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It’s  been a couple of years since Norway’s SLEGEST released their debut full-length album on Dark Essence Records to much critical acclaim, and with fans wondering when they can expect to hear more, the band have today revealed that their sophomore  album is well on the way to completion.  The new work is being recorded and mixed at the Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen,  with VULTURE INDUSTRIES Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen at the helm.  With mixing just about finished, the album is set for release on Dark Essence Records during 2016.

SLEGEST was formed in 2010 by former VREID guitarist ESE, originally with the intention of playing BLACK SABBATH inspired music with harsh vocals.  Not one to leave a good idea to languish, Ese took the concept further and  SLEGEST grew  into the rock-orientated entity it is today, with a sound that is distinguished by a very definite Black Metal edge, and which Metal Hammer described as a “focused attempt to marry the atmospheres and primitivism of the blackened hordes to the rumbling swagger of prime BLACK SABBATH and the best strident old-school metal… with a subtle melodic sense that owes its leather-clad backside to DIO, PRIEST and even SCORPIONS”.

SLEGEST’s first release was the self-titled 2012 EP, which appeared as both a digital release and as a 7” vinyl on Ese’s own label Systrond Recordings.   With Norway’s Dark Essence Records, a label that has, over the years, demonstrated an uncanny ability to spot some the best local talent around, snapping up the band, SLEGEST’s debut full-length album “Løyndom” appeared in the autumn of 2013.  The response to  “Løyndom” convinced Ese that this was a project that needed to be made into a full-blown live band, and with Ese (ex-VREID) on Vocals and Rhythm Guitars, Sør (BÄÄÄV, VONBRÅTEN) on Lead Guitars, Hövard (BOMBEKLÜCHTER) on Bass and Fjøsne on Drums, SLEGEST hit the road with TAAKE and earned themselves a whole new set of admirers.

Commenting on what fans can expect from their sophomore album, Ese had this to say:  “We will pick up where we left off with “Løyndom” – mid-paced heaviness in all its glory and filth. I have read blackened doom applied as a description to our music.  But really you need to add a good dose of rock and then you might get the idea of what we are all about. There is so much to explore in our world of heavy rock and we are proud of our new songs which, to our ears – and, after all,  we are the blueprint –  sounds bloody brilliant. The album will of course deal with death, and, since I write all the music and spend plenty of time thinking about death, I guess it is safe to say that we are most likely onto something”.

More information about SLEGEST can be found on the band’s website at or their official Facebook page at


The official video for “Ho Som Haustar Aleine”, the  opening track from the album “Løyndom”, can be seen below and at


“Løyndom”, the debut full-length album from SLEGEST can be heard below and at


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