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With “Spiritual Resonance”, the fourth full-length album from Italian Extreme Rituallers DARKEND, set for release on the 13th September, Dark Essence Records have today debuted a track from the album in both single and video format.

The track that has been chosen as a first taste of what fans can expect from the album is “With Everburning Sulphur Unconsumed”, which features guest vocals from WARDRUNA’s Lindy-Fay Hella, and the video, by vocalist Animae,  can be seen below and at

The single itself is available to download or stream at

According to the band, “Spiritual Resonance” is the most mystical and ritualistic album that DARKEND has made to date . Everything having been cathartically planned to take the listener through an esoteric journey.  As Animæ says “These are paths to my world beyond. Carrying the seeds of change”.

With original artwork by Jean Delville, which has been re-worked by Animæ, tracklisting for “Spiritual Resonance” is as follows:

  1. The Three Ghouls Buried At Golgotha
  2. Scorpio Astraea High Coronation
  3. With Everburning Sulphur Unconsumed
  4. Vessel Underneath
  5. Hereafter, Somewhere
  6. The Seven Spectres Haunting Gethsemane  Darkend AlbumArt PR

DARKEND was formed in 2006 by drummer, and only remaining original member, Valentz,  who describes the fledgling band as “young guys wanting to let our energy out.  And black metal was the only way –  the left hand path we all aimed for”.  Having undergone the inevitable round of member changes, Valentz has today found the ideal lineup of  like-minded spirits with Animæ on Vocals, Antarktica on Grand Piano/Ambience, Ashes and  Nothingness on Lead Guitars, and Vinterskog on Bass.

Together they create music that is best described as Extreme Ritual Art.  “Arcane symphonies exalting ancient ceremonial chants lost in nocturnal remembrances, sulphur riffs engraved on black metal patterns and progressive freedom.  Lying at  the border between magic and spirituality, where cults and rituals can wander free in the wisdom of infinity, at the crossroads between life and death. Swallowed by the energy of the ceremony, engulfed by the dense smoke of incense, for DARKEND there’s no difference between good and evil, dream and reality”.

“Spiritual Resonance” will be released in CD and Digital formats, as well as in a Limited Edition vinyl version with alternative cover art.

“Spiritual Resonance”  is now available to pre-order from:


More information about DARKEND can be found on the band’s Facebook page at  or on the band’s website at

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Italian Dark Metallers SELVANS announce their first ever headlining tour, which will cover 9 European countries in May.  Routing for the tour, which is titled “Hirpi” after the band’s 2017 live album,  is as follows:

10 May: Titty Twister, Parma (IT)
11 May:  Concilia Nocturna, Aarburg (CH)
12 May:  Farářova Sluj, Mladá Boleslav (CZ)
13 May:  Rudeboy, Bielsko-Biała (PL)
15 May:  Tartaros, Banská Bystrica (SK)
16 May:  Dongó, Győr (HU)
17 May:  Melodka, Brno (CZ)
18 May:  S8 Underground, Budapest (HU)
19 May:  Weberknecht, Wien (AT)

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SELVANS was formed by frontman Haruspex after the demise of Italy’s legendary DRAUGR.  With SELVANS, Haruspex’s idea was to  breathe new life into  the rich and varied customs, mysticism and folklore that were left behind by the plethora of ethnic  inhabitants that populated Italy throughout the ages.  Combined with  SELVANS’ music and lyrics, Haruspex’s use of  aesthetics has created a band which,  visually, and, very importantly,  emotively, brings back to life those long-lost eras.   And this is something that is not limited to SELVANS’ studio output, but is vividly re-created on stage, as fans will be able to see for themselves on the upcoming tour.

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More information about SELVANS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on their website at

A special video,  which was made as a tribute to the band’s late drummer Jonny,  for the track “Lupercale” from “Clangores Plenilunio”,  can be seen below and at

A video of SELVANS live at Menuo Juodaragis can be seen at

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