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Split releases amongst bands are two-a-penny these days, which is why the new album from two much-talked about new Atmospheric Black Metal bands,  SELVANS and DOWNFALL OF NUR, promises to be something quite different, with the two bands deciding they did not just want to take part in a split release, but wanted it to br a true collaboration in every sense of the word.

Instead  of just producing  their individual recordings in a state of total disconnect, with the bands concerned having only the most basic contact, and often  none at all, as is frequently the norm for split releases, Italy’s SELVANS and Argentina’s DOWNFALL OF NUR, have not only worked together on the overall concept of the album, which simply bears the name of the two bands, they also perform on each others compositions.

The album, which will be released on Avantgarde Music on the 7th November,  takes as its theme that very epitome of the perfect opposites – the Sun and the Moon – and the dualistic nature they represent.  It is a theme  that has been much represented by artists over the ages, and is a favourite topic of conversation of both  scholars and mystics.  According to Avantgarde Music, the album is an opus in four acts, in which SELVANS and DOWNFALL OF NUR give their own interpretation of the theme, each bringing their own indivdual thoughts and sounds, and melding them into a cohesive whole.

Written by SELVANS’ Luca Del Re and DOWNFALL OF NUR’s Antonio Sanna, and with artwork by the Argentinian artist Santiago Caruso, tracklisting for the album is as follows:

I. Intro/ SOL
II. Selvans – Pater Surgens
III. Downfall of Nur – Mater Universi
IV. Outro/ LUNA


The SELVANS / DOWNFALL OF NUR collaboration will be available in a six-panel digi sleeve CD format, black vinyl and digital formats as well as a gold vinyl edition which will be strictly limited to 150 available as a pre-order only.   Pre-orders now open at .



SELVANS,  whose lineup comprises Selvans Haruspex on  keyboards, traditional instruments, screams and clean vocals, programming and Sethlans Fulguriator on guitars, bass, clean vocals, was formed from the ashes of DRAUGR, and is a band noted for its ability to combine music, lyrics and aesthetics in such a way as to recreate the folklore of Italy’s ancient peoples.

Instantly snapped up by Avantgarde Music, the  band’s first release was the “Clangores Plenilunio” EP, which also marked the final recorded appearance of co-founder Jonny Morelli, who was tragically killed in a motor bike accident.  The EP was followed by the full-length album “Lupercalia”, which more than fulfilled the faith Avantgarde placed in it.  So much so, in fact, that it is now on its 3rd reprint and is being made available in a different format, this time as a jewel case CD with the addition of the live version of the track ‘Lupercale’.

SELVANS are set to join KAMPFAR when the iconic Norwegian Black Metallers play a series of dates in Italy in November.

Upcoming shows  as follows:

14 Oct:  Rites of the Black Mass, Fabrica, Bucharest, Romania
15 Oct:  Autumn Souls of Sofia, Live & Loud, Sofia, Bulgaria

On Tour in Italy with KAMPFAR

10 Nov:  Traffic Live Club,  Rome
11 Nov:  TBA, Bari
12 Nov:  Alchemica Music Club, Bologna
13 Nov:  Blue Rose Saloon, Milan


More information about SELVANS can be found at and at

A video tribute to SELVANS co-founder the late Jonny Morelli, who was tragically killed in a motor bike accident, and which shows the wild landscapes that the drummer  loved so much, whilst his words, which were written for the song ‘Lupercale’ itself, have  been transformed into drawings  by Davide ‘DARTWORKS – drawstroy‘  Mancini , can be seen below and at

SELVANS’ album “Lupercalia” can be heard at

SELVANS’ EP  “Clangores Plenilunio” can be heard at

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