOND quickly developed a reputation for their insane and provocative live shows, which, whilst raising their profile throughout Europe, also led them to realise that the time had come to create something that was more emotional and honest.   With Code666/Aural Music picking up their sophomore full-length album, “Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days” appeared in 2010, followed at the end of 2012 by “The Revolution is Dead!”, once again on Code666. These two albums demonstrated that BLUTMOND was obviously forging ahead down a more avant-garde path, but one that definitely has a distinctive edge to it.  More information about BLUTMOND can be found at

Tracks  from VULTURE INDUSTRIES can be heard below and  at


The official video for the track “Lost Among Liars” from VULTURE INDUSTRIES “The Tower” can be seen below and at


Tracks from DORDEDUH can be heard below and at


The official video for DORDEDUH  performing the track “Flacararrii” live by can be seen below and at


Tracks from BLUTMOND can be heard below and  at


A video of BLUTMOND performing “You Vs. The Modern Lifestyle Obsession” live can be seen below and at


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